Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 287 Is Something Burning? and Turf N Surf Workout

Day 287

Is Something Burning? and Turf N Surf Workout

If you read Day 286, then you know how my day started. Good news: The stations are back on the air. Everything isn't 100% just yet, but we have a really good engineer, he'll get us there in a very short amount of time! Lightning is incredibly destructive and very strange. It can totally destroy one thing and leave something next to it untouched. It goes with the territory I guess. Anytime you have a 300 foot tower pointing straight up into the Oklahoma sky, you're bound to get some lightning damage sometime. I think the last time we were hit this bad was in April 2004, so really we've been very fortunate.

I marinated some chicken all night long and was so excited about getting the chance to throw it on the grill. We were going to have it for lunch and then head to Stillwater to celebrate my Aunt Kelli's birthday, but with the circumstances surrounding the station, we decided to cancel our little trip and stay close to home. So we decided to grill the chicken for dinner. I fired up the grill and put the sweetest smelling chicken ever on the racks, it was going to be perfect! Then I went inside and did some other things. Too many other things. When I returned, the grill thermometer was reading over 700 degrees and the neighborhood was filling with smoke. I opened the grill and discovered the chicken ablaze and burnt badly. I was a little worried that maybe it didn't get done all the way, you know, burnt on the outside...raw in the middle. A quick check confirmed my suspicions. So I grabbed the pieces and placed them on the higher rack away from the direct heat. They finally were done after a little bit, but still black and crispy. And not the good kind of crispy, this was the bitter, burnt, nasty aftertaste in your mouth kind of ruined. I peeled off the black and then removed the salvageable meat from the bone of every piece. It wasn't how I planned on serving the chicken, but it worked, I guess. I wasn't just going to throw it away!

After dinner we contemplated our workout plans. There wasn't a threat of storms, so we were good. I thought we might complete our weekend 10K and then swim, but we decided on a more time friendly 5K and swimming. At the trail we really pushed it. I even jogged a record distance. I just kept going. I found a pace, concentrated on breathing properly, and did it, maybe a couple hundred yards or more. I can see that eventually I'll be able to run, like really run, without stopping. Just like the people I see out there occasionally. We did lap races at the pool. It was a major workout. Then I concentrated on my swimming technique, adjusting my stroke for maximum efficiency. Irene is off tonight, it was wonderful to have her join us in the water. And she's a real fish! She easily beat me every time, not even close. But I'll get her, maybe. Just maybe someday! It was a wonderful workout and some fun times together.

I have to say, this losing weight thing is incredible. If you're having trouble getting started, I hope you'll go back and read my early days. It certainly wasn't always this easy out there at the trail and I wouldn't even get in a pool at 505 lbs, I mean really. Getting started in a rock solid way can be the biggest hump to overcome. But once you start getting some results for your consistent efforts, it will propel you to such a wonderful place. I can say without a doubt, I haven't felt this good physically since I was 15 years old. My whole world is changing for the better! It is absolutely amazing.

I've put a goatee picture taken tonight below and also a “before” picture just for the sake of comparison. I sincerely appreciate you reading my blog everyday. It's been a wonderful journey so far and it's only the beginning really. Oh yeah, it gets much better from here! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Just finished swimming, pardon the swim hair!

Just for the sake of "Before" and "In-Progress" comparison


  1. I love the goatee. Very cool and whatever else the young people are saying these days (JK)--it does look great. Still can't get over the before and after changes. I also can't believe you ate the burnt chicken--bless ya'lls hearts! Wish we could exercise in the evenings. Its hard because the kids go to bed at 6 pm. I think we need to find a babysitter to come sit while they sleep and we go out to exercise. Good job--as always! You and the girls rock! Blessings--Bonnie

  2. Wow, your "before" pic looks like you were wearing one of those inflatable travel pillows around your neck.

  3. Congrats on being back on air :) Burnt chicken, i don't know whether i would have been able to eat that!

  4. It really suits you! You've come a long way...

  5. Love the goatee!
    The before and after images are so amazing. Are you sure you are that guy;)0? LoL

  6. WOW!!! I love the goatee!!! You wear it really well, Sean! I'm with your hairdresser...I think you ought to let her have her way with your hair! LOL I know you're shrieking right now at the thought, but you can set guidlines...such as NO BUZZ, NO MOHAWK, NO SPIKES, NO MULLET...whatever, LOL! Just let her do what she is trained to do...she knows certain styles for particular shaped faces, and personalities, etc. Just go for it! You've got a new body, the goatee is very go for a new do! It will bring out those beautiful eyes of yours too! Kudo's to your lovely wife for suggesting the goatee in the first place and more kudos to you for giving it a whirl!!! I say go for a whole new total and complete look...what have you got to lose? You can be done with the goatee in the length of time it takes you to shave it off, and your hair will grow out pretty quickly too! GO FOR IT!! My favorite part of todays blog was when you said...."My whole world is changing for the better!" I read this blog and I look at your before and after pics and I have my memories of you from childhood till now and I can see and feel your spirit! I'm very proud of you and all you've accomplished thus far! Keep up the good truly are an inspiration to so many! I love ya, Cuz!

  7. HAAHAH, the first time I used my brother's gas grill, I sooooooo did the exact same thing with some jerk chicken leg quarters!! ended up peeling a bit of the burnt skin off and then dousing them in bbq sauce!

    thanks for your prayers! I'll keep everyone posted.


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