Saturday, April 14, 2018

April 14th, 2018 Real Heroes

April 14th, 2018 Real Heroes

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with good support.

It was a long day. A good day, but long and busy. I had two back to back location broadcasts and I emceed a fundraiser for our area autism support center tonight.

The event tonight was the third annual Heroes For Autism Silent and LIVE Auction and I've had the privilege of being the emcee each year. It's a very very small contribution from me to show up and do what I do. The real heroes are the volunteers who dedicate countless hours, the staff that makes this more than their job, it's clearly their passion, and the families affected by autism and also those who showed up and wrote large checks tonight in support of this center; a place that provides life-changing services every single day.

Annual events, for me, also serve as reminders of where I am along this road. I thought I'd share photos from each of the last three years. I've been roughly the same size, give or take a few pounds, each of the last three years. Maintenance continues to go well. It's a daily practice, for sure, and one I take very seriously. I feel very blessed and immensely grateful.



I decided to plan dinner after getting a chance to evaluate the buffet spread at the venue. It was an impressive buffet--all of the highest quality, unfortunately for me, every entree included refined sugar. I almost went with the chicken but inquired with Donavan first (Donavan knows me very well--and knew exactly what I was asking and why I was asking), he's the lead host/server for a bunch of events I've attended. He's amazing. He checked with the chef, and sure enough, the rub on the chicken contained sugar. Not a worry! My backup dinner plan was super simple: I'd wait until a late dinner. As soon as the event ended, dinner was offered and I accepted! I ordered the salmon, grilled and seasoned simply with salt & pepper--and no lemon caper sauce, baked potato with sour cream only, and grilled asparagus. It was an amazing dinner. After a long day, it was perfect because it meant no late night cooking!
I love salmon. This was perfect!

I'm looking forward to sleeping in well tomorrow morning.

Thank you for reading and your continued support,

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  1. I totally believe you when you say added sugar in every single thing.

    I may have told you this before - Asian restaurant - I ordered plain steamed veggies. They told me PLAIN. (I really have to watch salt too, it impacts my equilibrium).

    One bite and I was questioning the server. She double checked with the kitchen. They put sugar in the water they used to steam. Server was extremely apologetic and she was very shocked.


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