Saturday, December 8, 2018

December 8th, 2018 Open To The Blessings

December 8th, 2018 Open To The Blessings

Yesterday: I maintained the integrity of my reduced calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Yesterday was a wonderful experience. It showed me the power of perspective, gratitude, and reframing challenges. Staying in a gratitude based mindset allowed me to be open to the blessings and opportunities of yesterday.

It was a long day. There wasn't a break between work and the evening Christmas activity plans with Noah. The normal pattern I fall into wasn't going to work yesterday. There wouldn't be a midafternoon refresher nap. Breaking the pattern yesterday showed me how that can work and work well on other days and for other things important to me. I think that's the key right there, "things important to me." 

The Christmas parade was last night. Treating Noah to the experience was very important to me. That boy loves Christmas in so many different ways. Just watching and experiencing the purest joy coming from him is a blessing that has the power to bring emotional reactions to the surface. Witnessing his enthusiasm is truly a gift. He was literally dancing in the street. Candy was being thrown everywhere and of course, he was scrambling to pick up as much as possible, filling my pockets-- but he was also doing the sweetest thing. He noticed some kids who were not as fast and furious--and for them, he would pick up and toss some of the candy their way--or kick it over in their direction. He didn't have to be told to share, he just naturally wanted to share. It was beautiful, really. 

The parade was just the start to our Christmas adventures last night. Dinner out was followed by a tour of Christmas lights, accompanied by my girlfriend Kristin (Kristin and I were in a relationship back in 2016 and just recently started dating one another again), and then we three enjoyed the Grinch movie.

Our special night was truly amazing.

Waiting for the parade!

Staying in a perspective of gratitude yesterday seemed to attract gratitude from others as well. Two different people yesterday expressed appreciation for me and what I do. One was a broadcasting client whose marketing efforts I handle and the other was a listener who just happened to be enjoying dinner at the table next to us. As he was leaving, he came over to our table to tell me how he loves my work. We shared a wonderful conversation. Later in the evening, he wrote a very nice message to our station's Facebook account, "Sean thanks for taking time out from your dinner to visit with me. It was great to finally meet you. I’d like to chat again sometime, Love your work." What a tremendous blessing in those two encounters!

The three of us out and about!

Staying within the boundaries of my daily practice wasn't an issue yesterday. The day included some dynamics that could have easily turned me in a difficult direction. Of course, the moments and experiences worthy of my gratitude were right there in front of me--and that helped. On the days when seeing and appreciating those things requires more effort, I must remember the powerful difference the shift of attitude and gratitude can make.

Noah is still sleeping. My morning routine is complete. This blog is written and we have a couple more adventures ahead of us today before I take him back home later this afternoon.

I have a few personal goals I'm working on this weekend, too. Actually, these are more in the line of intentional actions supporting some personal goals of mine. Between tonight and tomorrow, it'll get 'em done!

Thank you for reading and your continued support,
Practice, peace, and calm,

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