Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 262 Victory In My Own Way and Word Power

Day 262

Victory In My Own Way and Word Power

How many calories are in words? My colleague defeated me two games in a row today inside the racquetball court. So I guess I have to eat those words from last night's blog. I honestly thought I could pull out a victory, at least one, but not yet. I moved, I hustled, I gave it a wonderful effort, and still I came up short. I reminded my opponent that soon I'll be able to win one. Just sit back and watch me develop. As each day passes, I transform slowly but surely, and soon I'll be the player I know I can be. Competing in that court is such an amazing workout. If I would have attempted such a workout at 505 pounds, I would not be alive right now. After leaving the Y and my noon time showdown, I talked with my mom a little bit. I felt like I was eight years old again as she consoled me in defeat. She reminded me that I was a winner regardless. And she's right. My victory isn't in the final score of the match, my victory is being able to compete in the first place without emergency medical technicians standing by. My day to win the match is coming, you can count on that. Until then, I'll keep being a winner anyway.

Words may be calorie free, but they can still help keep the pounds on and even cause weight gain. Words are very powerful. The power of suggestion is very real. I've touched on this subject one time before and I thought I would briefly tonight. If you're receiving “negative encouragement,” do not accept it! Negative encouragement is when someone tries to encourage you with harsh negative statements. “You'll never lose the weight,” “you'll always be fat,” “you will never get into those jeans.” These statements are often meant to be words that motivate by firing you up in a “I'll show them” kind of spirit. They don't work. I'm very lucky that I don't have to deal with such negativity, but I know people who do. You have to reject it every time. You can do this. You don't have to just accept being fat. You will get into those jeans. It doesn't matter how much you try to tune out negative encouragement, you're mind can pick it up and cling to it, and then you'll start to believe those negative words. Don't believe them, better, don't hear them in the first place. Using negative reverse psychology is a horrible practice. Accepting it can be extremely detrimental to your success! And if you're the one telling yourself these things, oh my, you must stop! You have to believe in yourself and give your brain positive thoughts of success. I speak from experience. At one point I was convinced I would never lose weight, I would just live as long as I could at 500 plus pounds and die young. I convinced myself that it would be an impossible task. I fed my brain negative words and all I got in return was negative results. I don't do that anymore and if someone tries to tell me something negative about my efforts, I immediately address it and shut it down. I don't have time for negative influences. And my 170 plus pounds lost to date is proof that staying positive is a crucial key to success.

I can't wait to speak again tomorrow night. This time at The Ranch Wellness Centers kick-off for the 2nd Annual Optimal Health Challenge. I'm taking two giant before pictures with me along with my biggest jeans. These visual aids are dramatic illustrations that speak for themselves. I'll be speaking about the getting healthy mindset. I'll talk about where I came from, where I am, how I got to this point, and where I'm headed. I know why I always failed before, I did because I never addressed the mental aspects of this journey, and come to find out they make up at least 75% of the successful process. No wonder I struggled all of those years! But it's so easy to just say “Yep, it's all up here,” as you point to your head. I heard people say that many times and it didn't mean much to me back then. I'll be talking about the mental exercises that put me in the mindset to lose weight on a consistent basis. The great thing about these mental changes, they're not only the key to losing weight, they're the key to keeping it off...or so I hear!

I'm headed to bed. This weekend is going to be very busy and it all starts to get that way tomorrow. I need rest! Thank you for reading and please let me and my readers know how you're doing by clicking the comment link below. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Wow, I bet Marion Ross likes this

  2. I'm so glad you got another speaking engagement. I think they will be more and more frequent as time goes by. yay for you! I'm sure you are motivational when you speak, because you are certainly motivational when you write! Good luck with your busy weekend!

  3. Good luck at your speaking engagement! I know you will do great!

    I started training to run a 5K. I run three times a week and I have surprised myself so much. I never thought I'd be able to do this...

  4. Question: How many calories are in words?
    Answer: Not even close to as many as you burned off playing that game?

    How can you possibly not think of yourself as the winner???????


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