Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 5th, 2015 Easter With Noah

April 5th, 2015 Easter With Noah

I bought Easter candy today. Marshmallow Peeps, a chocolate bunny and a few other things, too. Oh, and a banana also went into Noah's Easter basket, along with a couple of toys and a pair of blue sunglasses just his size. He didn't open any of the candy while he was with me. If he had, I know I would have been dodging his offers to stick some of it in my mouth. He loves to share! 

Spending the day with Noah was a fantastic idea. He totally figured out the concept of picking up the Easter eggs, collecting them--then having us "hide" them again and repeating. MyFitnessPal needs an exercise labeled: Keeping Up With a Toddler. He's fast, very busy and despite the fact that once upon a time I had two toddlers of my own, I haven't a clue how Courtney keeps up every day. I should probably call Irene and thank her for helping me get through that period with our daughters. Because I don't remember it being so difficult--but again, that's probably because Irene was a super-mom!

I'm a nervous wreck with a big smile on my face, chasing him and protecting him from his unbounded curiosity. The kid knows no fear. My goodness, I love him so much.
 photo Noah and Me_zps25qjmouo.jpg
Noah and Me this afternoon.

This grandpa had a blast. If Noah noticed the difference in my appearance, I couldn't tell. He immediately smiles every time I smile at him, regardless.

One of my neighbors noticed, "I hardly recognized you! Have you lost more than you did before?" It's the absence of the facial hair. It throws off the previous visual balance or something, I don't know. All I know is three different people have commented that it, combined with the shorter hair, makes the weight loss seem a touch more dramatic.
 photo me smiling big_zpshagckro2.jpg
Big smile.

I'm feeling very positive as I proceed toward maintenance. Every now and again I ponder what it'll be like, look like, feel like--and really, it'll not be too much different than what I do every day. I'll likely add some healthy calories to my budget each day. I still plan on keeping this blog daily. I still plan on weighing every three weeks. I'll still be abstinent from sugar (that's a life thing), I'll still work out regularly, I'll still track my food with MyFitnessPal and I'll still maintain solid support relationships with others along the way. Basically, it'll be what I do now with an increased calorie budget. I'll play with the number to find my "sweet spot."

No workout today. Regular workout schedule resumes tomorrow.

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  1. When you are at your goal weight, your new targets could be exercise-related. Getting fitter and fitter and being able to do more, lift more, run faster etc. You are already doing that with your elliptical and weights!

  2. What a happy Easter you had!!! I have no doubt you will keep improving right through your reaching goal and beyond!!!


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