Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8th, 2014 Change of Instinctual Reaction

July 8th, 2014 Change of Instinctual Reaction

My defenses against self-sabotaging behaviors in the face of stress have really been tested the past few days. As open and willing to share as I have been in the past, I've learned valuable lessons in keeping some things private. I don't have anonymity here. If I did, perhaps my sharing policies might be slightly different. The dynamics that make up my personal situation include a very public/high profile job, where many of my listeners and people I come in contact with daily, read this blog, or at least are aware of the blog. I've often referred to spilling deeply personal information to anyone who will listen as being an "inappropriate talker," and I've certainly done my share of over-sharing in the past. I've learned (often the hard way) some things are best kept in a therapist's office, or with a pastor or mentor. With that in mind, I also try to share enough information, tempered with good judgement, in order to convey the emotional and mental dynamics of this here road most of us travel.  In other words, please don't ever think that I'm all sunshine and roses. I'm doing very well and have for nearly three months straight, still it's had its share of stressful and emotional ups and downs. The past few days, exceptionally so. But isn't that life?

I'm fortunate that, the only negative affects I allowed were largely ineffective in creating any major issues. I didn't want to work out last night, just because (and I did anyway and felt great after), and I was more than three hundred calories short on my budget yesterday, which means I wasn't in the mood to eat. Who me?? Not in the mood to eat? This occurrence leaves me wondering if I've been body snatched by aliens and replaced with a programmed being that wasn't fully briefed on the subtleties of Sean. High levels of stress usually equals EAT! I'm pleasantly surprised and profoundly grateful for this change of instinctual reaction.

I was cutting fruit this morning when I got a little too hurried for my own good, slicing the breakfast cantaloupe and my finger simultaneously. As I get more accustomed to Twitter culture, I'm tempted to write in hashtags, #ouch! It was #painful and #messy. The tip of my right hand middle finger started cursing and bleeding badly. Okay, perhaps I was the one cursing. My hand may have been signing curse words, though, I'm not sure. I managed to keep the blood off the food and on my counter, broke out my hardly ever used first aid kit and doctored my injury before heading off to work.

I intentionally bumped up the calories of each meal today in an effort to avoid falling short late. The following tweets cover breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.

I'm still struggling with drinking enough water and time management but I can clearly see how and where I can improve on these elements as I move forward in the most positive ways.

I had a wonderful group coaching session tonight with Life Coach Gerri and a fantastic group of participants. Tonight was our last of this six week session. Our next six week session is open for registrations! I'll post more information on how you can register and join us, tomorrow night.

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  1. Thanks for sharing not only your thoughts, Sean, but the pictures of your food! Totally enjoy reading everything you put on Facebook. I am not "electronic savy" enough to ck on your other sites.

  2. Be careful with those knives! I cut my finger and it was a small but deep cut and severed 2 tendons, an artery and a nerve. I'm much more careful now. Oh and I still love avocados but I'm a lot more careful :)
    I'm glad to see that you're making sure to get enough calories. I do believe that if we don't we're much more likely to go off plan. Your food looks amazing.


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