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Day 62 The 5K Plan and A Suggestion From "The Man"

Day 62

The 5K Plan and A Suggestion From “The Man”

I was planning on doing a YMCA sponsored 5K walk/run next Saturday, but as it turns out, I'm scheduled to do a broadcast that morning. Does that sound a little ambitious? Probably. But you don't have to run at all. You can walk the entire way. I'm pretty sure I would walk the entire way. I plan on doing my own 5k tomorrow. That's right, a 5k. Bring it on! It sounds much further than 3.1 miles, but that's all it is. I've made it two miles before, surely I can make it another 1.1 miles! It'll be fun, of course I will not get a t-shirt and an official time, but still, it's a 5k. Anybody want to do it with me? If you live close enough to me and you want to do it with me tomorrow, just send me a message, I'll contact you and we'll coordinate the time. This could be fun! If it goes well maybe we'll make it a weekly event! I'm excited. I'll certainly report on the event tomorrow night in this blog.

I ran into one of my sister and brother in laws this evening. I haven't seen them since I started this journey, and it was great, they immediately noticed the weight loss. That's cool. It feels really good when people notice the difference. It fuels my desire to keep it up! I feel like I've really made a breakthrough in the last few days. Day 60 was exactly what I needed to remind me that I wasn't invincible. And so I continue on with a lesson learned and a little stronger defense against “bad days.” I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks and months. The holidays are right around the corner, and I'm looking forward to them too. I have my plan ready to go for Thanksgiving! If you remember from previous blogs, I plan to add 1,000 calories on both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is enough to enjoy some pie and whipped cream and gravy over the stuffing and potatoes. And perhaps we'll do a 5k on Thanksgiving too. We'll be in Stillwater, so all we have to do is walk completely around Boomer Lake once. That's a 5K right there. Amber. KL, Courtney, Irene, are you all game? Anyone else in Stillwater on Thanksgiving is more than welcome to join us! Gee, uh maybe I should see how tomorrows 5k attempt goes before I commit to the Anderson Family Turkey Day 5k. Oh, I'm sure I'll be fine.

I still have nearly 250 calories left for the day. I need to hurry up and use 'em or lose 'em. I don't like to eat so close to bedtime. But 250 shouldn't be so bad. A full meal? NO. A snack like a cheesy tortilla wrap, or some kettle corn, no problem. Speaking of food choices, a good friend of mine suggested that I list everything I eat everyday at the bottom of each blog. I've never kept a food diary, and I really don't want to start. I just keep a running total in my head. My friend said that if I did that, then the next day he could just duplicate what I had the day before. I appreciated the suggestion, and if you knew who it came from, you might tell me to do it because he suggested it, but I must respectively decline. What I'm doing is all about choices. If you just duplicated what I had everyday, then you wouldn't be learning how to deal with your lifestyle, and the foods and choices that surround you in everyday life. I feel a little bad, because his suggestion came with a compliment on the blog, and the suggestion that this addition could really make the blog explode in popularity, and help it's chances of becoming a book someday. I really was tickled that he felt it could be that good. But again, the fundamentals of this plan is exercising and making good choices about portions and food selection in everyday life situations. You wouldn't want to duck out of a dinner party to pick up a few tacos from Taco Bell, just because I had that for dinner. What's funny about me talking about this here is, I'll be able to tell if my friend has read it or not on Monday. He'll tell me about it if he has. Hopefully I'll still be employed come Monday night! ;)

I will tell you what I had today. I got up late today and decided to combine breakfast and lunch. I had two party tacos and a party bean burrito From Taco Bueno for 530 calories. Courtney had lunch at Dylans, so Irene and I enjoyed lunch for two for only five bucks! That's another plus of cutting down, you save money! I could not have prepared this lunch at home for less. And from Taco Bueno you can add as much salsa, jalapeños, and onions you want at no extra charge! I got busy and didn't have an afternoon snack. I usually do, but I wasn't hungry at all, probably because I consumed a bunch of water this afternoon. For dinner Irene and Courtney were having a mommy/daughter dinner out so I had a frozen chicken noodle dish with peas and carrots in a creamy sauce with green beans and I boiled two half ears of corn. Wow, I just realized I had four vegetables at dinner! What in the world! That must be a personal record! The dinner was 480 calories, I also made the rare exception to my “no pop” rule. We were out of diet soft drinks and water flavorings when I got home, the girls were planning on a Wal-Mart trip to replenish our supply, but having consumed plain water all afternoon, I decided to have a small serving of regular Pepsi. Before I let it touch my lips, I got out the measuring cup and measured an exact 8 ounce serving for 100 calories. So not worth it! But I wanted something besides water! After all that my total was 1110. Leaving me with 390 calories. I then took a few bites of Courtney's left over grilled chicken sandwich. I calculated that to be about 140 and that leaves me with 250. I'm going to go pop some kettle corn, pour me some newly purchased Sugar Free Red Diamond Tea, sweetened with Splenda, and play some Texas Hold 'Em poker on Full Tilt. Have you tried the Red Diamond Tea sweetened with Splenda? It's amazing! It taste so good, it'll make you feel guilty! But don't fret, it's zero calories! Another thing we love to drink is the Great Value Cranberry/Apple flavor water packets, we have some of those too now!

Take care and thank you for reading. Remember, if you live close enough to us, and you want to get together for the unofficial 5k I plan on doing tomorrow, send me a message and we'll decide when to meet. I just realized that today is the 15th, the official two month anniversary of this journey! Very cool. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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