Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26th, 2015 It's A Groove Thing

April 26th, 2015 It's A Groove Thing

I shared something today in a one on one exchange via email and I wanted to share it with you, tonight.

How are your spirits? Attitude? Resolve?

When you visualize where you want to go in physical and mental terms, and travel terms, what does that look like? 

My hope is that each day you wake excited about where you're headed, not dreadful of the daily elements contributing to your success. 

This is something I've embraced from day 1. It's a practice in perspective. We understand the importance of taking it one day at a time, for sure, but I feel it's also important to visualize and dream a little about the days/weeks/months and years ahead... It's still one day at a time as far as the fundamental elements are concerned, in other words, we're not trying to figure out all of the days ahead--we focus on one day and we narrow our focus to the elements needed to take extraordinary care...and when we visualize ahead, we broaden and get less detailed, allowing the focus to be limitless without the burden of figuring out how to make it all come together.

What we're doing each day contributes to it all coming we have faith in what we're doing and how each day is contributing to our overall vision of tomorrow.

Your trek is incredibly inspiring. Fascinating.

Do we wake feeling excited about what we're doing and where we're going or do we wake dreadful of the elements we're doing each day? That's a really good question.

If we're starting each day dreadful of what we're doing, it's a great idea to change what we're doing. It all goes back to finding what works for us, not just in terms of what brings us results when we do it, but what fits our groove best. You can get awesome results doing a lot of different things. The things you enjoy, the things that best fit your tastes and speed, those are the things that will help you find your groove.

I could lose weight eating in a totally different way, perhaps mostly salads--fresh veggies, and how about fresh juice? I could eliminate some of my favorites in favor of foods universally understood as awesome 'diet' foods. And I could kill myself for hours on end at the gym. None of that sounds very fun at all. I wouldn't wake each day excited about any of it. I would wake full of dread each day, hoping I could somehow make these new ways habit--then maybe it wouldn't be so bad.  

Once we find our groove, it's much easier to get excited about the future. What do we dare dream? Anything and everything, it's your dreams--it's limitless. There's no comparison to anyone else, there aren't any small dreams. Each and every one is important. Visualizing a future where your success enables you to take less medicine, or none each day might be one. Visualizing a future where you finally try out rock climbing or anything else you've avoided because of physical limitations...Think about it--and get excited!!!

You're capable of anything you decide. If you're discouraged and struggling, it isn't a sign of impending failure, it's a sign you haven't found what works well for you. You haven't found your groove. Don't throw in the towel. Redesign your approach. Change the plan into something you're excited about each morning. We don't find our groove by way of force, we find our groove through a simplistic approach most agreeable with what we enjoy. Then, as we proceed and develop, we can evolve naturally into more detailed plans. It's a natural evolution of good choices. It's a groove thing.
Today was a good day. I ate well and exercised really well. I engaged in support with others, both giving and receiving and I did a little cleaning around this apartment of mine. I'm always impressed by the positive feelings generated by housecleaning and general organization. I really should clean and organize a little more often! It felt great. I accomplished some things. Yay!

I didn't do a Throwback Thursday picture the other day, so I'm including a couple of "before" pictures tonight:
 photo l_c802fbbeb4ffc5f4d2b58b4d2a743f04.jpg
 photo b6f8f7d6-03e2-4614-a0b1-0bd690dbce4a_zpss9bfy93u.jpg

 photo Selfie_zpskh4tvkrk.jpg
This is my seriously passionate look. I can't help it sometimes! I'm full of passion for this road we're traveling. I don't know it all and I have much to learn along the road ahead. All I have today is the sum of my experiences to date. I'm looking forward to adding to those experiences!

Let's make this week phenomenal. Who's with me? 

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  1. I'm with you, Sean...absolutely!

    (Queen) Vi

  2. I'm with you Sean--Starting a phenomenal week!!!

  3. Phenomenal sounds like a great plan for the week!

  4. I'm with you Sean! These past few days have been phenomenal. I'm in that grove your talking about. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jon, I know you are--you're in a stellar groove, my friend!!


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