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Day 171 Seven More Record Setting Pounds and Stopping An Emotionally Triggered Craving

Day 171

Seven More Record Setting Pounds and Stopping An Emotionally Triggered Craving

After the record setting weigh day two weeks ago, I have to admit I was ready for another big one today. It was good, just not as much as last time, and that's OK! When I arrived at the Payne County Health Department for the official weigh in, a nice lady at the front desk said “hey, Sean Anderson!” Turns out, she lives in Ponca City, works there in Stillwater, and she's a “Lose To Win” participant! Very cool indeed. I weighed in Monday for the “Lose To Win” competition, and was down 5 pounds, bringing my total lost at that point to 124. Today I had lost 2 more pounds, for a total of 7 pounds for this two week period. I weighed 379 today! I'm thrilled with the progress! I've lost 126 pounds in 171 days! It just keeps getting better and better. And since I've surpassed the 115 lost mark, you know that every pound is a new personal weight loss record. That's right! I'm setting a record with every single pound I lose. I honestly don't know if I ever imagined feeling this good. What will it be like 149 pounds from now at 230? I can't wait to find out. Weigh day always has the potential to be frustrating. I've been doing basically the same routine as the last two week period, but instead of 13 like last time, or even 10, I lost only 7 pounds. It's OK. Why? Because I know that our weight can be tricky. Perhaps I had a little more water retention going on, maybe I needed to use the restroom, uh, you know what I'm talking about. Maybe last time was 7 or 8 pounds of fat and the rest fluids, and this time was just 7 pounds of solid fat. Who knows. It doesn't matter anyway. The weight is coming off at a very nice pace. I'm completely prepared for when it slows down. Especially later, when I start adding lean muscle with weight training. The bottom line is this: I've changed my habits and my lifestyle. I'm doing it physically and mentally everyday. We can't stop time, it keeps moving regardless of what we do. So I can't help but get to where I'm going on this journey with good graces and time. I just have to keep on learning and doing what I've been doing and I need to be patient! Every night when I lay down for rest, I do it knowing that I've done extremely well that day. This is imperative to my success. When I lay down for the night, I have no regrets from that days performance, and that lets me know I'm on the right track. So whatever the scales say, let 'em say it, because God willing, nothing will keep me from reaching the goals I have in plain sight. And a weigh day with great results, that's still a little short from what I wanted and expected, is fine. This is when I have to tell myself to “get over it already, geez.” There are people like me 171 days ago who would love to be where I am right now. I'm extremely blessed, and I'll never forget that!

If you think that I never have a weak moment, you would be highly mistaken! After I weighed in today, I headed straight for McDonalds! I was after a low fat vanilla ice cream cone for 150 calories. That's it. A fine choice indeed. As I waited for my turn at the menu, I was sitting there analyzing and basically driving myself nuts trying to figure out why the number lost this time wasn't at least 10. I wanted 10, and didn't get what I wanted! So I was a tad bit irritable. Then I noticed the most beautiful picture of a Filet-O-Fish Sandwich. Just in case I haven't shared this about myself, and I can't imagine that, but just in case you didn't know, I LOVE McDonalds Filet-O-Fish. It might not be the biggest fish sandwich in the world and certainly not the fanciest, but it's hands down my favorite. It's the bun that makes this sandwich so good. It's different from any other bun they use at McDonalds...and it's steamed soft. The soft, warm, moist bun, coupled with the tarter sauce and a not too crispy filet, oh, and the cheese, make for a flavor combination unmatched by any other fish sandwich in the world. It's funny, but when I enjoy a fish sandwich anywhere else, I never have cheese on it, but somehow at McDonalds, it just wouldn't taste the same without that small piece of cheese. When it was finally my turn to order I stuck with the plan “one ice cream cone please.” Until the cashier asked “Would you like a delicious Filet-O-Fish sandwich with that?” I'm kidding, she didn't ask that. But she did ask if I wanted anything else and I said “Uh, sure, give me a Filet-O-Fish.” I was fully aware that the extra 380 calories wouldn't break me calorie wise, but it would leave me eating a smaller dinner later, and maybe would lead to me cutting out a snack. Why don't they ask “Do you need anything else?” Instead, “do you “want” anything else,” begged for an honest answer. Lucky for me I had a few cars ahead of me. It gave me time to think about the decision I had just made. This is an important mental exercise. I had to ask myself why I was choosing such a poor calorie value at 3:20 in the afternoon. I had breakfast, lunch, and a snack already, so it wasn't like I was hungry or feeling deprived. I know that I'll have another Filet-O-Fish one of these days, but did I really want to spend 530 calories for the ice cream and the fish during this trip to the Golden Arches? Why would I do that? Because I was being a little frustrated baby about getting down to 379 instead of 376? That's crazy. I didn't need that fish sandwich, and I knew it. Could my calorie budget afford it? Yes, but it wasn't a good “calorie value” for me today. And I'm learning how to not let my emotions influence me into bad choices. So I arrived at the window and told the young girl to take off the fish. “But I already rung it up.” Did she just say that? Yes, yes she did. I calmly replied with a smile “I'm sorry, but I only want the ice cream.” Because you see my friend, I “already rung it up” too, and it didn't make any sense at all. It was a snap decision influenced by slick photo marketing at the menu and my emotions, and mostly my emotions. Mental exercises are so critical to my success, as critical, even more critical than the physical exercises.

I heard from Mark recently. Mark is “that guy” you've read about, or heard me speak of at the kick-off event for “Lose To Win.” He's developed a weight training routine for me and the next time he's there, I will be too, watching, listening, learning, and doing. I took my notebook and pen to the YMCA tonight just in case he was there. It's so incredibly nice of him to help me like this. He strikes me as an extremely busy career and family man, who probably doesn't have a lot of time to do nice things like this for people. I'm so incredibly grateful he's taking the time to help me. Dr. Amy at the Ranch Wellness Center is another person who is helping me. We plan on meeting her next week one evening at the Y, where she'll show Courtney and me, and hopefully Irene if her schedule allows, a technique to get the absolute most out of our cardio workout. With the “Lose To Win” experts assembled by the hospital, including Registered Dietitian Sandy Gifford, Fitness and Life Coach Melissa Walden, and many others I'll hear from with everyone else participating throughout the “Lose To Win” Seminars, plus Mark and Dr. Amy in my corner, I feel like I can't go wrong! I've heard that one of the important secrets to success is to surround yourself with great people. I'm surrounded my friend. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. Congratulations on seeing and feeling the results of your efforts! Losing seven pounds in two weeks sounds wonderful yet scary to me, Sean. It sounds wonderful because we all want the weight to drop quickly--and seven pounds is a lot to lose in two weeks! But it sounds scary as well because seven pounds is a LOT of weight to lose in two weeks! Remember the moral of the tortoise and the hare fable--slow and steady wins the race. Too much weight lost too fast may defeat your goal of becoming healthier. So be careful, my friend. You're on the right track, but don't make yourself sick while trying to speed up the process of making yourself well. I hope this makes sense.


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