Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 67 They Do and The Big Ball Of Potential Embarrassment

Day 67

They Do and The Big Ball Of Potential Embarrassment

Today was interesting. In the early evening I got snack happy. I had some chips and salsa and an egg nog ice cream sandwich, leaving me only 430 calories for dinner. That's OK, but I usually like to save some snack calories for a little while after dinner. I don't know what got into me, I just felt the urge to snack, and I did. As long as I'm at or under 1500 I don't really care. But it did make for a lean dinner. I really have to be extra careful with my calorie budgeting tomorrow because I have a wedding to attend. The morning guy down the hall at KPNC, Ryan Diamond, is getting married. They're having a Chicago Cubs themed wedding. At the reception tomorrow evening “vendors” will be passing out hotdogs, nachos, and peanuts. And of course wedding cake! Wedding cake is really special. Is it just me or does it taste so much better than any other cake you've ever had? Is there a special “wedding cake” recipe? And if so, then why don't people just use that recipe every time. I'll have a little piece, I mean really, I don't want to be rude! If I blow through my calories early that reception will be difficult. But I will be fine because I'm planning my strategy for the day now. That's a wonderful benefit of this blog, it forces me to think about tomorrow. In the past, I didn't face this computer every night, I didn't think ahead and plan my calorie and exercise strategy. I do now and it makes a big difference!

The Monday after Thanksgiving I plan on requesting a tutorial from one of the trainers at the Y on the weight machines. I really want to understand how to properly use the equipment. I'm not really concerned right now about building muscle, I just want to lose fat! I'll get to the muscle building phase of this plan later down the road. Some of those machines look really complicated, but I'm sure they're not with some simple instructions. I don't like it that some of them face a large wall mirror, but hey, I guess that's alright. I don't mind looking in the mirror as much as I did 67 days ago. I can see and feel results and that's a wonderful feeling! The music is really good in there too. They take normal songs and set them to a really fast rhythmic beat. I swear they can make any song a workout song with that hyper beat underneath! One workout tool they have that I will probably steer clear of for a while is the big ball. It's just a big ball. I think you balance your back on it and do different exercises. For me, it looks like a really embarrassing moment waiting to happen. If I get on the ball and then roll off into the floor, someone might get hurt from laughing too hard while running on the treadmill. I generally try to avoid potentially embarrassing situations. I always have. Sometimes we can't avoid it. Have you ever fallen in public? Embarrassing for anyone, now add 300 pounds, and it turns embarrassingly funny and potentially life threatening! I've only done it a few times and every time I've popped back up with cat like reflexes. I popped back up on my feet so fast one time I thought Irene was going to laugh herself into a heart attack. Me falling wasn't the funny part, the part where I sprang up quickly to minimize embarrassment, that was the knee slapper. And oh boy, walking on ice! Now that's a tough one. At 6'3 and really big, my center of gravity is taller than some adults. And of course the heavier you are the easier it is to slide. How did I veer off on this topic? Oh yeah, the exercise ball, right. I wonder if they have one with a handle that you can sit on? Ride it like one of those toys that I can't remember the name of. You know what I mean, you sit down and bounce. That's good exercise!

Speaking of good exercise, someday I want to get into the adult dodge ball league. They have one at the YMCA. I was always the worst dodge ball player. My lethal combination of size and slowness made me the first to be “out” in countless dodge ball games from my youth. But when I get all the weight off, I think I could be a contender, ya know? I'll dodge the balls for exercise. Can't wait. I also want to play softball. I've talked about this list before, it's really long! And I keep adding more and more stuff I could never do as a 505 pound man. It's all added motivation!
I have to help Courtney memorize 132 Spanish words and the English translation of every single one for a big test she's taking tomorrow so I better sign off. Take care, gracias for reading, good night and...

Bueno Choices,


  1. Hippity-hop. The ball with a handle that you sit on and bounce is called a hippity-hop. In case you haven't already gotten fifty billion comments and/or emails telling you that. ;) They make adult versions, too. I swore that someday I would get one once I lost the weight. Hmmm... I may need to do some Googling and shopping soon. Thanks for bringing back a lot of happy childhood memories!

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean about falling in public. I've done it before. So embarrassing. You are right. I jump up like I weigh 10 pounds. I guess it is an adrenalin rush to avoid embarrassment. Almost 200 pounds ago I dreaded the winter because of snow and ice. I'm definitely going to have an easier winter this year.


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