Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 76 Being A Good Example and A Real Ice Cream Buffet

Day 76

Being A Good Example and A Real Ice Cream Buffet

This Saturday started much like the last one. I didn't allow myself any time to have something for breakfast before leaving for my broadcast. This time I picked some fresh fruit instead of the King Size Rice Crispy Treat. And this time I wasn't verbally attacked by a complete stranger. What could they say? “Hey, you gonna sit there and eat healthy stuff all day?” That wouldn't have been so mean. It was a nice broadcast, I skipped lunch at the store for a lunch at home. I fixed turkey melt triangles. It was a 260 calorie sandwich, not the best calorie-wise sandwich I've ever made, but it was leftover turkey at it's finest!

A little while later it was off to the YMCA for some treadmill and racquetball court action. Courtney and I had a really good workout. When Courtney finished on the elliptical, I was still in the racquetball court. She was watching me, so I turned it up about 8 notches. I was trying to show off for my daughter. That's right Court, that was your Dad that almost crashed into the wall head first chasing that little ball. Impressed? Of course, Daddy is Superman in there! I quickly winded myself to the point of exhaustion, I was a very unimpressive mess! And we called it a workout. Setting a good example for my daughters is so important. I've set such a horrible example for so long and it's left them both overweight. Kids just follow the leader you know? I lead them straight into obesity and I'm going to lead them out. Before we left Courtney had to weigh, she had forgot to do it earlier in the week, so today was her weigh day. She lost another 8 pounds! She was so happy to discover the results and I was so thrilled to see that look in her eye. She clearly had a major boost of confidence with that weigh-in. She was glowing!

If I can lead my family out of a life of obesity it would be the greatest thing I've ever done. It's the most important thing to me. That's why I'm so strict on myself. Because I'm not messing this up. I've come up short so many times, and I feel like this time, failure is not an option. I'm taking this one all the way. How many days will it take? Who knows? Doesn't matter. I'm getting there. With everyday that passes, I'm getting closer to my ultimate goal. Every time Amber tells me she's walked another 5K, every time she has positive results on the scale, every time Courtney experiences success, every time Irene fits into a size smaller jeans, I smile, I feel good. Because we're all doing it. We'll never forget this time in our lives, we will always refer to it as a critical turning point, we will always remember these days as the ones that turned everything around. And I mean everything. Losing weight and feeling and looking good creates massive amounts of confidence, and confidence breeds success in everything we do. I think I've written about this before. I know that my weight has held me back professionally. I'm very lucky to be working for a broadcast company that took the time to look past the 500 pound body and realize the talent and ability that I have in what I do. Wow, I just sounded totally full of myself. You know what I mean. Many stations will not take that time. Many stations just see a big sloppy fat guy, and that's not what they want out there in the public representing their station. You can read about a perfect example of this on Day 13's blog titled “Big Fat Memories.” So I recognize my blessings, and give thanks, but I also know that if I would have lost the weight years ago, I probably would have been much more successful career wise by now. I don't worry or waste a lot of time thinking about that because we've had major success raising these two beautiful and smart daughters, and that's the best most meaningful kind of success.

Tomorrow will round out the holiday weekend and before Amber goes home Irene has mentioned maybe going out to dinner. And if everyone takes a vote, I bet I know what restaurant they'll choose. The China King Buffet. I'll visit and enjoy everyone, but I may not eat there. I have no use for any buffet, especially this buffet. You know why? Because the buffet at China King is also an all you can eat Blue Bell Ice Cream buffet. That's right, they have giant five gallon buckets of Blue Bell in all of the best flavors. No soft serve here. You could pay one low price and eat Blue Bell until you were sick. I've always called it the Ice Cream Buffet place. It's certainly a brilliant idea for a buffet restaurant, but I don't wanna face it. I know I could and would come out victorious, but why put myself through the internal drama? I plan on suggesting a place where we can all order something a little more calorie friendly. My favorite thing to order is a marinated chicken breast smothered in grilled onions and mushrooms. It's the tastiest 350 calories around. And yes 350, it's always extra big chicken breast at one of our favorite places. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow night. I'm off to pick up Courtney, she's been running the OU football broadcast tonight, and doing a great job. Until next time good night and...

Good Choices,

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