Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 533 Someday, Just Not Today, The Diet Buddy Girls, and Dinner With Courtney

Day 533

Someday, Just Not Today, The Diet Buddy Girls, and Dinner With Courtney

Every morning when I jump out of bed, I have a choice. I can choose to make this a great day or I can choose otherwise. Making the right choice is so much easier when you’re feeling good about what you’re doing and where you’re headed. And these changes, I’m talking about food here, these changes scared me before. The word “change” threatened my comfort zone of indulgence. And really, there wasn’t anything comfortable about it. I was miserable, but it was my misery, all I had ever known. My addiction to food clouded my judgment, held me back, and completely ruled my life. If I ever started feeling guilty or down about my eating habits, I’d quickly rush in with the thought, oh---someday I’ll get busy and do something about this weight and food addiction problem…someday, just not today.

That someday came 533 days ago. And now I realize that the changes I needed didn’t threaten me at all. They enhanced me. My attitude and approach of “nothing is off limits” within my calorie budget---totally disarmed any threat that might have existed in my mind. And here we are…wow. The choices have gradually and naturally improved, and I’m now flirting with a goal that seemed forever out of reach my entire life---up until 533 days ago. This is nice. I like these changes.

This morning I prepared a fresh egg white omelet with two kinds of cheese and mushrooms. I used a ½ ounce each of mozzarella and swiss. I put it on very low heat and let it cook itself while I did my morning non-weighted strength training exercises. By the time I finished---the coffee was hot and ready and my omelet was ready to be cheesed and folded. A good breakfast is critical---and I never miss it, even if I’m running behind. I’ll grab something, anything---and take it with me if I oversleep. Missing breakfast just isn’t an option.

I received a wonderful e-mail from Tina in Germany…Tina writes:

“Hi Sean! You don't know us but we LOVE you!!! We started a new challenge and blog based on your post yesterday. Please check us out!!!! Jana & Tina --Diet Buddy Girls.”

I’m flattered, thank you. I had to check this out. Yesterday’s blog inspired this? (giant smile on my face) I made my way over to their site and found a very positive experience. Jana (from the Czech Republic) and Tina (from Germany) have teamed up and decided that the next 365 days will be a gift to themselves. They’re going to focus on their individual issues and conquer them. They are going to do it with consistency and an importance level that will insure their success, and they’re going to blog about it every step of the way as they support one another and ultimately---inspire countless others. 365 days of focus---365 days to do the things you know you need to do for you. Those 365 days will positively impact the rest of your days on earth. And Jana and Tina---“The Diet Buddy Girls” know this is true. I hope you’ll visit their blog and wish them well. This is their Day 1. How exciting is that? Very! You can find them at www.dietbuddygirls.blogspot.com

What an honor…I can’t really describe how wonderful a response like that makes me feel. It’s truly indescribable. It makes me so happy and so proud—and it fills me with a sense of purpose and responsibility. On my Day 1, I might have thought sharing this journey out of morbid obesity would be a positive thing for my life, but I had no idea how it would change me on such a deep level. I’m so lucky. And please, never underestimate my gratitude and thankfulness for your support. Talk about a gift…oh my, the greatest gift I’ve ever received…is your support. Thank you.

I arrived home late afternoon and decided that a refresher nap was just the thing I needed! That’s right…a refresher nap. An hour, tops. How many times do I need to do this in order to learn? I need to pay someone to physically come into my apartment and shake me awake. I completely wrecked my plan of getting into the YMCA for weight machines and cardio. I slept for well over two hours, nearly three…and by that time—Courtney was coming through the door ready to spend dinner and the evening with dear old dad. Now what? Well—I decided immediately…a good workout was happening. It could have been easy at the YMCA---and maybe I could have gone down stairs to the fitness room—but no. If I was going to completely wreck my workout plans, then I was going to pay the consequences. I decided right then and there---I was headed to the trail for a run…outside, in the cold. Don’t feel bad for me! I’ve walked in far colder conditions with ice pellets stinging my face. A cool 34 degree Fahrenheit walk/jog wasn’t going to kill me---and it didn’t. But more on that in a moment…

I told Courtney we were having pizza for dinner. Her question? “What kind of pizza dad?” I knew that she knew what was coming… “We’re having chicken breast, mushroom, and cheese pita pizzas!” Her response was less than excited. “Uh…I don’t really like those things.” Hmmm. I’m thinking what’s not to love? I reasoned with her. “But sweety---the calorie value is just amazing—I’ll make them really good, I’ll get them nice and crispy---you’ll love ‘em, I promise!” She agreed and off to the kitchen I marched.

By using only a ½ ounce of mozzarella and half a small chicken breast on each pita, plus the mushrooms and tomato sauce---one of these checked in at only 150 calories. So I made us two each. 300 calories and the mini slices filled an entire plate! The picture is below. Check that out my friend! Courtney took a few bites and declared “these are really good dad, thank you!” Nice, very nice.

After dinner, Courtney read her history lesson aloud and had me help with a few questions that were giving her issues. She finished up the work and headed to bed. I wasn’t ready for bed. I had some exercise to do. I laced up and hit the trail. It was cold, but like I said before---I’ve exercised in colder weather. I bundled up in some of my old clothes, some so big, I can now use them as blankets, and I smiled all the way around that walking/running trail. I smile all the time these days…I really do. I can’t help it! It feels so good, even at 34 degrees F.

I found another “lost” before picture. Oh my---this is one of the worst as far as I’m concerned. But considering the contrast of this transformation---I guess it’s actually one of the best. It’s posted below. Along with another shot snapped tonight for comparison.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

An entire plate of chicken and mushroom pita pizza—Only 300 calories! That’s an amazing calorie value if you ask me.

Oh my. What was I doing? Besides looking absolutely miserable? I guess I was puckering up for the camera. Not the most flattering shot. When I look into the eyes of “Old Sean,” I see a lot of pain and misery. Even the smiling before shots…it’s still there---behind the facade.

Tonight’s “in-progress” picture.


  1. Glad you got to spend some time with Courtney!!! AND you got in a good run....awesome. :)

  2. great job sean! I want to try tandoori bread and make a pizza out of it...I bet it'd be really tasty.
    Glad you got to spend time with your daughter...
    good call on letting breakfast cook while you worked out.

  3. Your pizza looks good. You always make the simplest things look yummy!!! Glad you got to spend time with Courtney!!

  4. Sean,

    Even as a person that has never met you, I can see it. Your eyes tell the entire story. In both pics.

    Thanks for mentioning mine and Jana's new blog... and a very special thanks for the inspiration and great advice. We will follow you always!

    Diet Buddy Girl

  5. I agree - the difference in your eyes speaks volumes.

  6. oooo I have a before pic like that. I was making a scary face and it was in a pile of pics I set aside recently to possibly scan and at the time my hubby was being all amorous towards me... he picked up the stack of pics looked hrough and stopped on the scary face one and lost his mood LOL!!!!!! it TOTALLY cracked me up.

  7. I'm afraid of that "before" pic. Pls keep it away from me...

  8. You're the greatest! Love ya! :)

  9. I want that pizza now. Looks tasty.

  10. Sean,

    As Tina said, your eyes really do say it all. You are a new person. Living life with a totally different perspective than before. And there is no going back to what was.

    Thank you for the great words you had for us in today's post. You really have inspired Tina and me so much.

    I am also feeling very excited to have this year of discovery ahead of us, and all the wonderful years thereafter too of course. Life is good! How could it not be, with so many great people, such as you and Tina, helping every day to make it that way!

    Diet Buddy Girl

  11. pizza looks good dude.. really good. i usually nuke a lean cusine pizza margarhita.. pretty tasty and 320 calories. fresh is better though.

  12. Oh Cousin...that pizza looked yummy and you, my friend...look fabulous! I'm continually proud of you! Keep up the good work! Love ya!

  13. You look so....healthy in the current picture!

  14. Sean, Wow - what a great inspiration you are! I just attended a session at work where you spoke to us on Eating Right and Weight Loss. You are definitely walking the talk!!

    GOOD JOB!!
    J R


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