Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 568 The Forever Part, A Great Workout, and 266 Hits Goal!

Day 568

The Forever Part. A Great Workout, and 266 Hits Goal!

What a difference a little more accountability makes, huh? I jumped up this morning and before 4:30am, my morning non-weighted strength training exercises were finished. I don't even count this as “my workout,” that comes later in the day/early evening. This is just a warm-up, something to get the blood pumping and my mind on the right track.

I decided to skip the eggs today for breakfast and instead, I enjoyed steel cut oats with a teaspoon of brown sugar and cinnamon. It was so good and tasty and how it makes me feel is even better. I sliced up some apples and bagged them up for my mid-morning and afternoon snack, grabbed some yogurt—and I was out the door. It really is a wonderful thing to realize how my food choices have evolved naturally over time. Oh sure, I occasionally eat what some consider “bad” stuff, but the majority of my food choices are good. I don't eat deep fried green beans and extra cheesy mac and cheese everyday like yesterday, but you noticed---I still stayed within my calorie budget without any feelings of deprivation. Portion control, it really is key!

Also key? The mental gymnastics, or as my friend Shannon calls it, self-talk, that reminds us that we can enjoy a serving without going off the deep end. Sometimes it's easier said than done, I understand. Believe me, I don't plan on testing my self-talk mechanism with a half-gallon of ice cream in the freezer anytime soon, but we all have those “historical trigger foods,” now don't we? Ice cream is mine, oh and cereal, and peanut butter sandwiches and cold milk...all items you rarely find around here. Recognizing our strengths and being honest enough to admit our weaknesses is paramount to our success in control. It has been for mine, that's for sure.

Everyday, I read the post from exactly a year before. I was reminded of my procrastinating nature when I discovered that I was talking about getting a bike back then. Wow...and swimming, what? It's so easy to settle into a routine, isn't it? Breaking out of that routine can be a very big challenge. As I read this entry, It reminded me of “the forever part” of this process. Of course my opinions on this will be reinforced the longer I keep the weight off, but my philosophy is simple: The means to lose weight can be varied, but if that weight loss comes without real mental change, and the “plan” is simply a means to lose weight, then it's temporary. That's why we yo-yo. The mental changes, those my friend, are the forever part. From Day 203 Sunday May 5th, 2009:

The 10k last night felt great and boy did I sleep sound last night! I need to do more of those. As the weather warms I'm looking forward to expanding my exercise regimen to include bicycling and swimming. I think we're going to start looking for some bikes real soon. I can order my heavy duty bicycle seat from Living XL Magazine and we'll be good to...Wait a second! I may not need a heavy duty seat before too long! Scrap the whole special seat idea. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather like never before. At over 500 pounds I dreaded the heat. Not only did I dread the heat, I avoided the heat at all cost. If I could just stay inside 24 hours a day by an air conditioning vent, I did. Now I'm looking forward to the added benefit the heat will provide to my workouts. It's amazing how losing weight can completely transform your attitude and overall outlook on things. When I say it changes everything, I mean everything. That's what I keep telling my mom and anyone else that will listen, just stay consistent long enough to achieve significant results and you'll be so thrilled with how you think, feel, and look, you'll never want to go back! Of course you have to do more than just eat less and exercise. You have to do what I've done and completely change your mind about food and exercise. Because as I learned in 2004, just because you get a taste of weight loss freedom, it doesn't mean you're completely free. You're only free when you become mentally changed. That's the forever part. The mental aspect is what will keep the weight off. Learning to be completely honest with yourself and 100% responsible for your decisions is key. Learning how to properly use food to live and fuel your body is paramount. It's OK to “love food,” sure, it's totally cool and normal to have your favorites and foods you're passionate about, never give them up! But never eat so much of them that it makes you feel like giving up. How did this happen? I was talking about exercise and all of a sudden this paragraph became all about food and personal responsibility. Anyway, one of the big factors in my success so far is never feeling deprived. I have zero restrictions. I can choose to eat anything I want. If I want a cookie, I'll have a cookie, maybe two or three, but I will not eat the whole package. If I want pizza, I'll have pizza, more than likely thin crust and only two or three pieces. Oh sure, I could have deep dish or pan pizza, but I can have two slices of the thin to one thick. Choices, that's all it is. And educating yourself on proper portions and calorie counts. Knowing how much is too much is critical. For years I never knew, because I wasn't counting or even looking. I didn't want to know how many calories I had in that over-sized bowl of tin roof sundae, nor did I care.

I arrived home late afternoon and decided that a nap was my best move at the moment. I wanted to be rested for my workout, so I set the alarms and drifted off. I jumped up quickly shortly before 6pm, with the same enthusiasm reserved for my morning routine. I had somewhere to be and it wasn't in this bed. I washed my face and changed into my workout clothes. I was ready to go, with a determined attitude—I made my way to the vehicle and to the YMCA.

I hit the weight machines for a solid upper body workout that left me knowing that I had worked. When lifting makes me sweat and my heart rate increase, yeah, that's what I'm talking about. A good session. I also stopped by the front desk and inquired about the spinning classes. These are extremely popular, turns out you have to get there at least 30 minutes prior to the class to get a bike number. It looks like Friday lunch time will be my time to spin. I'm kind of nervous about this, but silly me---I put it out there, I said I would do it, and now I must follow through. Before I left the Y for my 5K at the trail, I stopped into the darkened spinning class room. So this will be the scene of my demise? Or maybe the scene of a workout awakening! Let's be positive! My main concern was the size of the seat, not bad, not bad...I don't have as much padding anymore ya know, and well...OK—enough worry. We'll do it Friday and it will be good. Enough said!

The trail this evening was cloudy and mild. The air was moist and a steady breeze blew around a faint smell of rain. It didn't rain, but I wish it had, I love working out in the rain. I got started on my 5K tonight, knowing that I set the bar high with last night's performance. And tonight's four laps around the trail were good, but not as good as last night. I was still sweating wonderfully and my heart rate was really high, but my endurance just wasn't what it was last night. Maybe I was trying to pick up the pace a little too much. I need to settle down and get out the C25K program that Ann sent me and do it. Because yes, at a very slow jog, I can go for several minutes—but I'd be embarrassed for you to see that slow jog---just a step or two from a brisk walk really. If I truly desire to run a 5K, and I do...then I need to commit to the C25k program.

A blogging friend of mine just hit goal! That's so incredibly exciting!!! “266” has lost nearly 120 pounds and is now below 150! Congratulations my friend! I read her account of the C25K program and her triumphant finish---and it just warmed me up totally. It was amazing post to read, as is her blog. You can find her C25K post here: http://266-twosixtysix.blogspot.com/2010/04/personal-account-of-c25k.html and read her “Goal” post here: www.266-twosixtysix.blogspot.com She's a wonderful inspiration to so many...including me.

After my workout and looking completely zapped, I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart for some groceries. Once again, I didn't buy anything that needed an ingredients list! I took a picture of the items below. I'm not only making better choices, I'm proud of them by golly!

I also made my way over to the bicycles. I found the bike I would really like to buy. I felt like a little kid, looking all wide eyed and imagining the wind in my hair as I zip along. I remembered back when my momma bought me a bike at Wal-Mart when I was 12. We didn't have room to transport it back home, so I rode the thing from the store clear across town to grandmas house. When I buy this one, I'll probably do the same thing back to my apartment, and then walk back for my vehicle. It's easy, because I live less than five blocks from Wal-Mart. Oh it's nice! Look at that picture below!

I invited Courtney over for dinner, but she already had plans, so I cut up the single steak—I just wanted six ounces, or 300 calories worth---weighed it, and threw it on the Foreman Grill. I enjoyed a half a baked potato with a tablespoon of sour cream and an entire tomato sliced up, with a little salt. Who says I don't eat veggies? It was a great meal, very satisfying and less than 500 calories!

What a wonderful day indeed. An accomplished day at work, a nap, a great dual featured workout, a “no ingredient list” shopping trip, and a good dinner. Yes sir, we're moving forward with a determined spirit because it's the only way! Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

The bike. I'd really like to find something like this used.

Shopping without ingredient lists. Just real good food!

My dinner tonight. Loved it!


  1. Mmm. Tomatoes. And C25K? My vote would be a resounding 'do it!'. Completing that thing change my life completely in the 'I never thought I could do this' kind of way. :) Such a freeing experience.

  2. Historical trigger foods. Like that term. There are definitely items which will never pass my lips again because to be quite honest I'm scared. Plus, the value of my life is not reduced in anyway by never eating another Pork Gyoza. Never again will I eat Steak & Mushroom Melt Pizza from Panago. Never again will I eat Oreo ice cream and caramel sauce. Never, ever again will I eat McDonald's or Wendy's alone (in the company of someone else is fine).

    Power on! I too seem to have a renewed determined spirit. Not so much a sense of urgency anymore but a goal and a plan and an energy that was a little lacking before.

  3. I really want to try a Spin class as well but sitting on a bike like that could be painful. I wonder if they would let me bring in my gel seat :)
    266 - isn't she great - reaching her goal and so fast - she is amazing...
    Just like you Sean..

  4. Wow that steak looks great and so do the tomatoes. Have you tried looking on craigs list for a used bike. I just brought my exercise bike off of there. Congrats on your goal.

  5. Food looks delish!!! I hope you find a bike really soon, and Craig's List is a fantastic idea to look for one! :)

  6. Sean, I'm pretty sure I bought the same bike from Walmart at the end of last summer, so I could start riding it this spring. Yeah, well, at some point this winter, I apparently hit it with my truck, and completely bent the back tire. :( Now, I have a brand-new bike, with the tags still on it, with a mangled tire, that I can't ride. I'm going to look into how much it will cost at a bike repair shop. It may just be cheaper to buy a new tire! Ugh!!

    Have fun on your new ride! :P

  7. wow already running and been wanting to ad biking and swimming for over a year???? That sounds like training for a sprint triathlon you know....

    1/2 mile swim
    12 mile bike ride
    5K run

    you should to commit to one by fall. :)

  8. Oh those tomato slices look wonderful. I don't know how it is in your world but we were out to dinner the other night and if my father in law wanted tomato on his burger it was a dollar extra because of the tomato issues. The ones in the store don't look like they're worth buying. You're doing great. I'm proud of you.

  9. "You're only free when you become mentally changed. That's the forever part."

    I love that you are including all this "gold" from past posts! We need to hear this stuff over and over.


  10. Have fun with that spinning class. I can't wait to hear about it. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine and I went and did a class. It ended up not being the beginner class we wanted but we went ahead. We had a drill sargent instructor! The class was 1 hr. I probably weighed 275 at the time (not far from where I am now :( sadly). My friend is obese as well. The instructor told us to just do what we could. Let me tell you, I thought I would die. lol! I couldn't do the standing part because of my bad knees but I never stopped peddling my ass for 1 hour. There's no way I would embarrass myself in front of that class. I got off that bike (barely without killing myself) sweating like crazy and legs like rubber, sore ass and said I'd never do another one of those. LOL! I never have. I can't wait to hear about your first experience. I'm sure it will be a great story, since you are so good at putting your "spin" on things. Have fun!!!

  11. Sean,

    I absolutely loved reading your thoughts from a year ago... it's amazing to hear your thoughts back then about the mental aspects haven't changed... if anything, just got stronger. You just knew, even back then, that you would succeed!

    I seriously think its time for you to spin. I agree that some people may not be ready. But I KNOW that you are.

    One time there was a very obese woman in my spinning class. I felt so bad for her because she figured out quite early that it was just not right for her. She did stick with it and finished that class.. but I could see she was dying and would never take another class. I felt really bad for her and I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to tell her that I was SOOO proud of her for even WANTING to try.. and DID try but perhaps she should start off with something more fitting to her needs. And that she could make spinning a goal of hers. One day she WOULD be ready. But I cowardly said nothing more because I wasn't sure if that would have offended her.

    But you Sean. You are strong. And you can do it. And it WILL be challenging but in a way that will make you want to yell.... WOO HOO!!! I did it!! And I will do it again!

    YOU are ready!

    Diet Buddy Girl

  12. You're doing a great job sean! Keep up the good work :)

  13. That steak does look good. And I'm a vegetarian, lol!

  14. I hate to tell you Sean but Tomatoes are actually fruit you need to get some green on that plate!!! It is so good that you have so many new adventures in your life thats what it is all about, I to have to get the exercise under control I need to get back into it the weather improving will definitely help.

  15. You know, I saw one of your videos on youtube in my playlist of all places (makes you wonder how they track people online.. paranoid rant over) anywhoozle....I heard your voice and I finally got who you really remind me of, not in looks really, but in spirit and personality and to be honest...voice wise.
    Tony Robbins.
    Listen to him sometime, it's uncanny.
    Oh, and I have a ten speed with a flat..I really need to fix that, I love cycling.
    Sorry courtenay had other plans, you seem like a real people person and not the type to want to be alone.
    The steak looks good though.
    Have a good night and good luck with your spinning class.

  16. Sean! You are too sweet to me with all the link love! Thank you so much!!!

    You have been killing it on the execise the past couple of days... Way to go! I think Tammy's challenge has us both all fired up!!! Love the bike, by the way; I can totally envision you riding something like that and loving every second of it.


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