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April 2nd, 2015 She Smiled

April 2nd, 2015 She Smiled

It was a fast trip into the grocery store this afternoon on my way home after getting an incredibly short haircut. I'm not sure if my hair has been any shorter since I was a kid. I totally trusted the stylist. I said, "I trust you. Do what you think looks right and good." And she did, very well. I should have had the haircut before Wednesday's weigh-in because I must have left a pound of hair on her floor.

But anyway-the grocery store...I was running in and out, fast--on a mission, ready to get home quickly for dinner. I was moving through the automatic doors toward my car when a very nice lady, who was loading her groceries in the back of her vehicle, stopped me with, "You're Sean Anderson, right?"

We talked for several minutes. Turns out, we're friends on Facebook. "I read what you write and it's very inspiring." I thanked her for reading this blog and asked how she was doing. She shared with me how rheumatoid arthritis limits her ability to exercise. Swimming was the exception. Swimming felt good to her and helped her lose 35 pounds. Except now, she can't swim because of sores created by skin cancer. One of the cancerous wounds (one of 30 she's had treated) was visible on her lower leg and looked incredibly painful. Still, throughout our conversation, she smiled.

I asked questions about her outlook and if she had hopes of returning to the pool someday. And she did, of course. She then talked a little bit about her food and what she enjoys, at one point motioning to a few items sticking out of the top of her grocery bags.  Her voice wasn't labored or weary. Her smile was bright and throughout the conversation I couldn't believe how wonderful her spirit was despite everything she's enduring. She even paused to comment on the weather. She was so alive and positive.

I'm glad the timing worked the way it did, a few seconds in either direction--and this beautiful interaction wouldn't have occurred. 

Let me tell you something--she inspired me profoundly. She gave me some wonderful perspective in that grocery store parking lot this evening. I'm not so sure I would be as bright, cheerful and positive, with a wonderful smile and spirit, if I were facing a fraction of what she is each and every day. She emitted, without appearing to even try, a palpable peace and strength. You could feel it all around her; see it in her smile.

I really would have enjoyed a longer conversation. I honestly wanted to hear more of her story. But it was in the middle of a busy parking lot with storm clouds building and both of us headed home.

I asked, "Can I hug you?" And she said, "sure, just not too hard."  We exchanged a gentle hug and I turned toward the direction of my car.

As I walked away, wishing her well, she said "It sure was nice to meet you."

The pleasure was mine, believe me. What a wonderful soul. Meeting her today was a blessing. I just had to share the story with you.

So, this haircut. Wow. It's short. I'm spending Good Friday with mom as we travel to her doctor's appointment in Oklahoma City. I'll see if she'll agree to a picture together and I'll post it tomorrow night. I'm also planning a mid-afternoon stop at the new YMCA in Edmond. I'll workout on the elliptical while mom walks around their track. Mom has been walking a bunch lately! I'm very proud of her.

I'm feeling incredibly positive these days. My workout tonight was inspired and wonderful. I enjoyed some good food today, too, including something of a rare treat: Authentic lean German sausage. It's prepared by boiling first, then grilling. The boiling takes care of a lot of the fat--and after grilling, it's pure delight. It was still a little pricey in the calorie department, but within my budget. And very good. 

 photo IMG_9849.jpg
#TBT It's Throw Back Thursday! A promotional banner hanging in a bookstore window-December 2011, the week my book was released. This photo is a reminder for me to get busy writing book number two. I have so much more to write about! Book number two--oh much more!!

I'm hitting the pillow tonight feeling enormous amounts of gratitude for all of the wonderful blessings in my life. It truly strengthens my resolve in holding sacred the fundamental elements giving me the best chance at long term recovery and maintenance.

Maintenance mode is fast approaching. Perhaps after another twenty pounds. It might be a couple to a few months. I'm in no hurry. Whenever the time comes, it'll be a very interesting experience. I know I maintained for 1.5 years after my initial weight loss--but this time seems very different. I'm using different tools, different perspectives and a lot more respect and understanding for the process of recovery--and what that means for me for the rest of my life.

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  1. Really wanted to see a pic of the hair cut

    So glad you had an inspiring time with the lady ...sounds like you were a blessing to her too

    1. I will definitely post a pic in tonight's edition. That lady really impacted me. To be so affected by these very serious ailments, yet still have the smile, the strength--the positive spirit..was a very powerful thing to see.
      I hope so, TR. I think so, too. Wonderful encounter.

    2. What a great lady :) thank you Sean for sharing such a cool interaction... isn't it amazing when we experience these chance encounters, like finding treasure, or sipping refreshing cool water... I don't think they are as random as we might think. God knows what we need exactly when we need it:) I love that you know what's important and how you value positivity... that's why you will succeed!!!

    3. Nicole--Love your thoughts on this. What we need exactly when we need it--oh my, yes. Thank you.

  2. I was once told that every person you meet has a gift for you, if your heart is open to receive it. Thank God you took the time to get your gift last night

    1. I love that thought. What a wonderful perspective to carry each day. Thank you, Gerri!

  3. Beautiful post and nice you took the time to chat with her for a few minutes. It's amazing how a few minutes with someone can inspire. Happy Easter!

    1. JMT, Thank you. It was a blessing of an encounter, for sure. Happy Easter to you, too!

  4. Happy Easter to you Sean! Will be looking for that haircut picture!


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