Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1st, 2015 A Purposeful Stride

August 1st, 2015 A Purposeful Stride

I felt really well today. I knew going in that the schedule would be hurried early, it was even more hurried when I slept a little longer than I could afford. I wasn't late, it just cut short the "morning me time." 

I made time to prepare a good breakfast before getting into my first location broadcast of the day. It was at a grocery store where the main point of the broadcast was to sell freshly smoked-ready to eat pork ribs. I've done this annual broadcast every year for several and it's kind of interesting, because based solely on calorie value--ribs are one of the foods I don't eat anymore. I've consumed countless ribs in my lifetime and I love the taste, I just can't personally justify the calorie investment required. The broadcast was successful and since this store has a Starbucks, I enjoyed a good dark roast pour over with half and half.

My second broadcast was from a fashion boutique in the downtown shopping district. It was fun! I didn't pack any snacks considering my work time was only scheduled for four hours and I could easily get home and enjoy lunch before considering my workout plans and possibly a nap.

I prepared a really good lunch and caught up on a little work after and then...I started getting tired. It was shortly after 3pm when I decided my plan would be a nap first followed by a trip to the YMCA.

I set the alarm for 4:30pm and an NPR Fresh Air podcast on a ten minute sleep timer and started to drift off when I received a text message from a client needing/wanting a last minute location broadcast for a big special event at their store. Another two or three minutes and I would have been out. I'm glad the client texted when they did because we were able to spring into action, schedule the required personnel back at the studio--I got dressed and promoted it on the station's social media--picked up the station vehicle and was on the air at their location by a few minutes after 4pm. As much as I wanted that nap and Y workout, it felt amazing to be able to activate the team and come through for a good client on short notice. The broadcast was a success and it was all good. I'm no stranger to adjusting my schedule on the fly. I count it as one of my strengths!

I was back home by 6:30pm and by that time I had decided it was too late to nap. Considering my late lunch, I wasn't ready for dinner--so I figured I would get some more work done on a couple of projects I'm slowly making progress on--and then...I started fading fast. At 7:15pm I decided that if I didn't have a refresher nap, there wasn't a way to make it the rest of the evening in an alert/productive way.

I was out in sixty seconds flat. I woke up at 8:30pm and then snoozed for another 18 minutes before jumping up to get dinner started. By this time I had decided a late night walk was the exercise plan for today.

I was really looking forward to this dinner plan. I prepared a shrimp and mushroom linguine alfredo with peas and carrots (see Tweet below). OMGoodness. It was absolutely out of this world delicious!

My late night walk in the park was a solid 5K. The park is different than it once was in the late hours on a weekend. It feels much safer out there. Aside from an occasional vehicle passing through, I pretty much had the entire park and trail to myself. Extra police patrols have clearly made a difference. I've noticed my confidence has also made a difference. I carry myself in a very determined way out there. As a defense mechanism, I suppose--I ditch any mannerisms that might suggest vulnerability, instead I look as tough as can be--standing up straight, shoulders back--fists lightly clinched---walking with a purposeful stride and expression that says, "don't mess with me unless you want trouble." Okay--actually, that's hilarious for me to read. I am so not threatening or menacing looking...but "they" wouldn't know that, right? 

It's strange really-- I've never been in a physical fight in my entire life--yet, I feel confident that I could defend myself if needed. That reminds me--I'd like to find a place to learn boxing, not for self-defense, but for a great workout.

And sooner rather than later, I'll finally be learning how to actually run. More details on that tomorrow night.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Very productive and delicious food too!

  2. That Alfredo looked legit!! I'm envious of your naps- I'm not a good napper. If I lay down, it's 3 hours minimum 😏
    Awesome day!!! 👏👍👌

    1. Totally legit, Valerie!!! If i don't set an alarm--and keep it away from me, insuring that I must move a little distance to turn it off--I will sleep and sleep for extended periods.

  3. I saw the Alfredo photo on FB last night and thought, wow, that looks great! My husband loves Alfredo so I will give this a go one night as it's not always easy to find foods on my plan that we both enjoy. I have a question about your omelet, Sean, if you don't mind. How do you get it to look so light and fluffy and, well, perfect? I made an omelet for the first time today, using your method of two egg whites and one whole, something I've never done, either. I only used two egg whites because I still wanted more of the yolky flavour and color. It wasn't bad but the omelet was a bit dry. I had just added some chopped red pepper, maybe I try cheese next time. Anyway, yours always look so delicious so I'd be grateful for any tips :) Thank you!

    1. KerstinOh my--that alfredo dish is wonderful!!! I hope you'll try it! Let me know if you do!
      The omelet tip: Low and slow! It's all about the heat being low and a lot of patience to let it slowly cook. Using a lid helps cook it on top...If I have the heat too high--and I get in a hurry, I can make one mess of an omelet. When I take my time, it usually works wonderfully.
      A good non-stick olive oil spray works well too-- or real butter. Anything else typically sticks and makes it very tough to get a good "together" omelet!
      I love adding cheese--and my big thing lately, of course--is the avocado omelet!!! I could eat one every day!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Deb, what's up? Your comment is gone?!

    2. Haha. I wrote joke, but when you didn't reply in a day or two, well...the moment in which my comment would have been funny was gone. It would have been weird and tedious rather than funny. You know how that goes. :} So, I decided to spare you from trying to reply.

      Well. that and the fact that with the comment sitting there, I became concerned that some literal thinker would come to the conclusion that I walk around with a gun strapped to my bra. I'm pretty sure that conclusion would be a bad thing. snicker.

    3. LOL... Deb, no worries, my friend--ever! I've just had really long days and too short of nights...I'm finally caught up though! I welcome your jokes any time at all!! :)
      Wait a second...a gun strapped to your bra?? LOL


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