Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 144 Fired Up! And "The Big and The Beautiful"

Day 144

Fired Up! And “The Big and The Beautiful”

Yesterdays big weigh-in has really got me all fired up! I'm always “on” this journey, but when I get fired up I start hitting on all cylinders. I've consumed more water today than probably any other day so far. I've decided I need to make an effort to consume a little more protein. I'm still all about the freedom that counting calories allows, and if I want to eat 1,500 calories worth of fried mushrooms and ice cream one of these days I will, but a little more protein couldn't hurt. In fact it could probably help out my metabolism. I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist or a registered dietitian, but like many people my size and larger, I've read just about everything over the years on the effects of certain foods on our system. I'm not going to go nuts with it, (get it, nuts are protein) but a little more protein occasionally might help my efforts. So tonight I prepared some baked chicken breast. I'm a little crazy when it comes to cooking chicken, I'd rather over cook it and be safe, than under cook it and get sick. I just sealed it in a roasting pan with aluminum foil, making sure there was no way the juices could escape, and it was amazing! Extremely tender and really juicy. I added some instant 80 calorie per serving mashed potatoes and some green beans, and just like that, dinner was served!

The workout tonight at the YMCA was incredible. I was flying solo tonight because Courtney had a geometry tutoring class to attend. So tomorrow evening will be the evening we digitally capture a racquetball court workout. I wish you could have seen me fly tonight. It was amazing. I'm so much lighter on my feet now. I can move from one side to the other in that court quickly and that keeps the ball moving fast. I'm looking forward to posting some raw footage this weekend. I'll make sure you know where to find it! After a twenty minute workout in the court I moved to the treadmill and turned it up to 3.4 mph. Thirty-five minutes and sixteen seconds later I had finished two miles and was feeling it real good. I can determine how good of a workout I've had by the way I feel when I get home. If when I get out of the car, I immediately feel like I've been beat, and I'm moving a little slower because of it, then yeah, I had a great workout. Forget about feeling it in the morning, I'm feeling it now!

While talking with my dad tonight, he mentioned the story I shared a while back about the radio station that hired me site unseen, and then after moving my family all the way to Ft. Smith, the offer was rescinded when I met the program director. He could clearly see that I didn't fit the Wranglers, boots, and country singer looking image like all of their other on-air personalities, so I was given a consolation part time job late at night on the weekends, instead of the full time salaried w/benefits position he offered over the phone. Talking about that painful run in with overweight discrimination reminded me of a sit-com idea a comedian buddy and I was working on so long ago. A rough draft script was registered with the WGA years ago, so I'm not too worried about sharing the idea here. Not that any Comedy Central executives read this blog, but if they ever do—Hey this is gold! Read on:

“The Big and The Beautiful” is a sit-com parody of a soap opera. Except this is no ordinary soap opera. All of the lead characters are played by real obese actors. Being overweight is celebrated in the world of “The Big and The Beautiful.” Being fat is where it's at in this universe and the slim and trim people are the ones that are different, looked down upon, and discriminated against. The setting is the corporate headquarters for Big and Beautiful Clothing. The lead characters are the founders and upper management of the operation. These people are plus size fashion designers who love and celebrate their obesity completely, almost as much as love triangles, corporate battles, making fun of slender people, and bread. The real kicker of this sit-com? Every episode would feature a guest star. But the guest star wouldn't be revealed until the end credits. Why? Because they would appear on the show wearing large amounts of prosthetics and a fat suit. The guest star, often a celebrity heart-throb with killer good looks, would become part of the Big and Beautiful world. And sure, some viewers would figure it out by hearing the guest stars voice, but it would still be interesting and a must see every week! By turning the real world inside out, this show would be funny while maintaining an overall message that discrimination is bad in all it's forms, even when it's directed at slim and trim people. What would 500 pound versions of Matthew McConaughey or Demi Moore look like?

OK, my pitch session is over. Day 144 was fantastic. A real solid performance in every way. I'm ten pounds away from hitting an all time personal weight loss record and by golly I wouldn't be surprised if I hit it next weigh day. I'm not saying “bet on it” like before, I'm just going to let my actions and performance do the talking. We'll find out together in less than two weeks. Thank you for reading this daily blog and if you're embarking on a similar journey, just remember---You can do this! It's one day at a time, it's being consistent, it's never letting go of your reasons to lose the weight, it's constantly fantasizing about your “motivating thoughts,” it's movement of any kind, start slow and steady, and soon you'll be well on your way to a life saving transformation, it really is all about good choices. That's why I end every single blog with, Good night and...

Good Choices,

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