Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 599 Lucky Goal Guess and A Vital Element of Lasting Success

Day 599

Lucky Goal Guess and A Vital Element of Lasting Success

I dressed for my workout this morning. Usually, if I'm wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants, it means I overslept and just threw something on, not today. I was determined to get my workout in early at the 11:15am spinning class. I knew that we were shorthanded at the studio and I wouldn't be able to get there until right before the class started, so I was dressed and ready. Show me to the cycle!

I tried to get away in time, but was still almost five minutes late to class. Lucky for me it wasn't full, had it been, I planned to try my best to replicate the workout on a stationary bike placed twenty feet from the class. Glad it didn't come to that, because those bikes are not “spinning” cycles, and there's a difference. These organized classes are really helping me. I can feel it and I can see the difference the consistent weight training is making. The cool thing about being so close to goal? The progress we make is so much more noticeable. Every pound and every inch makes a difference.

Somebody recently asked if I take measurements. I haven't from the beginning, and I wish I had. Melissa Walden did take some all over me a few months ago, so I'll have that to compare when I reach goal. But what is goal? I now honestly believe that 230 is an absolute possibility. I doubted it a little, but really, I have it to lose---and actually---once I get to 230, and then if I have excess skin removed---wow, I could end up well below 230. Who knows---it doesn't really matter. But 230, I believe was a lucky guess on Day 1, because the closer I get, the more I think it was right on target.

I did my upper body weight training after spinning class and it was so good. I'm getting stronger, I know this because I'm having to add weights to many of the movements. I needed to eat lunch after my workout, but I didn't have time to go home and I really didn't want a drive-thru lunch. Oh, I could have done a baked potato and chicken breast from Wendy's, but no---I wanted something else. So I ran into a neighborhood grocery store on my way back to work. I grabbed a pear, a banana, and some shredded lean ham. That pear was so sweet and juicy, I had to check Calorie King again, just to make sure it was still 80 calories. It was the best pear I've ever eaten. Every bite caused an explosion of flavor and juice in my mouth. It was absolutely enjoyable. The banana and ham was good too, but man...that pear was awesome. Maybe I enjoyed this lunch a little more than normal because of the amazing workout just prior, hmmm, probably.

I left the radio station shortly after 5pm. My goal of leaving work today with an empty in-box didn't happen, there was just no way. I'll have to have a production session over the weekend. I was very tired, and as soon as I arrived home decided to nap until 6:30. Amber woke me up and we were off. I spent a little time with some friends and then picked up Amber and KL for a late evening dinner out. I let them pick the place, a small mom and pop pizza place fifteen minutes away. It was good, but oh my, loaded! I had a normal sized piece and the smallest piece on the platter. Still, it was easily 700 calories total, had to be...maybe even 750. The best part wasn't the pizza pie, it was the company. The three of us laughed so much together. This is going to be an amazing summer, I just know it!

Yesterday's post prompted a friend to send an e-mail asking if I was “OK?” Yes! Just super busy and always keeping my mind on the mental changes that have made this weight loss success possible. When we examine the inner workings of our brains and we discover just how our thoughts really affect our lives and performance, it can seem scary, but it doesn't have to be anything dark and gloomy. It might feel uncomfortable to address, but it is a necessary place to go in order to get to where we're headed. And it isn't a destination, rather a lifestyle we can embrace and live for the rest of our lives. As we all know, real weight loss success cannot be fully measured without maintaining. And that part, or the “forever part,” as I like to say, is something that I've had my eye on from the beginning. It's mental exercises like day 327 and yesterday's re-post that can and will turn this weight loss into a lasting success. This is for life my friend, it really is for life. And it's a wonderful feeling.

Thank you for reading. A busy weekend ahead, including an hour long spinning class Saturday morning, a broadcast from a speedway, attending Jekyl and Hyde at the Wilken Theatre, and spending Saturday night and Mothers Day with mom at her place in Stillwater. Oh---and that production work—yeah, I'll need to get that done too. And working out---yes, I actually plan on playing tennis with Whitney real soon, maybe Sunday evening! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. I remember when you first started the wt training... and only lifted the empty bar. Now you are having to add weights, because it's too easy. How encouraging to read... your patience and commitment are paying off. :-)

  2. I too am very big on the organized classes. Does not matter what they are- body pump, spin, boot camp- whatever. I HIGHLY recommend them!


  3. Sean,

    I was the one who asked about measurements. It's not a vanity thing. Actually, from a medical point of view, it can be even more important to drop inches as opposed to pounds. It is the surest sign that you are losing fat as opposed to muscle. With all the exercise that you're doing, it's clear that you are doing both (gaining muscle, losing fat) but when the pounds don't come off as fast as expected, but the inches are dropping, you still have good reason to be VERY proud.

  4. Yeah, good on you getting a workout in with your tight's not easy.
    We are close to goal, it takes longer to lose a pound but that pound is A POUND.
    At this point, when I lose a pound I can SEE where it comes from.
    It's pretty cool.

  5. Sean, tell your mom Happy Mother's Day, and to keep watching Nancy Grace! I was on Nancy Grace last year(call in). A friend taped it for me, regarding the "Caylee Anthoney" case. Also, not measuring inches lost is no big deal, unless it
    is just something you wanted to keep track of from the beginning. I don't even like to weigh until I know I have dropped a couple of sizes. Prolly something to do with not wanting to know how well I have done, or not done. I don't like the pressure, or maybe, the reality of it all. Sometimes it's better not knowing:) All anyone has to do, is look at you and know you have lost...or won I should say:) Keep on keepin' on:)

  6. Wow, you really got me with this: "The cool thing about being so close to goal? The progress we make is so much more noticeable. Every pound and every inch makes a difference."

    After losing 23 pounds, it has gotten a bit slower, and I get frustrated sometimes. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to, something to reach for.


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