Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19th, 2014 This Is A Short Post

July 19th, 2014 This Is A Short Post

I just got home from my twenty-fifth high school reunion. It's three am. I'll absolutely make this a quick post!

I spent the first part of the day preparing for the reunion tonight. I had some shopping to do and I was determined to get my workout in the books. I did both before returning home to shower and change for the big night. It was amazing. You know how when you walk into a place and you see someone who looks familiar and you're pretty sure you know them, yet you can't be one hundred percent sure? It was like that times fifty. A few old classmates were immediately recognizable, a few hadn't changed much at all and several had changed dramatically. Reconnecting after twenty-five years turned out to be a wonderful thing.
I'm glad I decided to go. I do have some thoughts I wanted to share about this reunion experience and I'll share them in my Sunday night edition.

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  1. High school reunions are tough when you're morbidly obese. I skipped my 20th, purposely, too embarrassed to let my classmates see me. But I went to my 25th. I tried not to be humiliated, but it was tough. I resolved not to go to another reunion unless I lost weight. Now I lost the weight....but somehow didn't hear about our 45th reunion earlier this summer. Oh well, I plan to keep the weight off and I will be there with "Rings on my fingers and bells on my toes" (as my mom used to say) at my 50th high school reunion. Glad you had a good time at yours Sean!

  2. I have had such huge weight swings for class reunions, I'm sure my classmates never knew what to expect. I've been to one since losing over 100 lbs, felt so good. 2017 will be the 50th - planning on attending that one and also planning to still be at this wonderful, healthy body weight.

  3. I think too many people avoid their high school reunions over concern about what others will think. I also know a lot of folks did not have a good time in high school so they have no desire to revisit that. For the most part though I've seen that people grow up and if everyone would just go to have a good time, they would. Glad to hear you enjoyed yours!

  4. Random and unrelated to this post, but THANK YOU for your support! Some days this is tough and I feel discouraged. you remind me that I can do this! Take care. :-)


    I would have totally eaten everything at the reunion buffet... Can't wait to read more about the reunion.


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