Friday, October 12, 2018

October 12th, 2018 Humble and Grateful

October 12th, 2018 Humble and Grateful

Yesterday: I maintained the integrity of my slightly reduced calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, I had a good exercise session at the YMCA, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Those points above-- yes, yes, yes--highlights of an exceptional day. The best part wasn't any specific action, though. The best part was the mental and emotional freedom experienced after yesterday's post.

Recognizing the trend, being alarmed about the trend, keeping the effects of the trend largely to myself--constantly being reminded of the trend with tighter clothes and pictures that look just a tad bit "fuller," is exhausting. Standing up, facing forward, laying the facts out on the table for all to see, and most importantly, creating an action plan, was super-empowering and very much like releasing a pressure valve.

The love and support received on this blog, in email, messenger, and on Facebook, was absolutely beautiful, too. Thank you, sincerely. I'm humble and grateful.

One email from a longtime reader (thank you, Becky!), very gently and kindly, asked if my food plan had been as tight as it needed to be or if it became loose, especially after stopping the extreme accountability of the tweet stream of everything. Very good question!

Yes, in certain ways it did get a little loose. At the same time, logging everything in MFP remained and will remain a daily part of the practice, indefinitely. Still, more meals out--less care and attention to preparing my own meals, small differences that weren't as precise as before, certainly could have contributed to a certain extent.

I do believe I created the perfect storm-- maintaining 2300 calories per day, not weighing myself, lack of activity, lack of proper rest, getting older (as a few suggested--uhg!!)--I think it all contributed in different ways.

I've learned enough to realize the exercise is important but it isn't a big factor for the bottom line unless we're talking about hard-core Olympic-style training--and that's never been me. Let's be real. It always comes back to the food plan. Refining my food with this new action plan will be good for me. Slightly lowering the budget by a few hundred calories, getting enough exercise, and getting better and more rest, will all contribute in positive ways. I'm not bringing back the tweets just yet, but I'm not completely opposed to it either.

As for the gain-- eighteen pounds in a year is a creep. A consistent creep, but a creep. For someone like me, with my past behaviors, I'm capable of gaining eighteen pounds in a couple weeks. Heck fire, if I really "tried," I can pack on a hundred or more in a years time--I've done it, remember?

I'm grateful and humble to be right where I am. Surrounded with good support and moving forward in a very positive way.

I have a location broadcast midday and I'm the stadium announcer tonight for the big football game (never done that before--wish me luck--and say a little prayer for it to go well, please!) My food is planned and my day is set. I'm ready for another good one.

Thank you for reading and your continued support,

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  1. Sean, you are great at tracking food! It is just so easy to have things creep up.

    I too am looking at a gain after a minor injury to my Achilles. But I think mine is my change in exercise.

    I suspect your creep is somewhat a result of missed hours of sleep (which is necessary with your job!)

    But mostly the fewer sessions on the elliptical. If this math is right, a 400 calorie workout 3x a week could turn into those 18 pounds.

    (400 calories x 3 a week x 52 weeks = 62400 calories / 3500 calories per pound = 17.82 pounds)

    If I remember right you usually do more than 500 calories when you exercise.

    OKAY, you've just motivated me to do a 3 month 3x a week exercise routine of at least 400 calories a time. So by the new year, I should be 4.4 pounds lighter, even if I don't change anything else.

    Please keep posting in your blog. I find it very motivational.


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