Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 263 A Wonderful Call From "Withheld"

Day 263

A Wonderful Call From “Withheld”

Today started out like any other Thursday, but shortly after 12:30pm, it became a very special Thursday. I had a call on my cell phone from “withheld.” I've never noticed “withheld.” I've noticed “blocked” or “unknown,” but never “withheld.” I almost didn't answer the call. I figured if it were real important they would leave a voicemail. For some reason I decided to answer it anyway, and what I heard on the other end was absolutely wonderful: “Sean, it's Richard Simmons.” I immediately recognized his voice, this wasn't someone playing a joke on me, it was THE Richard Simmons! I've looked up to and admired him since I was a kid. Even as a child I was keenly aware of his compassion and sincerity toward people struggling with morbid obesity. We talked for over twelve and a half minutes about my journey so far and my family's weight loss success. He asked me many questions and I was happy to answer each one. I told him about how happy I was to have Amber home for a summer of losing weight. I also shared Courtney's triumphant girdle story and how after years of being strapped into that thing, she burned it on the patio! And I talked to him about Irene's weight loss success and how switching jobs really helped her kick start her weight loss. I was honored that he took the time to call and offer encouragement. I can't believe I almost didn't answer the phone!

Tonight I spoke briefly at the kick-off for the 2nd Annual Ranch Wellness Center Optimal Health Challenge. Nearly 60 people packed the lobby of the Ranch for the event. It was a wonderful event and I look forward to many more over the next six weeks. I'll write about it in greater detail tomorrow evening.

It's been a very long day and I'm cutting tonight's blog short, I have only a few hours before I need to get up and into my Friday. I hope you have a fantastic one! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Richard Simmons! Wow! Yay! That's amazing! Of course YOU are the *next* Richard Simmons (in your own way). Wow...I'm speechless!

  2. Amazing, i do admire his passion for people and his energy!!

  3. Oh, he calls me all the time. Wants my recipe for "Spicy Corn Quesadillas." You can't have it, Richard. You hear me? You can't have it!

  4. so happy for you! more than I can put into words

  5. Aw, he is a lovely chap, isn't he? Hmmm, mind you - I bet he is scared he now has competition - YOU!

  6. AWESOME!!! Thank goodness you answered the 'withheld' call.......RICHARD SIMMONS...OMG!!! I remember when you heard from him before. He's always been on my top list too. I have the Sweatin' set and I've always been a fan! Way way cool!!! will probably be Monday before I get back on here.....the new boyfriend seems to keep my attention on weekends...but I will get caught up and read all I missed like I always do. Tonight is the Relay For Life. I'll be walking with some of my friends who are cancer survivors, and then at 11:30 tonight, my biker group will be meeting and all of us riding into the relay field together, present a donation and then walk as a group...this is an annual thing our group does. Anyway...have a good weekend and I'll catch up with you round the bend of this awesome journey! Thanks for paving the way for the rest of us! YOU DA MAN!

  7. Crazy!!! Tell him I'm waiting for the Sweating to the Hip-Hop DVD. I wanna jiggle to "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta"....and secretly, I think Richard does too.

    Seriously though, that is crazy cool! Have an awesome weekend :)

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAH NOOOO WAAAAY! RICHARD SIMMONS makes me smile!!! I remember a couple of appearance he had with David Letterman and it was just funny!

    Thanks for you past couple of comments! I haven't blogged everyday but I haven't been slipping up either. I've just been busy and pretty now...I'm about to crash...finally. But I wanted to stop in and say HOWDY! We're all doing great things with our bodies so we should be happy! I'm feeling light and happy and that's okay with me!

    Hopefully I'll remember to look for a digital scale that goes up to 400 before I log off since I was at Walmart and forgot to look while I was there! DOH DOH DOH DOH DOOOOOH!


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