Tuesday, December 4, 2018

December 4th, 2018 Perfectly Capable

December 4th, 2018 Perfectly Capable

Yesterday: I maintained the integrity of my reduced calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

I made a short trip to my hometown last night. I enjoyed a meeting with one of the members from the support group I facilitate. It's always a good experience to sit down and talk face to face about the challenges, practices, and victories along this road. We had plenty to talk about, that's for sure!

My hometown is ripe with all kinds of memories and situational triggers. The streets and drive-throughs of that town remember me well. Those familiar haunts helped keep me anything but well. Still, when I go, especially if I'm driving alone as I was last night, I make a point to stay connected with support friends. Those contacts and a prayer or two, help me drive past the scenes of so many binge episodes in my past. The memories of those days are vivid and scary to me. Knowing that there's a fine line between abstinence and chaos--knowing that I'm perfectly capable of crossing that line--and giving that the proper reverence, is monumentally important. This daily practice of intentional actions helps keep me sane and in the proper lane.

Today is planned, prepared, and ready. My morning routine is done, the foundation is set. It might be a rather long day with a late afternoon meeting concerning a private standup gig I've been asked to perform. I'm excited about the opportunity to perform because I love it so much, although a gig like this, especially since I'm not in regular practice, requires writing new and fresh ideas--and writing specific material based on client inspired premises...it's a challenge, for certain. But one I've had the honor of doing a couple of times in the past for this same company. Nothing confirms the success of the previous two engagements like being asked to perform for the third time. Although part of me is like...eeek!!! What if my luck and material run out?? LOL... Oh, the thoughts my lovely brain creates and tosses out there for me to juggle. It'll be fun. It'll be great!

Thank you for reading and your continued support,
Practice, peace, and calm,

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  1. You made me remember something from almost 40 years ago. When my husband and I were in college, there was a student who lost probably somewhere in the 100-200lb range. It was a small school in a very tiny town. And this student went to his favorite restaurant places and they agreed not to sell to him. So if he called to place an order they would say - no. Now of course there were a zillion ways around this. And I don’t know if he ever called or not. But he set up a system and they supported him in his efforts.


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