Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 13th, 2015 I'm No Superman

August 13th, 2015 I'm No Superman

I've felt rather fatigued today. Getting too little sleep through the work week is an ongoing thing for me. Have you noticed I stopped complaining about it? As with anything else, I finally realized that when it becomes something I decide to make important, I'll change the habits. Until then, I'm obviously and intentionally making it work by supplementing with regular naps, coffee and getting as much sleep as I can on weekends.

I enjoyed a slower pace today. I had a great dinner, followed by a good coffee, then spent time visiting with my grandson at his Nanas (Irene's) house. Noah played monster and chased me around the living room. He also insisted I dangle him by the legs so he could walk with his hands. He's the best. I'll be picking him up on Sunday for a stay with me for a few days. I think he's really looking forward to more monster chasing and hand walking. I better clean my carpets.

Instead of the YMCA this evening, I hit the trail after getting back in town from my Noah visit. Perhaps it was because I'm tired or the hills of the trail or a combination of both, but I didn't make it as long as I did last night. My best tonight was nearly two minutes less than last night. I'm not too concerned about it. Mainly just an observation. I'm making progress. And I'm doing my best at remaining consistent because I know from experience, consistency brings big results. I've declared I will run that end of September 5K without stopping and I fully intend to hit that goal. 

 photo Superman_zpsixazzmg3.jpg
#TBT This photo was taken for the radio station's social media as I promoted the last big Superman movie at a location broadcast inside a Walmart Super Center. I was planning on writing a fun little piece tonight all about how when we're doing well, we can sometimes feel like Superman--or, uh--Superwoman. The point was how important it is to break away from that way of thinking, stay grounded and to NOT try to be Superman. It's better and more consistent when we're just doing the best we can each day.

It's about consistency and progress, not perfection. Striving for perfection is the quickest detour away from this road. This isn't the fun little piece I wanted to write tonight...but, it's late and I'm no Superman. :)

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