Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 578 A Really Long Day and A Cluster of "Befores"

Day 578

A Really Long Day and A Cluster of “Befores”

Today, oh wow, today has been something else. It started out early and good and ended up late and just OK. I was up early, before 4am, did my non-weighted strength training, had breakfast, blogged, worked on returning messages, and had a really decent radio show from 6 to 9am. Then I realized that my day wasn’t going to end until after 10pm. No nappy time for Sean today. Team Radio and Ponca City Medical Center was hosting a big Taste of Home Cooking School---and everyone on staff was required to attend and help.

My schedule pushed my planned 5K back to after 10pm, and by that time---I decided to let myself off the hook, but not completely. I did do another set of non-weighted strength training exercises. It wasn’t much really. I’m not thrilled about missing the 5K, it was a part of my stated workout goals for Thursday. I should have looked at the calendar a little closer before I made that schedule. Today wasn’t the day to plan anything outside of work. No complaints here, I mean really---we have a few days a year like this, and it’s always wonderful.

I had so many “wow” reactions and a couple of people asked, “are you still losing?” The best reaction was these two very nice ladies that came through the door, both of whom I’ve known for some time—but rarely see, and one spent a good few minutes trying to convince the other it was actually me standing there in front of her. She was shocked. Shock and awe is so much fun!

I nibbled cheese, crackers, and shaved ham at the Wal-Mart courtesy food table—and devoured a 100 calorie pack of little Pecan Sandies. I didn’t stick around for the cooking demonstrations, instead I took a little break before returning to help load out. I ran home long enough to eat some chicken and a couple of eggs—and then I fell asleep for a little less than an hour. Big thanks to a couple of friends of mine that made sure I didn’t oversleep my little nap. I know---napping right after a meal isn’t the best thing to do, but as you already know---I don’t always do the best thing to do. If you wanted to really be hardcore on me---you could say that I should have used that break time for my 5K. I was slap happy tired and hungry for a solid dinner---and I was in work mode---not exercise mode. Of course, I think last year when I took a break at this show---I did go for my walk. Hmmmm…Maybe I should have…Yeah, probably. BUT---Tomorrow is a light schedule on the exercise list, with weight training at the YMCA and non-weighted strength training---I’ll be adding a 5K to the list for sure!

I went back to April 15th, 2009 and found it to be weigh day. 101 pounds ago:

Today was weigh day. After lunch I ran home for a few minutes, then it was off to the scales at Ponca City Medical Center. I had a feeling that it would be good based on a few factors. For one, I've completed a couple of 10K's in the last two weeks and several 5K's. I've also noticed my 48's fitting a little more loose. And the biggest difference is something I should have been doing from Day 1, but haven't: I'm making sure I eat something every 2.5 to 3 hours (except this morning of course). It feels like I'm constantly eating something, I'm never hungry, and my metabolism is constantly processing something. Last weigh day I'd lost 6 pounds, the weigh day before that-5 pounds, and today I stepped on the scale and had lost another 9 pounds! I'm thrilled with this result! Nine pounds! On this day, the seven month anniversary of this journey, I weighed in at 359!! I'm in the 350's!! That's so amazing to me. It's hard to believe that 213 days ago I weighed 505 pounds. What a dramatic change! Today's results bring the overall total to 146 pounds lost in 213 days. That's workin' it my friend! And you read what I eat! Those around me eat with me! This is the furthest thing from deprivation. I'm eating the way I'm supposed to and the weight is falling off. I'm very excited, can you tell?

Wow, a 9 pound loss! Oh, the good old days! Remember? I do…oh how I was so thrilled! I’m still thrilled---Look how far I’ve come! Cilley Girl, in case you’re reading---did you see that? I did it again---not with pictures, but with words. I admitted that my workout wasn’t what it should have been today---then I immediately go into a paragraph about a nine pound loss on a weigh day from a year ago, prefaced with the fact that I’ve lost an additional 101 pounds since that day! I’m so predictable! I’m smiling big. But I’m not going to post recent pics. I’m going to post huge before pictures instead. Seriously---it’s a good idea to never forget---and to always remember what kind of commitment has brought me to where I am.

It was a long work day, but a great day really. It wasn’t a perfect day, but hardly any are perfect…except for last Monday---that was pretty dog gone perfect. I’m feeling good, super good!

Tomorrow I will renew my driver’s license. I asked Gayle (friend, co-worker, computer genius) to do some scanning and blurry editing magic on three drivers licenses (concealing personal info)---so I can show you the contrast in pictures. I should really learn how to do this kind of stuff, huh?

Thank you for reading! I’m excited about my mom coming up for a few days. That’s right! I didn’t tell you already? Yep, I’m picking Mom up tomorrow, and she’s spending the weekend with me! We’ll eat together, workout together, and spend some awesome quality time together! Oh—and here’s a news bulletin—My dad sent me a text saying that he’ll be coming here next month! I was planning a trip to Alabama, and I still will make that trip soon, but this is sooner---awesome! I can’t wait to spend time with him—it’ll be wonderful! And the pictures we’ll take---Yes! Can’t wait! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Sean and Irene

Looking absolutely miserable

Fake smile. Miserable.

Big Daddy has the cake!!!


Mom, Daughter, Daddy

ENOUGH already! I get it! Geez….OK---I need to go workout now.


  1. Saw you in front of the Poncan last night. (I was the one in the big white car that honked!)You looked amazing! Your recent pictures on the blog don't do you justice to how you look in 3-D!

  2. Whenever I see your befores I am amazed all over again. Not surprised that people don't recognize you because you do not look like the same person!

  3. pictures can be worth a thousand words each

  4. You really don't look like the same person. You have improved 100%. Even your hair has! ;)

  5. I am here and I am cracking up :) You know what else I see though? I see how a year ago, and 100 lbs heavier, you had done a couple of 10Ks and several 5Ks. I'm 15 days away from doing my very first marathon and I'm carrying around 45 extra lbs doing it, so I know it had to have been extremely difficult for you to get out there in the 350s. Why so hard now, hmmmm??????

    (And you have come such a long, long way and I am in constant awe -- but it's always easier to push someone else along than yourself, isn't it?)

  6. Your accomplishments amaze me every single day. I absolutely love sharing your journey with you and you have been such a supporter of mine. I will never forget you ever.

  7. Remember you have to be able to live with this forever and you have to pick your battles ok the exercise is not rock solid but you know that As long as you are able to deal with that and keep it as a thorn in your side that niggles you every now and again thats ok Sounds like you are just doing fine you are trying new things getting out and about you are living it and that is so cool you are balancing your life. You know I only wish you the best you should be so proud of yourself and I know I am proud of you explorers and adventurers are very brave people and thats what you are everytime you try something you have never done before. Seems to be happening a lot lately well done "Feel the Fear and do it anyway"

  8. great job sean!
    You are doing fab. I love old vs. new pics.
    I love your are doing great.
    keep up the good work.

  9. Sean,
    Internet sites and blogs come and go, and I normally read a bit here and a bit there and that's that, but I always make sure to read every single word of every single entry you post. Your story and your journey and the way you share it all with us are SO powerful.
    You have come so far and you are going places!

  10. A totally different person. Wow.

  11. Hi there. Just stumbled upon your blog. I got goose bumps when I read your goal of going from 500 Lbs to 230. That is AMAZING! All the best to you and your family.


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