Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 172 Burning Through Another Belt and Making A Good Choice at An Unlikely Place

Day 172

Burning Through Another Belt and Making A Good Choice at An Unlikely Place

When you're being consistent with your lower calories and exercise every single day, the results come rolling in an unstoppable wave of triumph! Almost everyday I see and feel progress. On Valentines Day, one of the very thoughtful gifts Irene gave me was a new belt. This belt is special to me for a few important reasons. First of all, it was a gift from my lovely wife. Second, it was purchased at a regular store a mile from my house, instead of a Big and Tall Emporium nearly 100 miles away. And third, it fit! It only fit on the first notch, but hey! That's cool! It fit!!! Over the course of the last few weeks, I've had to adjust down a notch every now and then. Today I noticed that in order to keep these now over-sized Levi's from falling to the floor, or at least keep me from pulling them up every couple of minutes, I had to use the fourth notch. The belt only has five holes! I'm on the fourth hole! You might be thinking, “Sean really needs help for his excessive Exclamation Point habit!!!!” But I can't help but to exclaim my friend! Soon, I'll have to get a new belt, hey, our 20th anniversary is April 16th, maybe I'll get a new belt then! I think I may need that gift early. Want more results talk? Ok, check this out: Remember me telling you that I bought a pair of size 48 waist jeans while in Oklahoma City a couple of Saturdays ago? I knew they probably wouldn't fit just yet, and I was right. Almost, but I just couldn't bring the button hole and the button together. I needed an inch or two. I tried to put them on as soon as I got home that day, but after turning every shade of red, sweating, and breathing hard, basically getting a bonus workout, I quickly realized it would have to wait a few weeks to happen. Well, just the other day I put them on, and pardon me if I've already shared this story, I can't remember if I have or not. But I did it! What all of my strength while laying flat on the bed couldn't accomplish on February 21st, I accomplished just the other day. The button hole and button embraced each other in the most reluctant way. They were extremely tight, looking like they couldn't stand being together for very long. I quickly realized that there's a difference in fitting and really fitting. I fit in those 48's, but until I can wear them comfortably, without suffering internal injuries, they'll remain in time out, waiting for the moment that button hole and hole can stay together in peace and comfortable harmony. Give me two weeks.

Cathy Cole with the “Lose To Win” program at Ponca City Medical Center called today and asked me to briefly speak after Melissa Walden's presentation at the next “Lose To Win” free seminar at the Hutchins on Tuesday the 10th. She then asked if I could do a full length presentation at the event on Thursday the 12th inside the Hutchins Memorial Auditorium. Is it impolite to say yes before the person finishes their...? Yes! I'll do it. I'm looking forward to sharing more of my story and “secrets” and “tricks” that are neither secret or tricky, but have helped me stay on track so faithfully for the last 172 days. I hope you'll be there for both wonderful nights. If you're reading this blog from hundreds or maybe thousands of miles away, then I'll be sure to have the video from my full length presentation processed, edited into 10 minute segments, uploaded, and posted in a “Bonus Video Blog” within a week or so after the event.

Tonight I enjoyed dinner from a place that I have made a point to avoid at all cost over the last six months. That may sound strange coming from me, “Mr. I can handle any restaurant you throw my way,” But when a restaurant has little to zero good choices, I have no choice but to pass. Until recently, Long John Silvers was on my short list of restaurants to avoid no matter what. But with the addition of their “Freshside Grill” items, they've earned back my occasional business. Before, when I apparently couldn't care less, let me re-phrase that...Before, when I really cared, but was hopelessly and completely out of control, I could easily tear through a couple of thousand calories at LJS in one meal. 172 Days ago, I decided that their menu no longer had anything to offer me that I could honestly consider a “good calorie value.” Well, tonight I enjoyed the grilled tilapia with seasoned rice and a corn on the cob instead of the steamed veggies. Had I stuck with the steamed veggies, the entire meal would have been 350 calories, but choosing the corn made it increase by 65 calories. Still, it was a fantastic flavorful meal, very filling, and under 450 calories! I just go with the smallest size available, the “lunch size” if you will. That's the 350 calorie version, and it cost much less. The “platter” cost about three bucks more and comes with much more rice, like 190 calories more rice, and a big bread stick. I don't have any use for either of those platter extras, so it doesn't make sense to pay for them. Now you listen here Long John Silvers executives, this is the only free advertising you're getting! If you want to make me the “Jared” of LJS, then call my agent, oh wait...I don't have an agent, not yet anyway. ;)

Our workout tonight was outside in this wonderfully warm weather. We opted for the walking trail this evening. It's not much of a challenge to just walk the Hutchins Trail. I really have to concentrate on pushing myself hard when I'm out there. So different from 172 days ago. Back then I had to push myself to just get out of my vehicle, then I would agonize through not even a quarter mile before I thought I would surely die from exhaustion right along side the historic Hutchins Memorial Auditorium. I couldn't have imagined back then that just under six months later, I'd not only be power walking the entire trail with ease, but I'd be inside the same auditorium I once struggled to circle at 505 pounds, delivering a presentation for hundreds that aims to motivate and inspire. What a comeback! I'm so proud and excited. And I mustn't ever forget how fortunate I am to have an opportunity like this. I have many blessings that deserve my most sincere thanks every single day. Thank you for reading my daily blog. Your support makes this journey the sweetest it can be. Good night and...

Good Choices,

This late night “snack” looks more like a perfect lunch or dinner, but at only 140 calories for the sandwich and 100 calories for the soup, why not?

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