Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1st, 2014 It's The Living

August 1st, 2014 It's The Living

Two different co-workers stopped me today, independent of one another, in order to comment on my changing appearance. The people that see us everyday are typically the last to notice because it's a gradual change--until they do a double take and realize, oh wow--some changes are happening here! They see the care I take in preparing my lunches and they see the food I keep in the employee kitchen. I often share some of what I'm preparing too, especially extra fruit. When I started making my food tweets a non-negotiable accountability tool, I also started getting some mild teasing from colleagues about snapping pictures of anything and everything I eat. My obvious success has pretty much shut those down.  Also, where I am emotionally, mentally and physically--is helping me be a better studio-mate. I'm taking more pride in a job well done. I'm going the extra mile. I'm being proactive on certain projects. Why? Because I feel so much better about ME.

I'm excited about the swim on Monday evening. I've received several messages from some wonderful people about their nearly identical struggle in this department. A couple have even gone as far as committing to doing it with me. Not here of course--but in their part of the world. That's exciting to me. Monday evening when I'm overcoming and accomplishing this personal swim challenge, so will others. I absolutely cannot wait to share the details with you here on Monday night. If you're doing it too--I hope you'll also share your experience here! I plan on shooting a short video and taking pictures too. This is a big deal to me. Am I a little nervous? Yes. I have a feeling my nervousness will be relieved upon entering the pool and will amp up again when it's time to climb out of the pool and head back to the locker room.

I plan on sleeping as long as I like in the morning, so I've taken advantage of some extra time tonight to catch up some on emails and blog reading. I've also made some changes to the left hand side bar of my blog and I've changed a few other things in the name of general blog maintenance.

I haven't accepted advertising on my blog for the longest time. I did try Google Ads once, a very long time ago--but immediately shut it off when I found advertisements making ridiculous weight loss claims. Uh, no. It was early in 2009--Day 165, five years ago, when I wrote the post "My Integrity Isn't For Sale." 

I've recently decided to accept specific advertisers--but only for things I use and believe in, naturally. I don't expect a rush of advertising--and that's not the goal, but soon you will see a logo on the left hand side of my blog for Pyure Brands Stevia. I've reached an agreement with Pyure Brands that is very simple. When I use their product in preparing something, I'll mention their brand. And the Pyure logo will adorn this blog. I'll likely contribute recipes to their growing list. That's how this started. I Tweeted my cinnamon and stevia baked pears and Pyure brands immediately requested permission to use the recipe, sending me product in exchange. That works for me!

My oldest daughter Amber and I attended a Readers Theater performance tonight of the Pulitzer Prize winning play "Fences." It was so incredibly powerful. Amber and I share an appreciation for acting and moving stories and this one was tops in both regards.

After the play, we picked up her boyfriend KL and headed for dinner out at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. I stuck with the tried and true, employing my strategies for successful restaurant calorie budget navigation! It was a great evening. Feels good, you know? To be so alive, aware and present each day. This whole process is about much more than a shrinking waist line and smaller number on the scale. That stuff is happening too, of course--but it's the living--the different perspective, changing attitude--the being more present and aware, the feeling of peace and clarity, these are the most powerful things along this road.

I'm extremely excited about where we're headed. At the same time, I've exercised the ability to bring it down to a nice calm focus on today and today only. Grant me the strength to make it through another day and I will. And those days add up quickly. I'm overjoyed.

I chose to make today my no workout day. I will be hitting the Y tomorrow and Sunday late morning/early afternoon for my next workouts. And of course, the swim on Monday!

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  1. i love how you not only challenged yourself to stretch this week with the swimming, but also are sharing your preparation to make it happen. I find that when I make myself accountable to others, I receive the support I need to continue that forward momentum.

    While I don't know what our swimming environment will be on Monday, as we are moving in the RV to the Seattle area, I can commit to join you in some sort of exercise, Sean, if you let us know when you are doing it. If you want to do that by private message to preserve your own space and boundaries, I would love to support you by doing something while you are doing your commitment.

  2. You are fantastic Sean. I check your blog every morning to get inspiration for the day to bring my obese body down into the healthy/meant to be weight for my frame. I have taken 45 pounds of fat off and have another 100 pounds to go. THIS time it is going to definitely be a lifestyle/permanent change THIS TIME. You are very much a part of that and helping me more than you know. Thank you!

  3. Sean, my 4-year old granddaughter wants me to come watch her swim at the city pool today. I'm going. But I'm not swimming. You are very brave....can't wait to read your story about the experience. I simply cannot make myself appear in public in my swimming suit.....I wish I had my daughter-in-law's confidence, she does it, and weighs close to 300 pounds I'm guessing. At 170 pounds, there's the usual lumps and fat spots on my body, but since I used to weigh 328 pounds, so there's also lots of excess skin. It's just too much. I cannot make myself do it. So I'll wear my capris and long-sleeved top and watch my granddaughter be a "fish."

  4. I love this blog!! I really really love it. That happiness you describe.... it sounds like freedom to me!! I have felt a slave to my actions and eating for so long! To confidently make a string of good choices sounds like heaven to me! I am smiling just visualizing you confidently choosing six chips, and calling an audible on the taco shells! I remember a day when I did these things and that I felt so free! Thank you for the visual man!


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