Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 165 Bonus Video Blog---My First Motivational Speaking Event

Day 165

Bonus Video Blog—My First Motivational Speaking Event

The following videos were recorded on 02/19/2009 in the cafeteria of Ponca City Medical Center. It was the “Lose To Win” Kick-Off Event, and my first motivational speaking engagement in front of a standing room only crowd of 400 plus. It was like stand-up, only 1,000 times better, and one million times more “real” and sincere than I've ever been on a comedy club stage. Special thanks to Gayle Williams and Anne Crail of Womyn Aloud Productions for their hard work in getting these videos ready for broadcast.

I hope you enjoy watching. But just a warning...Each of the first three segments are ten minutes long, the last segment is over six minutes. To watch the whole thing you'll have to invest roughly 36 minutes total. I hope you enjoy, and please, please post a comment at the bottom of this entry and let me know how you feel. The MC introducing me in part 1 is Cathy Cole, the director of the “Lose To Win” program and the “Healthy Woman” program at Ponca City Medical Center. You know, originally I thought I spoke for 45 minutes, then I was told 40, and now that it's edited down, it looks like 36 minutes.


  1. I know a father could not be any prouder of his son as I am of you. your dad, veyon

  2. Sean, thank you for posting the videos of your motivational talk--they are awesome! You are awesome, my friend! My husband even stopped what he was doing to listen to all four segments with me this morning. He needed to hear your message, not because of his weight (he can eat anything and never gain an ounce--it's so unfair), but because he needs to be supportive of the efforts you and I (especially me!) are making to take control of our appetites and our lives in order to be healthier and more fit. It's not easy for him to adjust to my change in eating habits.

    Today is my sixth day of carefully counting calories and planning meals around my chosen caloric limit (1200), which is not easy. I can't bake fattening desserts or cook 'comfort foods' the way I used to because I don't want to have to deal with the temptation to eat them. So he's feeling a bit deprived. I did promise to make a broccoli quiche today, though, and have calculated the caloric value of all the ingredients. In the past we've split the quiche 50-50 without a second thought, but today I plan to eat less than 'my share' and will divvy it up differently, depending on how many calories I have left to use by dinnertime.

    Once I can get into a regular exercise routine I may be able to increase my caloric intake a tad, but for now I am hoping that if I shed a few pounds by cutting calories I'll feel more like exercising. I know, I know, you addressed that in your talk (boy, did I identify with that segment!), but I need to focus on my food intake for a while longer and get used to portion control before trying to tackle an exercise routine as well. I'm doing what I can.

    Your unfolding story of how you are successfully overcoming a lifetime of bad habits continues to be tremendously motivating. Thank you. And thank you again for posting the entertaining videos of your weight loss talk in the hospital cafeteria (ha ha). You really helped me start my day with laughter and the determination to keep going with my own efforts to live a healthier lifestyle!

  3. I enjoyed your speech very, very much. I am so proud of you! I will be reading your blog ....see you see. Love, Aunt Jean

  4. Sean,

    You had me crying, and crying with laughter in equal measure. :-) Absolutely wonderful. These videos are so inspirational, I can only imagine the impact you had on those people at the seminar.

    It's so heart warming to read these messages of support from your family too. It's clear why they're so proud of you.

    Best wishes,

  5. Sean, YOU have made a world of difference. :)

  6. It was soooooooo cool to watch this just now. I watched all four parts, and it's incredible how far you had come at that point..and you've come so far since then. There really are no words baby...just wow...

    I'm so happy that you're going to live a long, healthy life..I can't imagine it any other way. <3

  7. Also...."it" sums it up best right here..


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