Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14th, 2015 Solid Tuesday

April 14th, 2015 Solid Tuesday

Amber and I traveled together to cousin Dale's funeral this morning. Like many of the attendees, I just can't help but think he might have had another twenty or thirty years ahead of him. It was sad and tragic for him to go so young. My thoughts and prayers are with his mom, siblings and his children, who fortunately are all adults with kids of their own.

I made it back to work a little after 3pm in order to take care of a few things, then it was straight home for a short nap in preparation for my Tuesday night support group conference call, dinner and a late workout.

I seriously considered declaring today a rest day. After the wonderful group tonight, I was full of positive energy--and I couldn't resist a good workout. Having lifted weights yesterday, tonight was elliptical only.

I enjoyed good food, good exercise and good support interactions, privately one on one and within the group. I would call this a solid Tuesday.

Once again, I'm making the tough choice to skip writing about anything else in exchange for more sleep. I know it's the correct decision tonight, but I must say, it's not easy to push the keyboard away. I have some things to explore, issues to dissect and opinions to express!! I'm passionate about this writing discipline of mine and eternally grateful for what it's done for me.

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  1. I laughed out loud at the almonds sticking out of your banana! Great idea!

    1. It was very good! It takes a delicate insertion or else the banana splits.

  2. Hi Sean. First of all I wanted to THANK YOU for linking to my foolstiness blogspot site. In the journey I appreciate the support of friends who come in with great ideas and just generally come in to offer a little boost to say we are in this thing together.

    BUT PLEASE don't forget about writing more about the topic of all the changes in loosing weight as soon as you can when you can. I'm asking this for my own want too... Because it's SOOO much more than just a number on a scale, there is alot going on and I want to be as prepared as possible.

    Well now I'm going to take the car out and try some stuff I saw in the new Fast and the Furious Movie. It might have been done in special effects but I think I can do it!- Alan

    1. Be careful, Alan!!! You're very welcome! I'm looking forward to diving into that topic this weekend. I would love to do it sooner, I just haven't had the time, and I don't want to be rushed when I do!
      This whole transformation business is extremely complex. Truly!

  3. May God bless your family with inexplicable peace during this time of grieving!!

  4. Death is hard enough, but when its a young person, it just seems to hit us a bit harder.
    I laughed at your banana! ha.. Wait.. let me rephrase that! I laughed at THE banana with the almonds in it!

    1. LOL, Rosie-- you made me laugh out loud, literally!
      On the serious note-- He was way too young to go.


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