Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 178 Maintaining Class And Dignity and Fighting The Urge To Stop Short

Day 178

Maintaining Class And Dignity and Defeating The Urge To Stop Short

As personal as yesterday's blog was, some might think there's nothing I hold back on these pages. But they'd be wrong. I haven't and will never discuss all the benefits of losing weight. I wouldn't feel comfortable writing and sharing some of the more personal benefits being smaller has allowed. Some of these wonderful 'side effects' need to be discovered personally by each individual on this kind of journey. I will say this, when I said yesterday that my marriage has never been better, I meant in every way, Enough said. There's also the curiosity factor that I don't feel the need to satisfy. In response to an anonymous comment/question left by some yahoo from who knows where in the world: If you're sincerely curious, I understand that, but you need to understand that I maintain a certain level of class and dignity on this blog. It wouldn't be appropriate to reveal “just how does a 500 pound person go to the bathroom?” If you're not that big, then you don't have to worry about it, and if you are, then you've obviously figured it out. What kind of sicko question is that anyway? I'm all about humor, and the benefits of laughter in our daily lives, but I guarantee you will not find it here on a crude level at the expense of my dignity. Come on man, details like that serve zero purpose on this blog. Why am I even talking to this anonymous reader? That reader doesn't deserve the energy it takes to press these keys. I let things people say bother me too much sometimes. It was probably from the same guy who asked if I was “gonna sit there all day and eat those...” remember the inappropriate talker guy at Wal-Mart? Some people suffer from a complete lack of decency and social skills, poor souls. I just realized today that I have the power to delete inappropriate comments, and I did delete this one. I'm proud to say it was the first time I've had to do that.

I'm extremely excited about presenting a full length program tomorrow night at the Hutchins Memorial Auditorium. Even if you're not a “Lose To Win” participant, come on in and have a seat! It's free and it starts at 6:30pm. The Hutchins Auditorium is located at 5th and Overbrook in Ponca City, Oklahoma. If you're reading this within driving distance, come on down, or up, or over, or out here. My “theme” if you will, focuses on “secrets and tricks that are neither secret or tricky, but have helped me stay on track for a solid six months.” I'll also talk about common misconceptions and hang-ups people have about the weight loss process. If you just absolutely can't fly in for it, then I should have the video segments posted in a week or so, maybe sooner. But if you're close enough, it would be awesome to see you in person! Can I count on your attendance?

Our workout at the Y tonight was an awesome one. I spent half the “hard two miles” at 4.0 mph and half at 3.8 mph on the treadmill. I somehow allowed myself to be distracted, perhaps by the TV's, I don't know, more than likely my thoughts. Whatever the reason, I was feeling the urge to stop at 1.5 miles. There was absolutely not one shred of a good enough reason to cut it short. I just wasn't into it for some reason. These feelings and days happen. It's normal I guess. But the worst thing I could've done was stop, and I knew that. So I kept on going. I wasn't going to let outside stress or anxiety of any kind creep into my workout and stop me short of my plan. I usually get so into it that I sometimes forget I'm exercising. You've read about me closing my eyes and lip syncing to my favorite songs. I know how to get into another world on that treadmill, a world where anything is possible, and the familiar stress of the day does not exist. But for some reason I temporarily lost the directions to that place tonight. Oh, I was fine, I made it to my planned destination, but it certainly proves that no matter what level of zone you're in, you can still be influenced by stress and distractions. The particular zone you're in will determine how you handle it. I powered through it, because I demand it of me, I have to. Because if I give in even a little, then in no time the gravitational pull from the line of least resistance will claim me. We've talked about that line before, it's nowhere you want to be on a journey like this my friend.

Sometimes replacing time consuming counter-productive habits with good, positive, and productive habits just happens naturally along this journey. I use to play in micro-stakes online poker tournaments all the time. I once spent ten cents to enter a tournament where I played Texas Hold-em for nearly six hours, finally placing high enough to win a whopping dollar forty-seven. I use to play upwards of 15 to 20 online tournaments a week. And TV? Please, I spent hours and hours watching everything and anything that could grab my attention. I haven't played an online poker tournament for months and I watch on average maybe 15 minutes of TV a day, if that, usually from bed right before I go to sleep for the night. And guess what? I don't even miss it. I really don't. This journey is way more entertaining and stimulating than any card game or TV show. I missed the Oscars this year! The Oscars!!! If you know the Anderson family even a tiny bit, you know the Oscars are normally treated like the Super Bowl. We have a party with snacks and ballots. We compete for our own “trophy” and title, and have for years since I was a little kid. This year had to be the first time I ever remember missing an Oscar telecast. I did find the highlights on YouTube. That was good enough for me. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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