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Day 566 Bike Quest 2010 and No Longer Avoiding Workout Accountability

Day 566

Bike Quest 2010 and No Longer Avoiding Workout Accountability

My quest to find a bike today failed horribly. I drove around and looked at several places and found a few used bikes, but none fit what I had in mind. I found a ten speed bike with the tiny seat and skinny little tires that surely would pop, even at my current 261. I need something a little more heavy duty! Like my blogging friend Big Clyde, I too would be considered a Clydesdale in the cycling world. The search continues! And I will not rest until I have one! It's going to be so much fun! I may even mention my desire for a used bike on my morning show, just casually---maybe to one of my daily interview guest. I'll find a way to weave it into our conversation and we'll see if anyone wants to make a few dollars:

Me: “So, Mike...before we start talking about the jobs available in our area, I need to clear something up. Was that you riding a bike past my place the other day?” Mike: “Uh, no it wasn't, I don't have a bicycle.” Me: “Wow, really? It looked like you...Hmmm, you know I don't have one either, but I'm looking to buy one...a good used bike---so hard to find really.” Mike: “I'm sure it might be hard to...” Me: (interrupting) “You know, not a big complicated bike, just a sturdy-well built bike with normal size tires, a decent size seat, and flames painted along the side.” Mike: “So it must have painted flames?” Me: “Ok, you know what? I'll budge on the flames, maybe add them myself. You don't have a used bike you would sell me do ya Mike?” Mike: “I told you I don't own a bike!” Me: “That's right, that's right...So, about that daily job list?” Mike: “We have seventeen new jobs on the...” Me: (interrupting) “Your direct line to the Sean In The Morning Show is 767-11...” Mike: (interrupting) “Is this JobLine or find Sean a bike line? Geez---can we get through the job list already?” Me: “Wow Mike, easy now...You know what would really calm you down?” Mike: “What?” Me: “A good bike ride.” (click click---followed by dial tone) Me: “Join us again tomorrow morning for the very latest list of jobs available, it's job line, exclusively on the Sean In The Morning Show. Hi, you're on the have a used bike? Really? Lucky me. Hold on...Hi you're on the air...What was that? You're breaking up on me... Yeah, fire---I heard that. Listen, the flames missing down the side is not a deal breaker. Oh, is this the owner of KPNC Radio? Yes sir, you have a bike? were saying...I'm fired. So....uh. OK...”

Today's the day I make my list of exercise goals for the week. I've never been big on list or writing out goals. I just fly along and do what I do, and so far I've been fairly successful. However, as you know...recently I've admitted, that maybe my drive in the exercise department has decreased with my size. The urgency is gone...a psychological dynamic is at work, one I wasn't counting on. Now it's time to push myself further. I've received many comments and e-mails suggesting ways to get myself in gear and push toward the finish line like a champion.

I've joined two challenges for the month of April. Tammy's, that I talked about yesterday, and Big Clyde's May Day Challenge. You can join BC's challenge by going to his blog and reading more... Here's the link: I normally don't join challenges, I mean---I've done one other—last summer's challenge on Ang's blog and I won a nice prize with my better than 30 pound loss, thank you Ang! But maybe—just maybe, me not joining challenges and me not setting concrete workout, making excuses and rationalizing bad exercise choices. If I don't write down the goals, if I don't put into place an accountability factor (Isn't this a major part of blogging?), then I'm being my own worst enemy. And that is exactly what took me to over 500 pounds.

I received a nice e-mail from a reader a while back. A reader who is in the same place. They've been wildly successful in losing weight, but like me, they often find themselves lacking in the exercise department. They were wanting to exchange workout goals via email every Sunday. I thought it was a great idea, then I ignored the e-mail. If I commit, then it's going to mean I have to think about it every Sunday, and I get so busy...what if I forget? (see excuses and rationalizations mentioned above) But how could I forget? I finally returned a confirmation...Yes, yes, we'll do it! And I'll post my workout goals here every Sunday too. They may be attached at the bottom of a Saturday post, like today. But they'll be here. And I'll e-mail them to my blogging friend too. Here we go! Ready Shannon?

I attended a birthday party tonight of my little nephew Roman. I just stopped by for a little while before heading over to a friends house. They had pizza, cake, and ice cream. Wow, how did they know to have all of my favorites? Oh yeah, it was a kids birthday, of course. I didn't stay for the cake and ice cream, but I did have a slice of chicken pizza, minus the big rim of crust. It wasn't thin crust, and normally I wouldn't eat it unless it was. But it was my nephews party, and ¾ of a piece was comfortably about 250 calories. I was cool. My friend had grilled some chicken earlier and he saved me a couple of grilled drumsticks. They were wonderful! And so low in calories. It was kind of a disorganized dinner type evening. I arrived back at the apartment with just over 400 calories remaining, so I prepared an omelet with mushrooms and cheese and called it a night.

Workout goals for this week: I will do a minimum of three 5K's. I will do weight training on the machines at the YMCA at least three times this week. And I will sign up for, and do my very first spinning class. If I locate a bicycle this week, I plan on adding some of that too. I'll also do my non-weighted strength training exercises everyday here at home. These consist of non-weighted squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. That sounds like a pretty solid plan to me! I like racquetball, but I also like the outdoors, so I've even thought about finding someone to play tennis with me on occasion. We'll see how that goes:

Me: “So Mike, was that you playing tennis over at Hutchins Trail the other day?” Mike: “Uh no, I don't own a tennis racket.” Me: “Me neither, but I'm thinking about buying one—maybe finding a tennis partner.” Mike: “Can we just talk about available jobs?” Me: OK, you're right. So, uh any openings for tennis instructors?” Mike: “Oh brother...” (click click dial tone)

Thank you for reading! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Thanks for the laughs!!!
    Hope you find a bike soon so you don't have to risk your job :)

  2. Sean,

    I think I was around your weight when I started training for the MS:150 bike tours benefiting Multiple Sclerosis. That ten speed might really be right up your alley...give it some thought. Sadly, OK doesn't seem to sponsor a ride. Missouri is close enough, right?

    I'm rooting for your new cycling routine!

  3. Wait...I didn't see this on the map, but there it is...Tulsa to Oklahoma City. Late September...plenty of time to train. I highly recommend it.

  4. I would go to a good bike shop and let them know you don't plan to buy yet but need to find what size and type of bike you might want. After you know what size and types of bike you might want it is easier to zero in on used ones you would be most interested in. You should do a sprint tri this summer. :)

  5. Hey, Sean. A frame type you might want to consider is the ever-more-popular hbrid or commuter bike. They are strong enough for heavier people (most road-cyclists are below 200 lbs) and have the comfort of a taller stance, wider handle bars, etc. They just have some of the gears that can help you go up some tough hills or go for longer rides. My bike is a Scott Sportster and I bought it new (on sale) for under $500, but you can find a used one cheaper.

    Glad to have you in the MayDay Challenge. It is already keeping me motivated for our May 1st goal.

    Big Clyde

  6. Woo Hoo!!! So proud of you for kicking the exercise routine into high gear!!! Now you know I'm going to text you and make sure you're actually doing it, right??? lol Funny post today babe...hope you find a bike soon! :)

  7. Just found your blog -- looking forward to following your journey -- keep up the great work! :-) HAPPY EASTER!

  8. I'm ready, my friend....if a little nervous (how silly, this was my dumb idea!). I've never had to be accountable to anyone else in my journey but as you said, it's a different dynamic at work and this may be our way to figure out how to work it instead of it working us over.

    Week One, I predict success with scattered periods of serious self-talk!

  9. you will find that bike..i just know it are always tooo funny sean..i loveya brother

  10. Sean,

    OMG you are going to LOVE spinning! I don't like classes at the gym usually but I just fell in love with spinning. The first day feels really challenging but stick with it.. I guarantee once you feel how great a workout it is you will be hooked too!

    It's so exciting to add new things to the fitness regime!!!

    Can't wait to hear all about it!

    Have a great day!
    Diet Buddy Girl

  11. Hey, Walmart actually has pretty decent bikes. Nothing too uber technical. For less than $150 a hybrid bike is part cruiser / part mtn bike. I dom't know exactly what that means except my husband after much research bought one last's super easy to ride--he 's a big boy-290. We did a vacation at the beach , road bikes around town and on a 12 mile sandy trail and it did great. I rode it and it was so much more comfortable and easy to ride than my mountain bike. I'll be buying the "womens version " of the same bike this year before we go to the same vacation at the beach. He did switch out the narrow seat for a slightly wider and better cushioned seat.


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