Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 589 Not So Perfect Monday and Sneak Preview of Seminar Opening Segment

Day 589

Not So Perfect Monday and Sneak Preview of Seminar Opening Segment

Today started like any other Monday. I hit the floor at 4am, started the coffee, did my non-weighted strength training exercises, cooked breakfast, and enjoyed the food in front of the computer before showering, dressing and heading to the studio. I must have a solid start like this---it sets the tone for the day, moves me in the right direction, and all is well. But it doesn't guarantee a perfect day. I have to make the right choices later. Here we go...

The workday turned a little longer than I anticipated and that meant not getting home until just before 4pm. This is where my day turned South. I made the mistake of sitting down in my recliner. What was I thinking? I knew better! I woke up two hours later and realized that my workout plans were shattered. I overslept my spinning and weight training!! There was no making up for it now---my evening was packed preparing for the “Lose To Win” Seminar. I decided to not even start beating myself up over this situation, instead---I confidently decided that I would find a way to get in a second spinning class later this week and I would resume my normal weight training schedule on Wednesday.

I’m excited about this speaking opportunity, can you tell? Gayle Williams has been putting together a piece for my opening segment---and it will be a very powerful opening. I’ve included a YouTube video below. All you get is the audio and slide show…what you can’t get from this piece is the live actor (Chris Williams—no relation to Gayle) portraying a person giving my eulogy:

We are gathered here today to remember the life of Sean Allen Anderson. He was born to Beverly Anderson October 23rd, 1971 in Stillwater Oklahoma. He was a big baby, weighing in at nearly 10 pounds. Perhaps a person’s birth weight isn't something you would normally include in their eulogy---but unfortunately, Sean's weight was an issue that plagued him his entire life---right up until the time of his death. Sean always told me that someday he would lose the weight---someday he would some how get it together---and really do it. He would get healthy and...well, (beat) I could go on and on about how he would talk about it, getting thin...Oh yeah---he really wanted it bad---but his actions proved otherwise....I guess Sean was a dreamer. And a dream without action is forever a dream...Sean knew that someday his dream could become a nightmare---if he failed to change his ways. I guess this was Sean's ultimate nightmare. And here we are...If only Sean could've grabbed control---and really made the good choices in time---maybe we wouldn't be here today...If only Sean would have had one more chance...To make the changes...

The actor will then be cut off by the second half of the slide show, featuring upbeat music and a progression of “in-progress” pictures, followed by me bursting into the auditorium on my bicycle and riding to the stage. I’ll be wearing my size 64 pants—held up by suspenders, and on my arrival on stage, I’ll take ‘em off revealing my “skinny jeans” underneath. Chris will break character and introduce me as I approach the podium. The theme of my talk is “Choose Change Before Change Chooses You,” and this dramatic opening certainly drives that point home.

Too much? Maybe, we’ll see! I swear, I’m not usually an over-dramatic person---but I get super passionate when the topic is weight loss! There will be hundreds of people in that place---all of them wanting to lose weight. My goal is to share with them my story, the basic fundamentals of my success, the all-important mental aspects, and how they can apply it to their own journey---and do it all in about 30 minutes. If it inspires only one person to change, it'll be worth the effort.

I prepared a nice mushroom chicken breast with green beans and an orange for dinner. It was fabulous, a real ‘feel good’ dinner. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

This slide show includes a bunch of before and “in-progress” shots. Just part of the intro to my speaking engagement tomorrow night.


  1. Sounds like it will be a very powerful introduction, Sean! Best of luck!!!

  2. Oh, I hope we get to see the rest it!

  3. I know it's going to be a smashing success - just like you!

  4. I love it I watched it all the way through the music was chilling though. My office assistance came in and ask me who died. You are amazing and thanks for your comments on my blog.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the slideshow. Made me cry. You ROCK. And Sean, you are HOT!!!

  6. Wish I was there - its very powerful!

    (ps not sure how to sign my name ... Carrol Ann)

  7. Awesome video Sean! I is so hard to believe you were once 505; which is close to where you were at when I 1st met you. You are looking so great and doing so well. Keep up the good work man!

  8. I don't think it will be too much at all! The more senses you can reach, the more totally engaged the audience will be. They will be there looking for hope and inspiration... and I know they will get it! LO.VED the dramatic video.


  9. The crowd is going to go CRAZY! :)

  10. Damn! I don't even know you and I cried. The music and images really makes me think about how close you might have been to being...well, gone. What a terrible needless loss that would have been. I'll be looking for you on the Today Show any time now. THAT is how inspiring you are!

  11. I think it is the perfect way to present it! I actually plan on doing a post about slowly dying due to my weight in a post soon.

  12. Great video! Everyone will be so impressed. Looking forward to hearing how everything went.

  13. Sean...Sean...I had tears streaming down while I watched your slide show. And riding your bike into the auditorium? Inspired! I love the suspenders holding up the pants routine too. All of it, every single bit of you tonight, is blowing me away. I can't wait to hear every single little detail about the evening. Because you will tell me EVERYTHING right? I wish I could have been there. Did they record it? I want to see it. Really bad. Dang why do I have to live in another state!
    How glad I am that you did NOT die because of your weight, that instead you chose LIFE. And oh, the best part of you losing weight and ME losing weight is we met! How your life has enriched mine!
    Big hugs to you!!!

  14. Just discovered your blog and I love it. I am only 10 pounds overweight, but I think, damn, if he can lose that much weight, there's no excuse for me! Way to go!


  15. hmmm....
    I watched it on my youtube channel first...lol.
    I was wondering what the amazing grace thing was about.
    now I know.
    Great way to get the point across.
    Good on moving forward and not letting today derail you.

  16. That. Is. Awesome. The crowd are gonna go wild! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  17. Can't wait to post your eulogy/speech on my facebook. Lot's of people waiting to see it. Hope its a copy and paste the link anyway:)

  18. Sean,

    Your speech is amazing! Congrats!

    On the other hand, since you are consistently needing naps, you need to listen to your body and go to bed earlier!


  19. So sorry I couldn't be there last night. The only reason I didn't cancel my other plans is because I thought you'd be posting your presentation. This was amazing, Sean. Kind of glad I wasn't there, making a blubbering fool of myself! This had to be an amazing motivation for those who attended. Hope you also post your speech later.

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