Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 279 Calorie Budget Integrity and Jumping Rope

Day 279

Calorie Budget Integrity and Jumping Rope

We've had company for the past couple of days. Amber's boyfriend KL, and KL's parents came up for Friday and Saturday. It was a wonderful visit, but too short! They're good people. It gave me an opportunity to cook for them, and I love cooking for people! I just really enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and on the grill. This morning I made most everyone breakfast and this afternoon I loaded up the grill with chicken. The chicken dinner was fantastic! I grill it slow and juicy, then I made a glaze out of steak sauce, mustard, and sweet and sour sauce, a teaspoon of each total, to brush a thin glaze on every piece. It was very tasty and low cal! When I first met KL's parents last year I weighed over 500 pounds, so they are completely blown away by my weight loss. I love getting reactions of “wow.” It feels so good to blow peoples minds with this dramatic transformation. I really love it when the person blown away is someone struggling with obesity. As I explain what I've experienced and learned along the way, it's cool to see their eyes light up with, wow, I could do this too. I always start by explaining where I was. I don't just say, “uh yeah, I was 505 pounds.” I explain where I was for so long emotionally and physically. How I always struggled and why I was never able to really do it before. In hearing my story, they end up seeing themselves, then to see me now, it just really makes it all seem possible. My hope is that it gives them inspiration. However, I've learned that no amount of inspiration can do it for someone. It really must come from within each individual. You can break it down in the simplest of terms, plus lead with the absolute best example, and if they're not able or willing to get in, get honest, get moving and stay in the right mindset, then they'll struggle like I did for so long. It is a rock solid commitment to change, but it's so worth every bit of effort.

The honesty part of this journey is so crucial. Without being completely honest with ourselves and others, we're simply wasting our time. I can remember past weight loss attempts where I would lie about how many calories I had remaining for the day, just so I could eat more later in front of everyone without them thinking I was going over. I knew I was going over, but I didn't want them to know. The problem is simple: It shows up on weigh day. And it gradually gets worse. I would continue doing it so regularly that eventually I stopped weighing in all together, refusing to see the damage I'd done. The gradual breakdown of so many of my past weight loss attempts always started with “fudging” on my calories. Being completely honest about my caloric intake everyday has been a crucial part of my success thus far. I noticed a loved one doing this very thing recently. I knew they had consumed more than what they were saying, but I didn't call them on it, I'll wait until weigh day. When the results are not what they wanted and not even close, we'll sit down and have a very serious and private conversation about the importance of calorie budget integrity. It's vital, because often times that kind of behavior is the beginning of the end of a weight loss attempt, OK, not “often times,” every time. And I care way to much about this person to allow it to go completely unchecked and ignored.

We purchased a new workout tool that I believe will make a significant difference in our daily workouts. It only cost seven bucks too. It's a Gold's Gym jump rope. I haven't jumped rope since I was in grade school, but I did tonight. I only completed five sets of ten jumps, but like anything else, that will increase rapidly with consistent effort. It's an amazing cardio exercise. Some experts I've found online compare the calories burned jumping rope to that of running. I do recommend making sure your pants are securely fastened before you start jumping. I almost completely lost mine twice tonight...and once while the camera was rolling for another “On The Go” Video posted below. I need to do more of those, they're fun! I'm wearing a shirt tonight that I wore at my top weight, it's always been one of my favorites, so it's hard to let it go. You don't see the full impact of my transformation when I wear big and baggy clothes. I'm still working on getting more and I've been lucky enough to have friends give me some of their old clothes that are too big now that they too have been losing. It's been a real blessing!

We hit the trail tonight in this extreme humidity, it makes it so hard to breathe! Our plan was a power walking 5K, but we shortened it to a “Hard Two,” when I started developing sore spots on my heels. I failed to put on socks before leaving, my fault. I need new socks (that's not a fathers day gift hint or anything—family---Uh, big and tall socks) I thought I could just tie the shoes real tight and I wouldn't have a problem, but at a mile and three quarters it started rubbing real good. Jump rope and a hard two, not the best workout performance so far, but it was a workout.

Thank you so much for reading and following my progress. Day 280, fathers day, is only hours away! Actually it's already officially fathers day, but I don't count it until I wake up for the day, then...Let the pampering begin! There will be pampering, right? Have a fantastic Sunday! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Courtney is shooting for 350 jumps per day. I did 50 tonight and will gradually increase everyday.


  1. Low fat chicken... with a glaze? Who ever heard of such a thing? Great job on another successful day!

  2. LOL @ make sure your pants are securely fastened! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Hi, I saw your wonderful comment on Tony Posnanski's blog and knew I had to follow you here... because I really applaud what you wrote in your comment and what you've done so far. I'm so happy that I did, because you've just highlighted some past behavior of mine in this post.

    I don't count calories, but I avoid certain foods and I also in the past used to start fudging my food intake. Not so much to my readers, since I don't write down my daily food, but to myself and the people around me. It would start off slowly, but eventually I'd be eating badly every day.

    It's taken a very long time to overcome that kind of behavior, and I still slip up, but only rarely now. Today we had a big family lunch and yes, I ate too much and I ate some stuff that I don't usually eat, but it was ONE meal. And that is that. I'm already back on track!

    I've learned so much from Tony in the last few months and I'm sure I'll learn a lot from you as well.

    Funny about the jump rope, I was thinking about that about 10 days ago, but concluded that at 300 pounds I was still probably too heavy and might damage my knees and (already weak) ankles. But I won't know until I try, so I think I may as well look for one...

  4. Courtney AndersonJune 21, 2009 at 3:16 PM

    HAPPY FATHERS DAY! :) I love you daddy! Awesome blog, I remember a lot of times when I would lie about how many calories I had left just so I could eat more too. It's even happened along these past few months. I don't do it anymore because I know how it affects me, makes me depressed come weigh day. I realized it's not hurting anyone else but me. So why did I do it? I can control myself now! :) The jump rope was really fun. I am sure feelin' it today, and I'm sure you are too. I'm excited to see what our new exercise tool changes on weigh day. I bet it'll be dramatic! And yes dad, you will be pampered. I just got done taking out the trash for you, and washed the dishes! Your only the greatest dad ever. Thank you for your everyday help and support, your lively spirit really keeps me going. love nay

  5. First off, the important thing - Happy Father's day!

    Honesty is sometimes the hardest part of our journey. I think that the "aha" moment is probably the first time any of us have been honest with ourselves in a long time.

    I can't wait for my days off so I can read your whole blog :D

  6. OMG, Sean! I just watched your jumprope video! You are amazing! ~Leslie


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