Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 57 Blue Bell Is Watching and Inches Dropping

Day 57

Blue Bell Is Watching and Inches Dropping

I noticed something very interesting today. On my page I have a tool installed that will tell me where people are from that view and read the blog. It also tells me what days that location read. It's the same blog that you get on Myspace, just a different location on the world wide web. I've been pleasantly surprised some days when I check it and find locations like London, England and Riga, Latvia. Other recent readers are from Toronto, Canada and somewhere in upstate New York. You can see the map on that page, then just click on it to enlarge, and you too can see what others have read. Now I don't want you to think I'm one of those that get paranoid about “big brother” watching, because I'm not, but a couple of things have been noticeably strange. When I posted Day 36 titled “Marquee Conspiracy” it was immediately read by someone in Alexandria, Virginia...Not far from CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Hmmm. Coincidence? I wonder if the word “conspiracy” caught someones attention? Probably not, I'm sure there are plenty of overweight people in Alexandria seaching for blogs on weight loss, just a coincidence I'm sure. But it is the only page that Alexandria has read so far. Guess what? Today it happened again! But this time it wasn't the government peaking into these writings, it was the little creamery in Brenham, Texas...That's right, the corporate headquarters of Blue Bell Ice Cream! OK, so maybe it does just say Brenham, Texas, and really that could have been anyone from Brenham, Texas logging in and reading. But, hold on a on the map, zoom into the flag pinned onto Brenham, then click on the flag to see what blog day they read and it becomes real clear. Out of all of these 56 blogs they were only interested in one day: Day 15-- “Ice Cream Dreams and Serious Decisions.” You remember don't you? That's the day I felt like I was being followed by the Blue Bell Ice Cream Truck! And in case you're spying this blog again Blue Bell people, you're welcome for all the free advertising! And one more thing...I love you, I honestly love you! Write me! ;) xxooxxxooo

Tonight we attended an awards ceremony at Ponca City High School. Courtney received an Academic Letter and Pin for her perfect GPA. We're so proud of her and we were looking forward to the ceremony, but I wasn't looking forward to fitting into the seats. This time the ceremony was being held in the Howell Auditorium on the second floor. I knew that was going to mean stair climbing. Oh boy, this could be bad. As I approached the stairs I was calm and confident. I stepped and I stepped, one after the other, and at the top I wasn't completely out of breath! This was a big breakthrough! Normally I would be noticeably out of breath, to the point people might ask me “are you going to be ok?” But not on these stairs. I glided up those stairs with ease. I'm not saying I could do a bunch more in a row, but just to the second floor, no problem! It wasn't the stairs that concerned me, it was the seats in the auditorium. I really wasn't wanting a repeat of what happened last year at Robson Field House when I got stuck in a seat and worried the whole time how I would escape. As we made our way in I immediately scanned the seats. Just as I thought, they were all about the same size as the Robson Field House seats. Had I lost enough inches to comfortably fit snug without losing circulation in my legs? I'm very proud to report that YES! I did fit real nice. It was snug, but comfortable. Not a bad experience at all! I have lost enough inches to make a difference! It was so nice to sit there in complete comfort and enjoy the ceremony, instead of being preoccupied with my escape plan from the death grip of a seat. It might seem like a little thing, but for me tonight was huge! The stairs and the seats---no problem. That's a great thing! And all I'm doing is counting those calories and exercising everyday, drinking a bunch of non-carbonated water based calorie free liquids, and writing this blog every night. I feel like I've finally found the combination that really works for me. But trust me, if I didn't have this blog to answer to every night, I can't say for sure that I'd still be on track. This blog is so much more to me than just writing down my daily routine and thoughts, it keeps me motivated, it inspires me, you give me support and inspiration every time you read it, it keeps me honest and accountable. And although I didn't realize it at first, it has become somewhat like therapy for me. It's really forced me to dig deep and analyze my past behaviors and patterns. The behaviors and patterns that have lead me to weigh more than 500 pounds. And I'm overjoyed when someone tells me that it has helped inspire them too. It really is “all good.”

I didn't expect Day 57 to be such a fun day. It was tremendous. Our dinner tonight was amazing. We made homemade BBQ sloppy joes with mashed potatoes and green beans. The entire plate was only 480 calories, and since I had 800 to use, I had an extra helping of sloppy joe for an additional 250! For anyone that thinks calorie counting is too hard, just give it time, because with practice it becomes really simple. Thank you for reading this blog. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. Hey Sean, it's me again, catching up in the archives. OMG! When you write about the seats and the stairs it sounded just like me when I started my journey too. I remember years ago I had to go to a concert at Madison Square Garden. I can't tell you anything about the concert because all that I thought about was how the heck am I going to get out of this seat. It was the most miserable experience. It was so bad that I had black and blues the next day on the outer sides of my thighs. Now, almost 200 pounds lighter, I say I want to purposely go back to MSG to 'show those chairs I mean business'. I laughed out loud when you called it a death grip. That is how it feels. Most people don't even give seats a second thought. I was the type of girl that always had to check if a place had tables as opposed to booths. Now, I LOVE booths. Man have things changed.

    I know this is almost two years ago, but congrats on your daughter getting that award. You must be so proud!!!

    Reading you from the beginning really has enlightened me on how far you have come. I'm glad I'm able to read these archives. It may take me some time, but I promise to read them all. You are very inspirational Sean.

    Have a great day! Now off to get ready for work.
    Good choices!!


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