Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14th, 2014 For The Sake of Accuracy

June 14th, 2014 For The Sake of Accuracy

This was a very busy Saturday. I meant to sleep in this morning but for some reason I was up and wide eyed before 7am.  My schedule consisted of three back to back location broadcasts. It was nine hours straight, so I knew to be prepared.  That was it, preparedness. Had I not been prepared, things could have went South real fast.

I started with a good breakfast, then prepared a lunch and fruit snacks to get me through without being tempted by the free food being offered throughout the day.  I really like the food I'm eating and that makes a monumental difference. The free food today wasn't even the slightest bit tempting. I had a plan, was prepared and stuck with it.

My biggest challenge was being tired. I started to nod off a couple of times right in the middle of the day. I was up way too early this morning.  I had a big evening planned with my oldest daughter, Amber, a Father's Day weekend dinner out and a movie. I had to nix the movie plan. There's no way I would have stayed awake past the opening credits. I know myself well. I've fallen asleep while attempting to watch some of the greatest films of all time. Amber and I opted for dinner and visiting and it was wonderful.  We're both fascinated by how much we're alike. We're two of a kind, for sure.

We dined at a small Mexican restaurant where they serve Hawaiian Fajitas. It's shrimp, steak, chicken and pineapple grilled and served in a hollowed out pineapple. I've enjoyed it three or four times in the last two months. Each time, I've made my best guesstimate on the calorie content based on my knowledge of each individual item and the amazing data base of MyFitnessPal.  This time I wanted to be sure.

I took my digital food scale into the restaurant. I've never done this before. I did it because I was pretty sure I was over-estimating the calories during previous trips. The calories came in a little lower than expected so I added a serving of nine chips and salsa. Exactly nine. I've successfully avoided the chips the last few Mexican restaurant visits, but since the fajita calories were fairly low, I decided to enjoy the limited number. The key to this strategy is to separate my chips from the bowl. Amber counted me out 9 chips and that was it. I didn't reach for more. I enjoyed each one. I avoided the rice and beans altogether. Without some pretty rigid rules, I could easily consume a thousand calories in a place like this. I didn't have a thousand calories to spend. Weighing the ingredients at the table wasn't a big deal and and our server never acknowledged this unusual practice. Although he did ask us several times if everything was okay. Everything was wonderful.

I've once again stayed up way too late. I spoke with a support friend on my way home and expressed that I might just go to bed and write this post on Sunday morning. They suggested a cup of coffee and get it done because I would feel better about it in the morning. They were right. I feel better about it already. And as tired as I am, this cup of coffee doesn't have a chance of keeping me awake tonight.

If you're into food pictures, you'll love my Twitter feed. It's   You don't need a Twitter account to look through the tweets. You only need an account if you want to interact with me on Twitter. As part of my accountability system, every thing I eat is first logged into MyFitnessPal--then photographed and tweeted with a calorie count. The picture tweets have made a profoundly positive difference in me.

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