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Day 181 No More Weekend Worries and Everything Becomes Easier, Trust Me!

Day 181

No More Weekend Worries and Everything Becomes Easier, Trust Me!

I remember in the beginning of this journey how much I dreaded weekends. Weekends were a test because they changed the schedule, the routine, from the weekdays. During the week, I would eat breakfast either before or while I worked, then get busy, then have a light lunch, then get busy again, and before you know it, it's early evening and I'd be somewhere between 600 and 800 calories. I'd grab a snack to hold me until dinner, then use the remaining calories for dinner with the family, saving back just enough for a 150 calorie or less snack later before bedtime or while I write the blog. Very structured, very routine. But the weekends, oh the weekends are way different. So much time to manage, and so many different opportunities to eat, I was really intimidated at the thought of weekends. If you go back and read the blog from the first weekend or two, you'll see what I mean. Now that I've gone through six months worth of weekends, it's not so bad. Not at all really. That's the thing, everything gets easier along this journey. I understand now how emotional and stressful triggers set me off on many a binge in the past, so handling that psychological jungle gym is so much easier. I now fully understand how to measure a proper portion, so staying within my calorie allotment is easier. I understand the mental dynamics that made me always focus on the food, rather than my family and friends at events and get togethers, so those things are easier. The exercise starts getting easier from the very first day. I started out waddling less than a quarter mile, now I can power walk a 5K without feeling like I could die any moment. Everything gets easier. I realize the key to getting to those “points of interest” along the way comes down to one word: Consistency. Without day in and day out consistency, without taking just one day at a time, I'd never be as far along the road as I am today. How many times I would start, do great a few days, then bad a couple, then great a day or two, then bad four days in a row, then I would sit around and wonder why the weight wasn't coming off. I was always consistent at being inconsistent. Be consistent, and rewards and results will follow along, and your results and rewards are like springboards of positive energy.

I enjoyed a Mr. Goodbar miniature candy bar today. I invested the 42 calories in the taste that took me back to my childhood. Long before Snicker became my favorite, Mr. Goodbar ruled my candybar obsession as a kid. I always lagged behind the other kids while trick or treating, because I couldn't wait til later to eat 'em. I was back there walking and unwrapping those little things. I had no idea I was popping 42 calorie chocolate and peanut shots like they were handfuls of Cheerios. I must have consumed 2,000 calories worth of candy bars on a regular basis back then. Anyway, I enjoyed the Mr. Goodbar today in a much slower fashion, enjoying the unique peanut flavor only found with a Goodbar.

We have company today, my sister in law is in town and staying, plus of course Amber is home, and she brought her wonderful boyfriend KL (I totally mean that too), and Amber had her friend Alisha over. I decided to fix a meal that I always over did it on. Spaghetti and meatballs! What? You didn't know you could eat such a thing and still lose weight? Oh yes you can! I enjoyed a normal portion, even had a slice of garlic bread, and still got out under 600 calories. The portion the old Sean would have had probably would have checked in at about 1,000 calories, and that would be for the first plate, we're not even talking about seconds here. What's great is, I'm not one bit hungry, not even a little. I was completely satisfied with a normal portion. Choices, it's all about choices, and being completely honest about those choices. It was a wonderful meal with friends and family all gathered around the table.

My workout at the YMCA was very satisfying too. I hit a “hard two,” that's two miles at 4 mph. At that pace, I immediately start working from the very start. When I'm done, I know I've had a workout. My cardiovascular health has had no choice but to improve with my daily workouts. It's so nice to walk on those treadmills and actually be well under the weight limits posted on each.

I got a call from a friend today that is experiencing major success. He's doing this too now, and already he's dropped 20 pounds. He just called to tell me about his triumphant weigh-in. What a wonderful thing! This guy totally “gets it” too. He understands about the psychological hang ups that can make the most rigorous efforts temporary. He understands what it takes to go all the way and maintain. He knows all about what I speak of in this blog. He feels it, he understands it, and now he's doing it. Like me, he's on his way to a healthier life free from the prison like existence of morbid obesity. I'm so happy for him. When he called we both shared stories of how we handled what could have been a high calorie sandwich yesterday. We both did the same thing, without even knowing we were doing it. That's the rhythm of good choices my friend.

Tonight I'm headed out to enjoy a concert and a Saturday night of fun with friends. That's why this blog is posted so early. I'll let you know how I navigate any “party foods” tonight. I doubt I'll have any trouble. I'm in the “steel curtain” zone, you know what I'm talking about! Since it's still daylight, I guess I'll end tonights blog with...Good evening and...

Good Choices,

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