Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 75 My Name Is Sean and I'm A Cheeseaholic

Day 75

My Name Is Sean and I'm A Cheeseaholic

My weight loss plan has survived the biggest eating holiday around! Now, getting through the day after has been a little tricky. I've dealt with severe temptation today from the leftovers. To give you an idea, I started the day with a piece of pumpkin pie! It was only a couple a hundred calories, but come on! I don't eat pie for breakfast! I did today. And the cheese, oh the cheese. As I write this I'm completely out of calories. I haven't gone over, but I'm right there on the line. Why? Because I can't seem to keep my hands off the mild cheddar. I love that stuff. Cheese is awesome. It's right up there with ice cream on my list of favorite things to eat. Oh, I also had another egg nog ice cream sandwich. I'm tellin' ya, I've slung around my calorie choices today with reckless abandon. And the consequence? I was out of calories by 7:30pm. No late night snack for me. But I made the choices, so I have to accept the consequences right? The great thing about calorie counting, tomorrow I get another 1500. Maybe then I can try to eat just a ¼ of an eight ounce block of Wisconsin Cheddar, instead of almost half. I'll manage them a little better, I'm sure.

Tomorrow I have another Wal-Mart broadcast from 9am to 1pm. Maybe I'll start my day with some Twinkies. I'll be the fat guy sitting in the middle of Wal-Mart eating Twinkies, maybe that will bring out the idiot that'll say “Hey, you gonna sit there all day and eat those?” I'm kidding. I'm not getting Twinkies, and I really am completely over that nutty guy from last Saturday. I made a trip to Wal-Mart today and had to park almost to Murphy Oil again. I don't really mind, but I'll tell ya, prior to 9/15/2008, that would have been a serious problem. Parking that far away back then, I probably would have tried to hitch a ride up to the doors. No problem at all now, I walk and breath so much easier. I use to dread the Wal-Mart trip, I don't anymore. It's amazing how much difference 67 pounds makes. Night and day.

The progress so far has been tremendous, and it makes me so excited about the future. When I finally reach a point were I can honestly say I'm not over weight, wow, I'll probably break down and cry! I've had so many doubts in the past that I could ever do this. I've felt trapped by my obesity. As if my obesity was holding me against my will, but it was far easier to comply with my captor instead of fighting back. Obesity will not beat me, it's had a nice long run of controlling everything in my life, but I've taken that power and control away. Obesity now knows who's boss and who's in control. And it knows that it's days in my life are numbered. It's a battle some days, and when I'm feeling especially weak, and the cheese in the fridge becomes too tempting to ignore, I get knocked down a little. But I have the number on that cheese, 110 per ounce...And obesity will have to do better than that to knock me down all the way. If I opened the freezer and found it full of Blue Bell half gallons, well, I would, OK, I don't know what I would do, I know I wouldn't give in, but I would be tempted. Being strong and staying on track doesn't mean that I never get tempted. I do everyday, but I find a way to get past it without allowing too much damage. If I were perfect I wouldn't have had 600 calories worth of pie and cheese today. At least it wasn't worse, I'm still below 1500, by 10 calories! Whew! That was close.

I set a personal record yesterday. It had to be the least calories I've ever consumed on Thanksgiving as an adult. Seriously, I've probably had nearly two thousand calories before in just pecan pie! I still can't get over the calories in that stuff. Some of my love for pecan pie died yesterday when I learned the horrible truth about it's calories. Well, now I know. On the other hand, my love of sugar free apple pie went through the roof yesterday. Anytime you can eat a piece of pie for only 100 calories, I say go for it. Eat pie and be happy!

The girls recently found some before pictures taken on 3/15/2004...I weigh 500 pounds on that day, only 5 pounds less than my starting weight this time. Since there are tons of fat pictures of me, I really didn't make the before pictures a big deal this time. I wanna see the after pictures! That's what excites me. Below I've posted that 500 pound head shot next to me tonight at 438. There's a difference, and like everything else along this journey, it'll just keep getting better. Good night and...

Good Choices,



  1. Cheese is one of my biggest weaknesses, too! I'll take cheese instead of chocolate any day! Aged cheddar is one of my favorites, and the best I've eaten so far comes from Thornloe Cheese Factory in Thornloe, Ontario, a five hour drive north of where I live.

    Thanks for posting the photos so that we can see the differences in your appearance that you see when you look in the mirror and that you talk about here on your blog. I feel very fortunate to be able read about your experiences and cheer you on while gaining motivation to make changes in my lifestyle that will allow me, too, to become healthier and feel better.

  2. Ive been reading your blog. You are an inspiration. I thought I was the only person in the world that was a cheese-aholic. I cant leave it alone if it is in the house. I have started to buy the fat free kind, but I do have to learn to control that craving. As for icecream. I use to eat vanilla with strawberry preserves on it. Actually thought about doing that today, but reconsidered that option. I am overweight and I started today to lose it once and for all. I am even considering starting a blog, because it does feel good to write down my thoughts and feelings. Thanks Sean for being the person you are.

  3. I'm on a journey to good choices and happened upon your blog from It counts my calories for me, as I'm sure I'd lose count ;). I started from the beginning, but for some reason, this day makes me want to run to the gym and work out. You've done an amazing job and you inspire me every day! Thanks!


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