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Day 596 Thoughts For Anonymous and The Adjustable Pizza

Day 596

Thoughts For Anonymous and The Adjustable Pizza

I started the morning with my non-weighted strength training. The squats, sit-ups, and push-ups are fast and easy to do. These movements are a very small investment for such a big return on how they make me feel first thing. When I have a day like yesterday, waking up late, making emergency edits to my routine---I feel the difference, I’m not as “pumped.” Let me clarify the push-ups: I can’t do regular military style push-ups…yet. I just don’t have the upper body strength developed. But I don’t mind admitting to the “modified” version, because they’re helping me strengthen the muscles needed to one day “drop and give me 20.”

My choices have come a very long way. Breakfast before was always something loaded. Back in the “Old Sean Days,” it was a normal routine to stop at the convenience store on the way to work and grab a variety of junk. I would load up on miniature donuts, chocolate and powdered, because I love them both equally. I always had to grab a 25-cent pack of Little Debbie Nutty Bars too and perhaps some chocolate milk. Or---if I was feeling generous, I’d stop at the donut shop on the way into work and grab some deep-fried cinnamon rolls or apple fritters for everyone. Hey, it has apples in there, that’s good for me, right? And then there was a time when we would take turns bringing biscuits and gravy with the morning show down the hall. We became biscuit and gravy experts around here---seriously, we could tell you who had the best biscuits and gravy and why. Yes, breakfast was also important back then, but with different motives and consequences. Today, my breakfast time is just as important---and even more satisfying, because it not only taste great, it’s good stuff for my metabolism to process. It sets the tone for a good food day everyday. The old stuff set a tone too, a very bad one.

I’ve often talked about my desires, my dreams, my goals of someday becoming a successful weight loss author and motivational/inspirational speaker, traveling the world and speaking to auditoriums full of people searching for answers to their obesity. I’ve also expressed my disdain for the majority of the 33 billion dollar a year weight loss industry—namely the companies that seem to focus on the “means” to lose but completely ignore the mental aspects, or the “forever part,” as I like to say. I understand how my desires of making a living some day in this weight loss industry might raise an eyebrow or two. It certainly did yesterday with this anonymous comment:

Sean, you seem to thrive on helping others succeed at losing weight (& getting healthier). That is a beautiful endeavor. Does it ever feel almost like a calling? I'm wondering this because, in my experience, some people keep what they have by giving it away (helping others without compensation or expectation of any return) while others turn their helping efforts into an income-generating occupation. I guess the latter troubles me because of the inherent conflict of interest. Thoughts?

Yes---It feels like a calling. I’m so passionate about how I feel and what it’s taken for me to reach this place; I just can’t keep from sharing. Is it a conflict of interest? No, not for me… That question comes down to the reasons for such a career change---and the thought process behind. It’s all about genuine compassion for morbidly obese people. How can I share what I’ve learned with as many people as possible and make it my full time job—while supporting my family in the process? That’s the goal. It isn’t “how much money can we make?” It’s “how many people can we possibly help see this way out?” And trust me---I know that simply sharing my story and my simplistic approach will not magically cure anyone…ultimately it must come from within each person. But if I can spark hope and give them a clarity that maybe they didn’t have before—If I can inspire and motivate them to flip their own switch---then that’s all that matters to me.

You couldn’t find a more caring and compassionate person in the entire world than Mr. Richard Simmons. I have an endless amount of respect and admiration for him and for how he works. Does the fortune Richard has made over the years make him any less genuine? No. He’s still devoting his life to helping people get active and get free from obesity. And the majority of what he does has nothing to do with selling DVD’s. He’s calling and traveling---visiting with people, on his own time and dime---for one reason only, to help them have some kind of hope and understanding. That’s just the most amazing thing really. And let me say right now---I’m in no way comparing myself to Richard Simmons, so don’t take it that way. Besides---I don’t believe anyone could ever come close to his devotion to the cause, ever. You asked for my thoughts anonymous, there you go!

A regular reader had something to say about this anonymous comment---I found this in my e-mail this morning:

Okay, so going by this person's "logic", would an accountant be expected to provide accounting services for free? Would a nurse be expected to provide nursing services for free? I think not. Maybe a few hours a week/month as charity owrk, but not on a regular basis. Why in the world should you be made to feel bad for wanting to use your knowledge, experience and expertise in a way that helps people AND betters the financial situation of yourself and your family. I just don't see any conflict of interest there. What the heck is wrong with running a free, extremely helpful blog while selling books and offering paid audio programs or something similar and getting paid for speeches and such. PLEASE do not let yourself get guilted by anyone into feeling bad about making or wanting to make any money off of anything you do. Everyone wants to make money in life and it is a natural and normal thing. Why in the world would anyone expect you to give all your times and efforts for free. If you were expected to do that then you just might go "oh heck with it I'm just gonna do my paid radio thing and forget about this weight loss that I'm expected to do for free" ... and what good would that do anybody. Some people just enjoy trying to guilt others into feeling all sorts of negative things about themselves ... please just ignore them and follow your own best judgment ... yes you ARE entitled to make money off of your weight loss success!!!

Thank you my friend for such a passionate response. I sincerely appreciate your words!

I’m once again posting my workout plan for the week. I didn’t post it on Sunday’s post like I should have---but it’s going fine (despite a change tonight--I'll explain)---and here it is:

(Everyday---I do non-weighted strength training exercises---very easy stuff---in my apartment---the following is in addition)

Monday---I did exactly as planned. Weight training at the Y and a gruelling spinning class (actually it's fun---I love it!)
Tuesday---Bike ride to trail and back---walk/jog 5K
Wednesday---weight training at Y and treadmill 5 K
Thursday---Bike ride to trail---lose to win seminar---5K walk/jog
Friday---Mid-day spinning class and weight training
Saturday---Play out! Tennis? Maybe---Bike riding? for sure!
Sunday---off day---optional

I had a remote this evening at a Mexican restaurant. We’ll call it Quatro De Mayo---anyway, I sipped water with lemon and had several chips and salsa. I just can’t seem to ignore the chips and salsa can I? I allowed for about 10 chips over the course of the broadcast and gave it a count of 200 calories. I think that’s a fair guesstimate. I decided to eat at home later after my workout, which is exactly what I did.

I didn’t have the right tools to change the bicycle seat tonight, so I climbed on and rode it anyway, down to the trail for a late evening 5K walk/jog. Lindel, the friend of mine that gave me the bike, is helping me change the seat tomorrow. I ended up just riding. I know that my workout goals said “ride to trail and back---walk/jog 5K,” but I was just having too much fun riding. I’ll get in my 5K’s this week, no problem. I was just out having fun---and a great workout along the way.

I prepared a chicken and mushroom flat out pizza for dinner. I loaded it up too! It checked in at a whopping 380 calories with a chicken breast and added cheese. It was just incredible. And that’s the great thing about these low calorie pizzas. I adapt them accordingly to my calorie budget needs at the moment. We’ll call it “adjustable pizza.” I can make a simple cheese and veggie for 150 calories---or I can load it up a little and make it whatever I want.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I have a broadcast at the casino where the young man I wrote about the other day works. He knows I’m coming and I’m really looking forward to seeing him! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Sean,

    I'm curious about your non-weighted strength training exercises. Could you explain what they are?

    P.S. There's nothing wrong with earning your living doing something you feel passionate about. We've all got to put food on the table for ourselves and our loved ones!

  2. I guess I should have said "the inherent potential for conflict of interest." Selling books for profit and doing motivational speaking for a fee? I wouldn't fault you for doing those things to earn (or supplement) your living. But there are folks in the diet industry who truly do cross the line, ethically speaking, in my opinion. For instance, some motivational *leaders* charge by the minute for *phone consultations*, etc.

    I don't think it is bad to ponder these ethical issues whenever opportunities arise to make money from vulnerable an example: several major hospitals have concluded that it is better (morally-speaking) to put surgeons on salary (vs. allowing surgeons to be paid per operation) because of the inherent potential for conflict of interest. It doesn't mean the surgeons work for free. It doesn't mean the surgeons should feel guilty for earning a living doing surgery. It doesn't mean that surgeons consciously make unethical decisions to perform surgery. It just means that there are sound ways to put ethical systems in place to protect the public interest and to create healing environments in which doctors are not tempted to increase their own earnings at the expense of their clients' best interests.

    I'm sorry if my inquiry came across as hostile or guilt provoking. I probably think about dilemmas like this more than most people. (It's my job.)

  3. Anonymous: "But there are folks in the diet industry who truly do cross the line, ethically speaking, in my opinion." Do you mean like Jillian Michaels (bless her heart, and I do adore her and Biggest Loser) who actually has a line of diet pills now available? UGH!

  4. I think what anonymous is talking about is Jillian Michaels.
    I can't think of a better example.
    She started with eat clean and ended with..."here, pop this pill and you'll drop the pounds".
    I was very very very disappointed in her.
    I almost took her picture off my background.
    But then realized that it wasn't her soul I was aiming for, it was her
    Don't get sucked in, I think that's what he/she is saying.
    I don't think you will, but if you ever get the urge....just think...jillian micheals magic pills, that will cure you. lol.
    Doing great sean, keep on inspiring.

  5. Looking forward to reading about you meeting the man at the casino. I know what you mean about breakfast setting the tone for the day. Hope you are having a great day.

  6. You provide such amazing inspiration for all of us. I think that getting money for such an endeavor is only a natural desire. No author should feel bad about being paid for writing. It's hard work. Keep on keeping on.

  7. And I would love to see a cook book. I know, it might just be about 10 pages, lol. But you have "your" recipes down to an art. So simple, versatile, yet satisfying. Seriously...a cook book.

  8. Sean, your dreams and desires you speak of are unfolding before your very eyes. Perhaps not on a large scale they way you speak of, but you WILL get there. Everything happens in God's time and not our own. Now with that being said, I can't wait to make your flat out pizza, with cheese, mushrooms, bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, onions, and chicken breast. "Heaven, I'm in Heaven":) I wish I could only eat a few chips and salsa. I can eat, or should I say drink 2 bowls of salsa by myself at Enriques with guacamole and chips...or could:( Sure do miss them.

  9. PS...I have to force myself to eat breakfast now. Uggg, never been a breakfast person, but I know I need it to kickstart my metabolism. It also keeps me from piggin' out at lunch. Life style changes are NO fun...:) When I did eat breakfast it was eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy...not gonna happen now. Bran Flakes will have to do I suppose...sigh.

  10. I think there's nothing wrong with using what you've learned to help people and if you're super passionate about doing it full time, then you're gonna need money. But, like Chris said--just don't get sucked in like Jillian....always stay true to the person you've been through this journey and I think you'll be super successful. :)


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