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May 14th, 2014 Doing Better With Food

May 14th, 2014 Doing Better With Food

I'm eating a lot better these days. It isn't easy and I certainly don't come by it naturally. It takes effort and I'm finding it's a little more expensive at the grocery store. I still eat what I like and nothing I don't, I'm just taking a little more care in the selection and preparation of my food. I'm planning better and practicing patience. I'm slowing down and discovering how much I really enjoy the process.

I baked some large mushroom caps tonight. Oh my--incredible. I filled the center with a 1/2 serving of marinara, 1/2 a 35 calorie wedge of Laughing Cow Light French Onion and topped it with a 50 calorie slice of mozzarella.  I baked it at 350 for 40 minutes (probably too long--25-30 would work). It was like eating a mini mushroom pizza without the crust.  It was phenomenal.  I used Newman's Own All Natural Marinara. After dinner I looked at the label and discovered it contained sugar.  Hmmmm. I'm doing a fantastic job staying away from simple sugar and the results have been wonderful. The results I'm talking about is no binges and no crazy mind fights thinking about a binge. I'm not sugar free, after all sugar is listed as an ingredient in my 10 calorie a teaspoon non-flavored coffee creamer. But I've cut it most everywhere else. In fact, I may have cut it out completely except for the coffee creamer because I can't pinpoint any other obvious source.  I'll be looking for a sugar free marinara or I'll make it myself. Tomatoes and spices--and I will be making the mushroom pizza caps again.  Mushroom Pizza Caps...I like that name.

The sugar/binge/urge to binge correlation is something you hear people talk about all the time.  And for the longest time I didn't want to believe it or accept it. Now that I'm a little more studied on how addiction works, I believe and fully accept. It helps that I've opened my mind enough to hear what the people around me are saying.

I don't feel deprived either. I'm eating, I'm hardly ever hungry and I'm focused. And that's a huge blessing for me.

The workout tonight was cut short at 20 minutes when my neck started bothering me.  I slept on it wrong or something and now there's a low hum of tension that's hard to ignore. I was distracted. 20 minutes on that killer machine is still good. And I'll be back on it tomorrow.

I'm headed to bed with the my calorie bank closed until tomorrow.  I post a picture and calorie count of everything I eat on Twitter (@SeanAAnderson), you're welcome to check it out. I've developed hashtag for the last thing I eat everyday. It's #lastfoodofday.  That simple hashtag puts a bookend on my food and sends a message to my brain: That's it, Calorie Bank closed, come back in the morning!

I must pay closer attention to my time management. I upset my sleeping schedule over the weekend by staying up too late both nights. I'm still trying to correct. I am sleeping better with the new mask. Much better, actually.

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  1. Hi Sean! Hey thanks for sharing that recipe, that really sounds good. Yeah it's really tough finding food items these days that do not contain sugar, and mainly that "high fructose corn syrup" my daughter and son-in-law have been participating in the "Daniel diet" and she was telling me that so many things that the food industry adds it to that are surprizing just to make food more addictive. So although it may take more work but I try make things like tomato sauce for example for several meals then freeze it so at least I know what's going into it, and it tastes so much better. You're doing great! Hope your neck feels better. Try a heating pad. Take care ~ Jules

  2. Hi Sean, i love reading your blogs every morning. I am also addicted to sugar. Will you stay away from it forever?

  3. I had four months of no binge temptation since being sugar/grain free, but somehow I am having massive cravings now. I believe in the no sugar as I've seen the stomach loss first this time round, as opposed to a gaunt face look, however I've added no sugar and I'm currently fighting cravings! I'm praying it goes away soon...

  4. I've found using tomato puree is an alternative to spaghetti sauce. You can spice it up or chunk it up as you like.

  5. Hi, Sean,
    Really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing with us! For me, a LITTLE sugar works okay as long as I am having protein with it (like your cheese), and marinara doesn't taste quite right without the sugar balancing out the acid a bit. But you do what works for YOU! Your recipe sounds yummy - I plan to try it the next time we do "build your own pizza" at home, so I can skip the crust (although I might add meat!). Keep feeling better!
    Your neighbor to the north (Kansas), Deb

  6. Sean, I didn't want to believe the sugar/craving/obsession correlation either but I cannot deny it now that I know it is true. My sugar is now limited to ketchup, flavored balsamic vinegar. Ketchup is only on an occasional burger so it is used more than once or twice a month. Most of my salads are without dressing now that I realize how delicious vegetables are by themselves. It is interesting how the taste buds adapt to natural flavors when sugar is removed from the process. Thank you for your comment on my blog the other day - Happy Sweet 16++

  7. Hey divad,

    I have been sugar free almost 5 months now. There is a huge difference being sugar free with no artificial sweeteners vs sugar free with any type or amount of artificial sweeteners. Sugar free does not help control the hunger issues if your still consuming any amount of artificial sweeteners. In fact, AS make you crave sugar even more. I am guessing your consuming drinks and food that are sugar free by way of artificial sweeteners. I firmly believe eliminating all artificial sweeteners first, which is 100 times sweeter than sugar is imperative before you can realize the affects of no added sugar. Reason I say this is no sugar does with artificial sweeteners, all the times in my life I went sugar free and low fat, still craving sugar and constant hunger pains not understanding all along it was the artificial sweeteners so much worse than I ever imagined. Once I quit all the artificial sweeteners then when I decided to quite Sugar, it was very easy and has not been one single day I have had any cravings for sweets. I allow up to 25 grams of added sugar per day, most days I usually get 10-15 from salad dressings or something like my favorite BBQ sauce, or a piece (25gram)85% Dark Chocolate chocolate which has 4 grams of sugar. I am going on five months over 75 pound's down, taste buds changed completely from craving sweets to craving vegetables. I have already committed to no more than 25 grams day sugar for life & more importantly no artificial sweetener of any form, including stevia & other noted safer AS's.

    If your interested in more details, I blog on Spark People, WEWRTFO is my user name. I also credit Sean giving me inner strength and support in finding my own way to quit artificial sweeteners over a year ago. This is also great news Sean, to see your paying such close attention to added sugar these days. You may want to try one of my favorite sauces I use for everything. It's called Italian Rose Fresh Salsa with Cilantro. I get this in 48 oz jars from Sam's club, this stuff is awesome for any tomato sauce replacement. 30 gram serving has 5 calories, 1 carb and 1 g sugar. Its tomatoes, jalpeno peppers, garlic salt cilantra lemon juice, no added sugar since the one gram of sugar is through the fresh vegetables.

  8. I totally agree with the sugar addiction. I find when I'm not eating it I have no cravings, when I eat some I have to deal with cravings for the rest of the day if not longer.
    I have found a house brand marinara sauce from the grocery store that has no sugar so look around and I'm sure you can find one.

  9. Oh man, I love mushrooms, I am going to try that recipe my friend!


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