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Day 597 I Felt His Importance Level and Breakthroughs Are Different For Everybody

Day 597

I Felt His Importance Level and Breakthroughs Are Different For Everybody

Wednesday’s are going to be very busy the entire month. I’m scheduled for a remote broadcast from 3 to 7pm every Wednesday---which means I need to try my best to arrange an extended lunch for Friday in order to get a second spinning class in the books this week, and every week in May. I may shoot for Saturday morning if needed. The Saturday class is an hour. Hmmm…maybe it’s for advanced spinners or something, I don’t know. I do know that the spinning is making me feel incredible. My endurance on the cycle is improving dramatically---and my rear, the one that hurt so badly after the first couple, must have toughened up, because the seat really isn’t an issue anymore.

I had a chance to visit with the young man while doing the broadcast from the casino. We talked for ten or fifteen minutes---and over and over again, he was saying things that reminded me of “Old Sean.” This kid has dreams, he wants to live, and he knows that his 600-pound plus weight is holding him back and potentially deadly. He shared some of these dreams with me and I could relate to each one. We’re not talking big grandiose dreams; we’re talking about fitting in a particular vehicle and riding on an amusement ride. I just wanted to hug the guy and tell him it was going to be OK---and his dreams were going to come true and then some…but of course, it’s totally up to him.

He has the power to choose change just like I did. He can get that fighting spirit that absolutely shuts down the voice inside that tries to de-rail us---steel curtain zone activated, nothing is standing in our way. Now is the time, and nothing---no emotion or circumstance can steal this away from me---or him. I want this for him so badly, and after talking with him, I can tell—he wants it too. He pulled out a card from his wallet---on it, this blog address was typed along with my name and phone number. I had given him a piece of paper over a year ago with that information scribbled in pen ink. He may have been furious when first approached, and I don’t blame him…but deep down, he knew it was important enough to preserve the information by typing it out on a card and keeping it safe in his wallet. This journey and the life saving and giving potential are extremely important. I’m thrilled for him, because I felt the emotion in his words---I felt his importance level.

Most of my broadcast was headquartered in the café portion of the casino. Four hours of looking at that mouth watering menu board and watching people order the most amazing looking creations. I could have picked something, but I had a pear in the remote vehicle and a wonderful dinner planned for later. You know what really had me fighting the cravings? A big meaty-cheesy Frito Chili Pie. Yeah—hmmm…I mean to tell ya, it was amazing looking---and only two bucks! But probably around six or seven hundred calories, I’m sure of it! Oh my calorie budget and pocket change could have handled it…but no---no, no, no----A pear now and a great dinner later, a pear now and a great dinner later—I kept telling myself those words and it worked. Who booked me for these? Geez…I’m not Superman!

I actually found the following excerpt yesterday—but it was already a long post, so I saved it for today. From a year and a day ago---May 4th, 2009:

Today I received a question from a regular reader. She asked if I had any tips for the mental aspects of the change. Honestly, this entire journey has been about the mental aspects. If you haven't done so, I highly recommend going back and reading from Day 1. Some days will entertain you, maybe make you laugh, some may make you cry...But some...and these are the ones to look for...Some may give you the breakthrough you need to fully understand the mental aspects I talk about. For another regular reader named Rachel, a good friend of ours, it was Day 229 titled "What If It Was Impossible To Cheat" that finely made it click. It was like a breakthrough moment for her. Rachel has read from Day 1 every day along the way. But it took that blog to really breakthrough with her. The following suggestions are exactly what I've done for the mental aspects part of this journey. I suggest:

Forget every rule you thought was iron clad about losing weight.

Admit to yourself that you don't know it all, because someone who knows it all can't learn effectively. Have you ever heard someone say “you can't change him, he's set in his ways.” Be open to a “new,” simple approach to weight loss that really isn't new at all.

Wipe from your mind the idea that some foods are forbidden.

Do some really deep internal self-counseling to discover your “motivating thoughts.” Why do you want to lose weight and feel great? Develop that list and defend it from your old habits at all cost.

Realize that food is not the enemy; you have been your own worst enemy.

Let go of any blame for your obesity that you have ever placed on someone or something.

Admit that you are the one in charge of you. And since that is true, you're completely responsible for your habits, good and bad.

Stop being the victim. Empower yourself to rise above your circumstances instead of allowing yourself to stay chained to them in a depressing existence.

Here's a BIG one: Be 100% completely HONEST with yourself. Stop telling yourself lies. Lies come in the form of excuses and rationalizations. Be honest about them and you'll start to recognize them every time they pop out of your mouth or brain. Stop rationalizing bad choices.

Defeat excuses at every turn. Stop thinking of all the reasons why you'll never be able to do this, instead think of all the wonderful reasons to do this and never give up.

Don't “let yourself off the hook.” Don't say “I have time to do this later, I'll start next week, or next month, or after the holidays, or after we get past all of the birthdays coming up...right now, let's eat!” Maybe you don't have time. I let myself off the hook for over twenty years. If your transformation is important to you, don't let yourself off the hook.

Understand that every action has a consequence, good or bad. Shoot for the good ones.

When you're alone, that's when you have to police yourself extra. Almost every weight loss attempt in my past has ended with me bingeing alone. Don't let yourself down like that. Take pride in your resolve.

Make sure to remind yourself that there isn't a food you can't enjoy at one time or another. You may not have the calories for that cheesecake today, but find a way to work it in sometime soon.

Understand that it will get easier, but only if you put forth a consistent positive effort.

I'm sure there are plenty more spread throughout this journey. Go back and read from Day 1.

Remember, I'm not an expert. I'm just a guy who's been through this stuff my entire life. I was over 500 pounds for the majority of my adult life, until 232 days ago. These things I share are simply breakthrough thoughts and principles I've discovered along the way. If you're skeptical, then hide and watch what I do. Trust me, this is only the beginning of this journey for me. If you stopped reading this blog today and then come back in a few months, you will find me below 300 for the first time since age 16. The most important advice I can give anyone is: Don't make it complicated. Keep it simple! Calories in vs. Calories out. Later you can get more advanced if you want. And eat for goodness sakes. You have to provide your metabolism with fuel my friend. You have to eat and exercise.

Day 327 is now the one day I recommend the most…and the one that’s helped me tremendously.

I hurried home after the broadcast and changed into my workout clothes. I prepared a couple of scrambled eggs and inhaled them, then hit the road to the YMCA. I hit the weight machines first for a full upper body workout. I found out the twisty machine I like so much, works the oblique muscles, not the front abdominals. My oblique muscles are awesome---at least I think they are…all I know is, it’s the only machine where I can lift over ¾ of the stack. Every other machine it seems, I must adjust down the weight from the previous user. But the oblique machine---yeah, I own that thing! I hopped on the treadmill without my iPod, having left it at home, and walk/jogged a 5K. I was so upset with myself for the silence and then I spent the majority of the 5K wondering why I wasn’t outside in the absolutely perfect spring evening weather. I could see how beautiful it was through the window---but I was here, and happy to be doing it well.

I enjoyed a fantastic meal tonight! A 170-calorie chicken breast, a hundred calories worth of grilled shrimp, some tomato slices…and, brace yourself---ASPARAGUS!!!! Yes sirree, I did it! I grilled it on the Foreman and took a bite and…wow, that’s not too bad really. I could do that! I did and will continue to enjoy grilled asparagus. I only had two twigs on my plate. What? That’s what they call them, right? They look like twigs.

Amber made it home from school tonight. She’s really excited for the summer---and here we are! My oldest will be a junior in college this fall---It makes me feel so old! We’re going to make this summer count in so many ways!

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Dinner tonight was so good and colorful! Grilled asparagus is definitely the way to go. The entire plate was 310 calories. Great calorie value and so delicious!


  1. oh, I always put garlic powder and onion powder on mine...tasty.
    I sometimes want so badly to imbue people with the sense of what is possible, but then realize I can't do it for them.
    I just hope fervently they get that for themselves. Good luck getting your spinning class in.

  2. Um, they're actually called spears lol.

    Losing weight is like any other thing, only the person who needs to do it CAN do it. But again, you never know what seeds you've planted that will bloom later so it's great that you listened and talked with him.

  3. Twigs LOL! I just finished a plate of roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese and it was delicious. I will be posting pics of it on my blog later tonight, take a look and see how many "twigs" I had.

    Great job with the spinning!

  4. Twigs, spears, stalks.. what's the difference?? You should really try roasted brussel sprouts...OMG. I haven't met one I haven't liked since!

  5. LOL they are called spears, but you're right, they look like twigs! I love asparagus and I prepare it by sauteeing them for about 2 quick minutes along with some sliced mushrooms in a little butter (like 1/'re not drowning the babies, just giving them a little taste), followed by a dash of salt and a dash of garlic powder. Yum! (scoop out of the pan with a slotted spoon so you kind of drain the butter off.) The trick is to only cook them for a tiny bit so they are still wilty veggies for me! You can do the same thing with brussel sprouts. MMmmm I have fresh veggies in my garden, I can't wait to go home and eat them now!

  6. Day 327 ROCKS!

  7. Tell me about this shrimp you grill....

  8. That dinner is right up my alley, Sean.
    I love everything on that plate!

    I'm glad you're doing so well ... STILL!!!

    Peace to the family ☮


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