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July 2nd, 2014 Weigh Day Edition

July 2nd, 2014 Weigh Day Edition

I don't own a scale. I don't want to own a scale. Weigh day requires a special trip to the same scale each time at my doctors office. I know me and if I had a scale right here in my apartment, I'd likely be drawn to it. I decided a long time ago to not play the emotional game of weighing too often. Again, this is specific to me and my personality. I know that if I woke up to 3 pound water weight gain, I would obsess and analyze it to no end, wondering if it was water weight or if I was doing something wrong. Some people can handle it in stride and keep a level head about it. I possibly could, maybe--but I'd rather not expend the energy toward such a self-imposed mental hurdle. We have enough mental/emotional hurdles along this road without adding extra. For these reasons, I weigh every three weeks and no matter how good I'm feeling, or how curious, I will not jump on at the YMCA for a sneak peak. I treat weigh-in day a little differently than the others. Since I'm not able to weigh first thing when I get up, I fast for a few hours until I make it to the doctors office. I don't know if an omelet and some fruit would really make that big of a difference but it's a level of weigh day neurosis I don't mind allowing.

My weight three weeks ago was 353. This morning I stepped on and found:
 photo 5BC6DAD4-B3B9-4EF1-A128-14D2AF61D754_zpssowjaz0n.jpg
Another 10 pounds brings my total weight loss for the last ten weeks to 51 pounds (23.1 Kg or 3.64 Stone).

I sent "book-end" text messages to a support buddy, one before weighing and one after. No matter what the scale says for any particular weigh day, I'm insuring some positive support and encouragement before and after.

My employer treated our entire Ponca City staff to lunch today. I knew this post staff meeting lunch was coming. I started preparing for it yesterday by simply asking about the menu and options. It was clear that I could easily navigate the menu and I did. I even took the opportunity to enjoy one of my favorites: cottage cheese! I don't buy cottage cheese for the apartment because I do not trust myself around the container. It's the same reason I don't buy peanut butter or large block cheddar cheese. I've developed my own personal set of boundaries with certain foods. I enjoy cheese often, but for the most part, it is portion controlled in calorie counted slices. I recently stretched and bought a 2 cup package of shredded cheddar--and believe me, I weigh it out on the digital scale every time. One of the best things along this road is discovering what works for you and what doesn't and then implementing the proper boundaries to assist in keeping it all straight.

My lunch today was pretty simple and simply pretty:

I planned on getting out in the unseasonably cooler temps this evening for a good 5K but when I arrived at the trail rather late, something didn't feel right. It's strange because I've walked this trail at all hours, night and day, and not once have I ever felt "unsafe," until tonight.  Perhaps it was the scattering of other people who were hanging out, maybe some lights were out--I don't know. Minutes after pulling up and feeling an uncomfortable hesitation, I decided to make this my exercise "off" day. I'll get into the YMCA tomorrow!

I'm thrilled about today's weigh-in. Fifty-One pounds in 10 weeks is a bunch. No complaints on the 3.3 pounds per week average of the last three weeks, either. I'm feeling fantastic. As for adjustments, I'm going to keep things pretty much the same for the next three weeks except I plan on increasing the amount of time I exercise and I plan on expanding my exercise options.

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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful weigh-in! That is an average of 5 pounds a week, which is almost unheard of! Standing ovation!

  2. Congratulations on another loss! And your lunch does look very pretty and delicious.

    I was about to say I don't like cottage cheese, but do you know, I've never tried it! It's always had tasteless weight-loss connotations. I'll have to taste it sometime.

  3. Glad you listened to your instincts about the walk; instincts are for real!! Congrats on the loss!

  4. Amazing progress. I am so happy for you. You've lost more in 10 weeks than I have in 5 months! :) Men. :)

    Your commitment to task is inspiring.

  5. I second Divad's comment! It always amazes me how quickly men can lose.'ve earned it!!!

  6. You know,when we aren't all doped up on food, it is amazing what our gut tells us. Glad you listened to the alarm and skipped the trail. I think I need an exercise accountability buddy. Might it be you, Mr. Anderson?

  7. WOOHOOO, YOU!!! :D

    God's grace and your obedience = 51 pounds. Can't beat that. :D


  8. Good job on keeping focused :) Keep on truckin'!

  9. Congratulations Sean, your commitment and dedication is paying off.


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