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Day 185 The Completely Ridiculous Spoiled Child-Like Weigh Day Reaction

Day 185

The Completely Ridiculous Spoiled Child-Like Weigh Day Reaction

Weigh day can be fun. Like when I crossed under 400. If you had witnessed that moment you would have thought I just won the Super Bowl. A couple of weigh days ago when I pounded out 13 pounds, and in doing so set a new personal weight loss record of 119 pounds, that was a big celebratory weigh-in complete with whooping and hollering and generally acting a fool. Today wasn’t like that. First of all, I’ve finally convinced myself that I don’t necessarily have to weigh at The Payne County Health Department. I didn’t have a choice at 505 pounds, but now that I’m well under 400 I have scale choices for the first time in my adult life. Irene helped me decide to save the trip to Stillwater, since we were there Tuesday evening, and weigh here in Ponca City today. I started out by weighing at the doctors office, then I weighed on two different scales at the Ponca City Medical Center “Lose To Win” Headquarters. All three scales agreed that I weighed 374. I wanted more, I mean less, you know what I mean. I didn’t want to take 374 as an answer. 5 pounds? What?? Are you serious? I’m a stickler on my calorie allotment. When the daily calorie withdrawal is spent, it’s spent. I’m exercising everyday. I’m making all the right moves and this is how I’m rewarded? I acted fine in front of Cathy Cole, the director of the “Lose To Win” program. But I was throwing a big baby fit inside. The first thing I do after weighing is send out a mass weigh day text update. I didn’t do that today, and I apologize for the delay. I did send it out at around 5:30pm Central Daylight Savings Time, but that was about three hours after the weigh-in. I was acting like all was cool on the outside, but I was pouting like a spoiled little baby on the inside. I was very disappointed in the way I reacted. And that’s just plum crazy. 5 pounds is just fine!!! It’s great really!!!! I mean it!!!!! Would I use that many exclamation points if I didn’t mean it? I’m smart enough to know that a number of factors can go into our weight at any particular time. Added water weight and muscle are a couple of things that come to mind. I realize that our weight can fluctuate by three to four pounds based on a number of variables at any given time, so why did I react like a spoiled six year old? I was just use to losing more. Until now the lowest two week total had been 7 pounds. I also understand that as I lose more and more, it will come off slower. Tonight, Mark assured me that the hardest would be from about 245 to 230. The last 10 to 15 pounds could be a real challenge, but I will get there. So again, why did I only lose 5 pounds this two-week period? Who knows and who cares! It certainly doesn’t change my commitment or long-term desires. I didn’t react the way the “Old Sean” might have. I didn’t turn to food and say “the heck with it.” That really would have been stupid. I’m honestly ashamed of how I reacted today. I personally know of a couple people who are on a very frustrating plateau as I write this, and I had the audacity to act like this over a 5-pound LOSS? That’s completely unacceptable and I refuse this kind of behavior from me in the future. OK, I think I’m done scolding myself. I’m going to keep on keeping on!

I met Mark at the YMCA tonight for round two of my introduction to weight training. By the way, I do have triceps in my right arm after all. I’ve been feeling the soreness from our Monday arms/shoulders upper body session, all day long. Tonight was the back/chest portion of the program. I had a great time. I felt a burn tonight that made me say out-loud “Oh yeah, that’s nice.” It felt so good to wake up some of these muscles. I know that I’ll be sore for the next day or two, but it’ll be a good kind of sore! Friday night will be dedicated to lower body weight training. I’ve probably thanked Mark twenty-five times for taking the time to help me out with my routine. It’s just so very important to me to not just lose the weight. I don’t want to look like a guy that use to be fat. I want definition, I want shape, I want the kind of body I’ve always wanted, but thought was impossible. I want it, and I’m going to have it, because I’ve decided I will. Will it take hard work? Of course, will it be worth it? You know the answer to that silly question.

After weight training at the Y, I hit the trail for a “hard” two miles like no other. I fluctuated my walking intensity from normal, to speed walking, to flat out jogging. Yes, jogging! And yes, I could do it! Not for a very long stretch, maybe a tenth of a mile, but I was runnnnninnngggg! That’s progress my friend. It was very natural. At first I felt like I couldn’t remember how to jog. Then I made myself pick it up. It’s easy when you’re out there on the trail alone in the dark. I just imagined that a hungry pride of lions were hot on my trail, and that’s all I needed to start “jogging for my life.” If hungry lions were really pursuing me, they would have caught me pretty quick I’m sure, but for a second or two, I felt like I could outrun a cheetah. Oh the fun little mental games, they’re great.

I’ve lost another record setting 5 pounds and it’ll just keep getting better from here! Remember, every pound I lose is another personal weight loss record. 131 pounds lost in 185 Days, how could I ever complain about that? It’s awesome my friend. I feel like a brand new man. Thanks for reading, good night and…

Good Choices,


  1. Hi Sean...I have been following your blog since starting the LOSE TO WIN weight loss challenge...and you have really inspired me... I am wanting to lose around 20 pounds..more if I can...I had an on the job injury in 2003 and since I have gained 25 pounds. Not being able to exercise, due to ruptured discs in my lower back. I have lost 10 pounds so far...but only 3 since starting the challenge. But...I am beginning to see me, my clothes...and my eating habits! YEAH! I get lazy and don't want to exercise...and then I come to your blog...and I'm walking on my tredmill you really inspire me to do the right thing...and EXERCISE...LoL I am proud of your 5 pound weight loss...hang in there which I know you will do...cause there is no turning back for you. You are set to go...and you will reach your goal of 230 pounds...or whatever feels and looks good! Have a spectacular GOD filled day!

  2. I feel your frustration, Sean! My own progress with losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle is s-l-o-w...much slower than I had hoped for. I would be thrilled with a 5-pound weight loss in two weeks, but have had to settle for a loss of only one or two pounds, in spite of faithfully counting calories. You are getting much more exercise than I am, though, and that may be why my efforts aren't being rewarded as much as yours are. This is a tough transition to make, and the fact that you are persevering and succeeding really points to how dedicated and determined you are. You have my utmost admiration.


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