Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 258 French Fries For Breakfast and They're Not All Bad

Day 258

French Fries For Breakfast and They're Not All Bad

I awoke to an empty house at 9:30am. The girls were out searching for garage sale bargains. The evidence of their early Saturday breakfast was still on the dining room table. I decided to have a cup of coffee and fix a solo breakfast. I felt like some potatoes, so I baked a serving, I mean a serving of crinkle cut french fries and a two egg and cheese omelet. I prepared the omelet with a non-stick surface without any added fat. I can't remember the last time I used butter to cook eggs. I always used real butter to cook eggs, because it worked so well. But I don't want the extra calories! Two large eggs, according to the carton, is 140, plus a slice of American cheese for 60 and there you have it! A 200 calorie cheese omelet! How's that for a hearty breakfast, cheese omelet and french fries! By the way, the fries were 120 calories for 15 two inch fries. I had about 12 and not all of them were two inches, but I still counted it as 120. 320 calories for breakfast isn't bad at all. It was real good! Some people might be completely shocked at some of the things I've had over the course of the last 258 days. Having french fries for breakfast is a first, but I've certainly had fries many, many times. It sounds crazy, like a fantastic title for one of my future books, “The Amazing French Fries For Breakfast Diet.” Subtitled “How one man lost nearly 300 pounds eating pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream, fried mushrooms, cake, and more!” Anything is acceptable in normal portions, and it goes right along with my philosophy: If you make anything permissible, watching your portions of course, then it's really impossible to feel deprived. And the feeling of deprivation is a leading factor in many a failed attempts at weight loss. Eliminate that factor and you gain a serious advantage in the attempt. All of a sudden an attempt turns into an accomplishment.

The title of last nights blog indicated that I felt anything that makes money in the weight loss field is a waste. And I wanted to say, that isn't completely correct. I plan on making a living someday speaking and inspiring large groups of people about weight loss and writing books, and I guarantee they'll be worth every penny. There are many companies and products that are wonderful assets to the weight loss industry. Richard Simmons has made a fortune in the weight loss field and I highly recommend anything he puts out. His “Deal A Meal” and “Food Mover” products are simply more structured versions of what I do already. His “Sweatin'” DVD's and Videos are first class fitness tools. But the best part about Simmons, he's completely sincere. You would have a hard time finding someone more compassionate and devoted to showing obese people the way out of the prison. He's certainly apart of the 33 billion dollar a year industry and his stuff isn't a waste of money. Weight Watchers is a wonderful program. Again, very similar to what I'm doing, just more structured. But for every good product or program, there are 500 others that are completely worthless. I'm not going to mention any by name, but you know what I'm talking about. The ones that infuriate me the most are often advertised as some kind of weight loss miracle. I get so upset when I catch one of these infomercials that prey on desperately obese people that are willing to pay whatever price they're charging if it works. I'd like to buy an infomercial that airs right after those that says... “You know that infomercial you just watched? You don't need 'em at all. Here's what can be done without sending them your $99.95 a month for the next six months!” I might have to hire body guards to protect me from the weight loss mafia thugs if I did that. Here's something to think about: Have you ever watched a “get rich quick” infomercial? Have you ever wondered who's working for them? You know, the people that answer phones and pack orders. Why don't those people use the program for instant wealth? Kind of off topic, but I always wondered about that.

We worked out at the YMCA today. I spent the entire time inside the racquetball court fine tuning my skills. I use to just play against the wall, now I'm practicing serving and return shots that are almost impossible to hit before the second bounce. I'm looking forward to more racquetball competition soon. There may even be a video of one of these matches coming soon, we're working on that! I had a tremendous workout in the court.

For dinner I grilled some lemon pepper marinated chicken breast, baked some potatoes, and warmed up some green beans. It was good and very calorie friendly. After dinner we sat at the table and discussed our workout plans for the evening. Irene had to go to work, so she'll get a workout all night long, she's constantly on her feet with her job. The rest of us decided we would either do a 5K at the trail or we would go swimming somewhere. We don't have a pool, but we have friends who do. One of those friends will have their pool ready next week, the other was out of town. The out of town friend has told me that I was welcomed to use his pool anytime, but I wouldn't just go over there without his prior knowledge. We wouldn't want the neighbors to call the police on us! So we decided to go swimming at the lake. A friend of mine has a private dock at the lake and he was happy to allow us to swim there tonight. It was deep water! I jumped in, went way, way down, didn't touch bottom, and it felt like it took forever to surface. Probably 20 feet or deeper we're thinking. Just treading water is incredible exercise, but all out swimming is the most amazing exercise. It's exercise that creeps up on you. It's so easy to do while you're doing it, but shortly after you get out of the water you feel incredibly tired. I knew I had a great water workout in that lake tonight because I felt completely drained afterwards.

Today was filled with great food and wonderful workouts. Another successful day along this journey. I'm going to grab a 70 calorie Dream Bar and head for bed. Thank you for reading and I sincerely appreciate your comments. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Pat Morita likes this...

  2. I often eat things that are "unconventional" just because I want them for breakfast, dinner or lunch! Who says eggs are for breakfast or pizza is for dinner? I've been known to mix the menu quite a bit... so far 27 lbs lighter but still working towards that BIG goal!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Great choice for breakfast... i like your philosophy of nothing is off limits! :o)

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