Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 567 A Different Easter and Deep Fried Greenbeans

Day 567

A Different Easter and Deep Fried Greenbeans

I knew today was Easter, but it didn’t feel that way. Without Irene, Amber away at school and Courtney at her mom’s place, well…it just seemed different. I felt good, I did, and I’m getting super excited about my commitment to a better workout discipline.

My tail is on the line, this is it…I have way too many friends in the blogging and close personal world that will be keeping me accountable in that regard. I should have put it out there a while back, but I was just cruising and losing, slow and steady…getting there one day at a time, and treating my workouts very plain. Yes, I’ve had tremendous success losing weight, thanks to the death grip on my Calorie Bank and Trust account, but it’s only proven that yes, you can still lose weight by giving 30% when you workout…but Oh, how I wonder where I would be if I had been giving 100% for the past six months? Probably cleaning up after the “Goal Party” and wearing size 34 jeans and, well…there’s nothing positive in beating myself up now. I need to count my blessings and proceed in a determined fashion. Lessons have been learned with a better understanding of the psychological dynamics that rule this road.

Easter, an amazing day, and traditionally a big meal holiday too. Easter dinner, yep…mine was planned for Stillwater, late afternoon. We all agreed to dine at one of our old favorites, we were there just last week actually, Charlie’s Chicken. For some reason, I had conserved my calories throughout the day…not really on purpose; I just didn’t feel like eating I guess. I started the day with three over-easy eggs, added a banana later, and by the time dinner rolled around, I had enough calories to feast. Within reason, of course.

I decided on three fried breast chunks, an order of mashed potatoes—no gravy, and mac and cheese. Yes---the mac and cheese was absolutely an indulgence, cost me 300 calories to enjoy, but I’d do it again someday, oh yes I would. It was incredible stuff. I usually say no to the bread, but I decided to split a roll with mom. I left off the butter spread. After I finished, I added my calories and realized I still had several hundred available. I didn’t want to eat too much later in the evening, so I grabbed another couple of small chicken chunks---peeled off the breading, and enjoyed the chicken breast meat. I also bought an order of deep fried green beans for everyone to share. I know, I know…it’s so wrong! A seventeen-piece order of Green Bean Fries at TGI Fridays is only 170 calories. I’d say that our order had a dozen pieces, maybe a little less. But even if we just called it 200 calories, I only enjoyed 75 calories worth. They were good! Wow, I already have a history of melting cheese into my green beans…now I’m eating them battered and fried? I may have a problem. Nah, I’ll be OK.

We took some more pictures too! Identical really to last weeks pics, well, close at least…just different clothes. It was a fantastic time, it was, and afterward I drove home in silence, reflecting on everything important to me.

This entire journey has changed my life for the better. Despite everything that has happened along the way, it’s really all good. And it keeps getting better. I’ve never felt better than I do right now. I feel like anything is possible, like all I must do is decide—and I can achieve anything. And then, oh boy…when I receive e-mails from people I’ve never met, telling me how reading my blog has impacted them for the better…well, that’s just icing on the cake. I will never stop sharing my story with people far and near.

Someone asked me the other day if I regret making this blog so personal. No, not really, although it is strange to run into a complete stranger at the grocery store who says “I’ve read every single day of your blog, look---eggs and mushrooms, I love them too!” And I realize that if they’ve read every single day, they know way more about me than maybe they should. But hey, it’s very personal and very real, this here journey. And I could have accomplished that and still maintained privacy, several of my favorite bloggers have…but it never occurred to me that my story would help too many people outside of my family and friends…so I felt fine with being extremely open, after all---if they knew me well enough, they already knew about a lot of this stuff. On second thought, some of my inner most thoughts and concerns---and even experiences I’ve shared here…I saved for me and maybe Irene until I started writing this blog….and then it all came pouring out. I certainly can’t stop now, although I’ve better defined the line I will not cross again…so I’m good.

I arrived home and immediately started thinking about my workout. Why I hadn’t done it yet, I don’t know, but it was time now. I hit the trail on a beautiful evening and finished a 5K in record time. I didn’t time it actually, but I know that I spent more time lightly jogging than I did walking. I hurried home and watched the weather. I was beat, and lucky for me Gayle, a co-worker and friend, was willing to anchor severe weather coverage in my place tonight. I had to drop in bed.

My workout goals are clearly defined this week, as stated in yesterday’s post. It’s pretty lofty, but nothing I can’t handle. It will be done. Period.

Thank you for reading! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Mom and Me at the restaurant this evening

Grandma and Me tonight

Kelli and Me this evening


  1. Now I want to try fried green beans! Never had them and I love green beans. I don't think you did any differently than a lot of folks on a holiday - you ate a bit differently and more indulgently than you normally would have. The point is, you still did your 5K and I'd bet you're not eating mac & cheese today.

  2. Just had to pop in to tell you that, the other night, I was feeling bad about my choices foodwise and thinking I needed to go for a run. But, it was late and dark, and I was tired. I thought to myself, "What would Sean do?" So I laced up and pounded the pavement for a 5k :) Thanks for the motivation, you're an inspiration!

    (Oh yeah, and those green beans are tooo yummy.)

  3. I love your blog! You are a motivation and an inspiration. I love what the previous comment said "what would Sean do?" lol.

  4. You know sean, I don't know you and you don't know me...but If you have read my blog you know me better than my mom, stepdad and brothers know me.
    It's how I write, and the concept of having someone come up to me someday in a store or gym and have them, glad you played tag with your daughter or some such...well, that would be 'interesting' to say the least.
    I keep hoping the majority of my readers live in britain and senegal.

  5. Deep fried green beans? Do you Southerners have no shame?? I thought the cooked to death green beans were bad enough. Of course I really like deep fried breaded mushrooms so that's not too far off.

  6. Okay, I'm cracking up here. What would Sean do??

    Let's see, we can replace the bumper stickers that say WWJD with WWSD!!

    Too funny... but then, you ARE setting a good example to follow.

  7. I put a note on my fridge the other day and one in my wallet. It says "Life's not fair. Oh well.".

    I know that the exercise thing is is and if you're not a naturally active athletic person, it takes some serious self-chat to get out there sometimes. But life's not fair and if we have certain goals that we want to achieve (staying or getting slim(mer)) then there are certain things that we have to do.

    I don't like taking out the garbage but I still do it because the alternative is kind of disgusting. Same thing applies, right?

  8. Us America would even make fried lettuce, insane, glad you go to see the family

  9. I would have to argue with you on the point where you felt you'd only been giving 30% effort thus far. Even though i don't know you, i am fat [hence i know how it works], and i'm pretty sure that you gave what you could, given your physical ability at the time. Maybe when you look back, it seems like not a lot of effort. But at different stages of our journey, sometimes less is more.
    I do boxing training and what would seem like very little effort to a fit person, actualy nearly kills me! [I'm approx 100 kilos overwieght]
    Maybe your efforts NOW aren't 100%? You seem to be in great shape, juudging by your pics. Maybe you just need to shake it up a bit? Try boxing training. It burns over 1000 cals per hour!!

    Deep fried beans...Twice The Man is right. Why do you Americans need to deep fry everything? It's weird lol

  10. lmao...fried green beans.

    I'm originally from FL, but my mom's whole side of the family is from Georgia, where I live now. A lot of them grow gardens every year. Sounds healthy right? It is...until they harvest everything, take it in the kitchen, and fry it up!!! I've seen fried okra, fried green tomatoes, fried creamed corn, fried yellow squash, fried cabbage...the list goes on. Top that with some Southern fried chicken, potato salad, and buttermilk biscuits the size of your face that are slathered in butter. Did I mention I used to weigh 340 lbs? lol

  11. Love the new pics. Can't have enough of the ones we love.

    Melissa in Tulsa

    Cool! Finally figured this "post a comment" thing out. I got my pic to show = )

  12. Wow!!! 17 of TGIF's fried onion rings are 790 calories, so it sounds like the green beans are a real caloric deal.

  13. well i didnt eat any of the fried stuff..i stayed on with my grilled chicken..hehe

  14. I'm glad you have been brave enough to be so personal in your blog. It makes your journey real, and encourages me to no end on my own journey. Thank you.

    Dang, I have a bike in my shed that my brother fixed up for me. Have I ridden it yet? Nope. Do I want to now? You better believe it.


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