Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 143 A Double Milestone Weigh Day

Day 143

A Double Milestone Weigh Day

Today just barely made it into the double milestone category! Whew! What a relief. If I had lost one less pound it would have been frustrating. After 143 days on this journey, todays official weigh-in at the Payne County Health Department found me at 399 pounds. A total loss of 106 pounds so far. Losing 7 pounds in the last two weeks was a little less than I wanted, but hey, I always want a little more. I have to look at the big picture here. 106 pounds in 143 days is awesome from any angle. Two big accomplishments are officially behind me, I've crossed the 100 pound mark and I'm in the 300's. No complaints here. I'm grateful and proud, and looking forward to hitting the next big milestone just up the road: 116 lost, a personal weight loss record. Remember two weigh days ago when I needed to lose 10 pounds in two weeks to hit the 100 pound mark? I'm in a similar situation again. If I can really put myself in a fierce workout mode and somehow pull off a ten pound loss over the next two weeks, then I'll reach that milestone on February 18th. It feels good to only have 94 pounds to go on my second hundred! Can I lose 10 pounds in the next two weeks? Yes. I know that sounds exactly like four weeks ago when I proclaimed “bet on it,” then came up 1 pound short. But what am I going to say? I can't? “Can't” is a real dirty word! You know I can, my family knows I can, and I know I can. So let's get it done!

My goal over the next several days is to develop a page of “Before” and “In Progress” pictures and a You Tube account where I can post videos along the way. My goal is to have that done before the weekend is over. This blog is about a transformation, and what fun is a transformation without pictures and videos? You know I've talked about how much I can't stand pictures, but I'm starting to come around as the weight comes off. And the videos? I think it would be a blast to take you inside the racquetball court with me for a fast and furious battle against the wall! My daughters will have to show me how to get that done.

One thing that I have to constantly remind myself to have is patience. I hope I don't come off as a big ungrateful baby when I say things on weigh day like “it wasn't what I wanted, but I'll take it.” “Oh, it was a little less than what I thought it would be,” Like I said above, I always want more. But at the same time I realize that what I'm doing is providing a consistent weight loss pattern that anyone would be proud of. So I need to get over it. If I want the scale to give me more results, I've got to take it out of my behind in the fitness center. I'm not going to decrease my calories. I think the calorie limit of 1,500 is just right. So the only way to increase the number lost come weigh day is to work harder. But oh my patience, my patience is sometimes like a six year old. I want it now! Are we there yet? I don't want to take forever to get to where I'm headed! But, I do want to get there, and a steady pace will do it. Patience. Breathe. Patience is lost when I set my expectation level too high and my results fall short. I still want to have high expectations, I'd be crazy not too, but I can't lose my patience with this process. Patience is something I'm learning along this road. I honestly didn't realize what an impatient person I was. Lack of patience has played a key part in me staying so big for so long. How? Because I always thought “this is going to take forever to lose.” So I would start out focusing on the total I needed to lose, and to me that would be just enough negative to keep me from doing something about it. But consistent effort and steady progress coupled with patience wins this battle every time. And I know that now.

Did you notice something different from the last time I crossed the 100 pounds lost mark back in 2004? No big celebratory feast. I stuck to my calorie limit like any other day. I'm still celebrating, I just don't have to do it with three or four thousand calories anymore. When I reach my ultimate goal we'll have a party, and everything at that party will have calorie counts clearly posted! And afterwards we'll have a 5K fun run/walk in celebration! Sounds good huh? Can't wait! I mean, uh, I can be patient and confident knowing that it will come and it will be grand my friend. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. Yes, pictures would be great. WIth pictures, you could get picked up by one of the interview shows to come on and talk about your weight loss and the "calorie control" factor.

    Congratulations on meeting your goals.


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