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Day 69 Differences On Stage and Popcorn Advice

Day 69

Differences On Stage and Popcorn Advice

This evening I hosted The Poncan Opry Branson style variety show at the historic Poncan Theatre. The last time I performed on that stage was June, and I weighed over 500 pounds for that one. What a huge difference it was tonight. The weight I've lost allows me to breath properly, to walk normally, to really get into my performance. I remember back in June how hard it was to focus on my set and delivery because I was consumed with my breathing and mobility. The excess weight was finally having a profound effect on my stage presence, but not tonight. Sure, I can't wait to dress better, and that too will send me and my performance skills up a few levels, but I can't complain about how wonderful I felt tonight on that stage. Lifting 60 plus pounds off my body makes a huge difference in everything I do, and I mean everything. When I think about how far I've come in the last 69 days, and how far I have to go, I get really excited. Because, and I've said this before, if I feel this good now, how will I feel at 230? How will my performance skills and confidence improve at a normal weight? It'll be really fun to find out!
At the Poncan Theatre, the dressing rooms are down stairs under the stage. The stairs are steep too, I can remember being completely winded after climbing those things, but not tonight. I'm not saying I flew up them with the greatest of ease, I just went up and down several times through the night without looking and feeling like I needed immediate medical attention. I was really surprised about the food and drinks in the dressing room. There wasn't any. I'm not complaining, that worked great for me, but I really thought I would have something to report about a spread of food for the entertainers. The only food down there were a few fast food bags brought in by the performers. I could have had some popcorn, but I stuck with water all night, then treated myself to a Diet Dr. Pepper from the Poncan fountain after the show. I turned down the popcorn for one reason: It's a complete caloric wild-card. You can take a normal medium sized tub of popcorn, and depending on how it's prepared it can be anywhere from 200 calories to 1,200 calories. Unless you personally prepare it, you can't be positive about the calories. I occasionally enjoy some microwaved kettle corn. It's only 40 calories a cup popped. I'll measure out three cups popped and it really is a decent sized portion and it's only 120 calories. The same amount from the theatre is probably over 500 at the very least! The lowest calorie popcorn is hot-air popped. And if you add some salt and pepper and maybe some Mrs. Dash, you start talking flavor minus the calories! Getting popcorn at the movies is a giant calorie counting no-no. I'll never do it, it's just too loaded. I know I talk about eating anything and everything on this plan, but in order to keep the calories low, I would only be able to eat a few handfuls of popcorn. It's just not a good calorie value at all. So many calorie counters calculate the calories wrong in popcorn, but not you and me, not now! Always remember: All popcorn is not popped equally calorie wise.

I enjoyed a 250 calorie McDonalds hamburger for lunch today. I had Irene order it for me while I was busy with the Wal-Mart broadcast. I had her add extra pickles and onions for added flavor and calorie value. It's a trick I've developed rather quickly in the last 69 days. If you can add as much low cal veggies to your burger, or taco, or whatever, you significantly increase your satisfaction. I took my time on that little hamburger today, maybe about 25 or 30 minutes. I can remember one time when I was a kid McDonalds had a 29cent burger promotion. I must have downed four to six burgers at one time back then.

I'm so ready to relax tomorrow. What a busy weekend! Courtney and I plan on attending the YMCA for the most intense workout yet. I'm going to see if I can go two miles straight on the treadmill. Remember I said that I think walking for one mile on the treadmill can be just as tough a workout as a 5K on the trail. We'll see what two straight feels like. It'll be great! Until tomorrow night, good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. Sean, I used to feel the same way with stairs. You said medical attention and I used to say that someone might need to call an ambulance. I laugh now about it, but back 201 pounds ago..It was sad but true!!

    I do the same thing with veggies. You should see me at Subway! LOL


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