Friday, November 23, 2018

November 23rd, 2018 Keep Me In The Joy

November 23rd, 2018 Keep Me In The Joy

Yesterday: I maintained the integrity of my reduced calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful experience. It was a great visit with family, a good meal, and I met my goals yesterday.

For someone like me, not compulsively overeating on a day like Thanksgiving takes a plan and some structure, just like any other day--but certainly a little more on a holiday. It always starts with meditation and prayer--and a humble acknowledging of the facts: The same behaviors, patterns, obsessions, and focus that kept me at over 500 pounds for almost two decades- are all there, they're just in dormancy. It's not like I'm somehow magically cured. I wish it worked that way. In order to remain in recovery and doing well, it takes a daily practice of intentional actions. There isn't a day when I can casually "play" with those old behaviors and expect to be well. For those who truly do not live with food addiction/compulsive overeating, they can "go all out and off the rails" and still be okay. I'm not one of those people! 

Aside from the regular plan structure of any day--the morning routine, the food plan, the staying connected with support, a day like yesterday featured some added strategies designed to keep me in the joy.

My specific plan for Thanksgiving dinner was: No refined sugar and a one plate limit. My plate looked pretty much the same as it has every holiday over the last several years.

The added measures--or intentional actions, or whatever you want to call them-- things designed to keep me in the joy... I like that... were: I gave myself things to focus on during the festivities. I focused on the people, on the visiting/togetherness--and I had two "missions" to focus on. I decided to take as many pictures as I could--finding good moments to snap 'em. I also had a secret challenge to accomplish: Find out something interesting that I didn't know about someone I've known my entire life. That's really an easy thing to do--it just takes a genuine interest, questions, listening, and a conversation. Focusing on these two things further helped take me "out of myself" and fully into the best parts of the get-together. By the end of the experience, I had maintained the boundaries of my food plan, snapped a bunch of pictures, and I learned some very interesting things about my Uncle Sig's 1960's experience as a soldier going through basic training in the US Army.

Shifting the focus changes things. I enjoyed my meal, of course, and I also fully enjoyed the things that made the day extra special. I suppose for some, that all comes naturally--it doesn't for me, hence the practice of intentional actions.

I'm enjoying some time off today! I slept in very well! It was wonderful! I'll be having lunch out today with my aunt, uncle, and mom. It'll be great!

Okay--picture time!!!

Mom and Me

Noah was in fine form! That kid--my goodness!!

With Mom's sister

Uncle Sig

My little grandson, Oliver!

Courtney and my granddaughter Phoebe

Amber and granddaughter Raegan

I love this photo of Amber and Irene!

Rae Rae

The end of the night-with mom

Thank you for reading and your continued support,


  1. That Noah! I can tell he's the apple of his Grandpa's eye.

  2. You have a lovely family, Sean, and I can see why you want/need to keep your priorities in order. A plate of stuffing and gravy? Or romping with your grandkids? Or being there physically for your mother? It should be an easy choice, but I know it's not. Good luck to you on your continuing journey. Eileen


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