Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 197 A Legit Excuse and Keeping The Wood Burning Stove Red Hot

Day 197

A Legit Excuse and Keeping The Wood Burning Stove Red Hot

I've really had to constantly remind myself that it's OK to be sick. I've been in such a “no excuses” mode for so long now, that even a legitimate excuse makes me doubt my commitment. Very rarely do I go two days in a row without working out, I think the last time may have been early on when I was off work for a week to heal my right leg. I guess it is possible to accept legitimate excuses, after all, with my sneezing, blowing, and dripping, I could get other people sick with the germs I'm spraying around. So, I guess I'm being considerate by staying inside away from the Y and away from the trail. I must awake in the morning feeling much better than today. I have way to much to do, and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be working out tomorrow evening and attending the “Lose To Win” seminar. I don't have time for this being sick stuff. I'm looking forward to weigh day, I really feel that despite my down time of late, I'll have lost more than last weigh day. We'll see on Wednesday.

I've really been concentrating on spreading out my calories more evenly throughout the day, you know, to keep the fire in my “wood burning stove” burning hot. The metabolism is a tricky thing. I use to think that the metabolism was something you were just born with and completely unable to change. I thought that some of us were blessed with a really fast metabolism and some were unfortunately “blessed” with a slow metabolism. While you'll find some truth in that, a slow metabolism doesn't have to remain slow. I've learned that exercise, water consumption, and eating frequently all have the power to act like a “metabolism dial” that you can adjust up several notches. It just so happens that all of my former bad behaviors with food and lack of movement was a perfect recipe for a sluggish metabolism. Oh how much time I wasted being depressed and negative about losing weight because I had a naturally slow metabolism, and all the while my metabolism was yelling “Hey, help me help you!” and “It's called H2O, look it up.” and “If you would eat smaller portions maybe I wouldn't feel so smothered down here.” and “How long has it been since you really exercised...well that's too long.” That's right, my metabolism was a heckler that I refused to acknowledge for many years. Instead I would sit and be jealous of the naturally thin people with super-human metabolisms, looking out the window as they would run by with their workout pants and water bottle. “Crazy over-achievers,” I thought. I now pride myself on slowly becoming one of them. I don't even necessarily have to be an over-achiever, just an achiever, that'd be just fine with me. I'm fitting the description of an “achiever” everyday, one day at a time right?

There were some dramatic before pictures I left out of last night's bonus blog, we'll take some “in progress” pictures that half way resemble those “before” poses, and I'll get them posted at the bottom of a blog in the next few days. I'm headed back to bed now, must rest, must feel better tomorrow! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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