Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December 5th, 2018 Funky Town

December 5th, 2018 Funky Town

Yesterday: I maintained the integrity of my reduced calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Some days are challenging in ways beyond the food. What I've learned is how, when I'm challenged in other ways it has the potential to creep into my food plan. Without too many personal details, I became exceptionally frustrated with a colleague yesterday. When someone creates more work for me because of the level of attention, consideration, and caring for their part is lacking, it upsets me! That's a normal reaction, right? I was not my regular self at work. I allowed my attitude to become infected early in the day. Then, I nurtured that negative energy for the better part of the day. Choosing to sit in that pool of funkiness was my decision. I took a trip to Funky Town and did some sightseeing. It didn't serve me well. I suppose some of the hardest things along this road are of a spiritual nature. 

It's interesting how quickly I can forget the serenity prayer in a situation like the one I just described. Without trying to go too deep into armchair psychological self-analysis on which I'm an amateur, I must ask myself-- How did my reaction serve me? What was I getting from this choice to be off-center most of the day? Why would I somehow convince myself that this off-center position was something put on me-a thing I had to own and be, instead of something I could freely choose to reframe? 

My food plan practice survived this funk but not without hints from its effect. I started thinking about lunch way too early. By 10:30am, I was ready to prepare a meal even though I wasn't hungry. I redirected that thinking pretty quickly, busied myself, and before long it was time for me and my funky attitude to go into the studio kitchen and prepare a meal and a more reasonable and appropriate time.

Two intentional actions that I could have focused on instead of the above-described stuff. could have been my gratitude list and reaching out to help someone else in support. I regularly do those two things unless I'm choosing to marinate in anger and frustration. If I'm marinating in that way, I'm completely self-centered and oblivious to the lifelines right in front of me. I made it to a mental place of gratitude later in the afternoon and I did connect with support, eventually, but I must remind myself of how the day could have been better had I turned my attitude, perspective, and focus in that direction about six hours earlier. A practice, right? Oh yeah--certainly.

My planning session meeting with the company hiring me to do standup at their private event went very well. The thought of writing 30-40 minutes of fresh material for a specific event was one that would normally fill me with anxiety, but since this will be my third performance for this company, I'm much less anxious. Plus, I've been told about half the people in attendance will be people who were not there for my previous performances.

I have so many things worthy of gratitude. If today starts to turn in the direction of yesterday, I will make an effort to get spiritually reconnected; reframing and refocusing on what's important. 

I made a store run last evening for a few things, including dinner items--then changed the dinner plan and prepared a meal I had on-hand. I'll save yesterday's groceries for this evening's dinner.

Oh--and I made it to bed shortly after 9pm last night! Yay me! I'm well rested and ready for a good Wednesday.

Thank you for reading and your continued support,
Practice, peace, and calm,

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