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July 11th, 2015 Structure and Intentional Actions

July 11th, 2015 Structure and Intentional Actions

Today was all about getting prepared for a private stand-up performance. I met this morning with the company owner and a few key employees. They harvested some material ideas--things to help me write specialty material exclusively for them.

If I wanted to have a microphone (and I did!) and a sound system, I knew I needed to bring my own. I did. It's been six weeks since I moved this big setup--that was for my daughter's wedding. Today's load in and tonight's load out was reminiscent of the workout I received on May 30th. I knew this would be my workout today and tonight. It was a good one, burning over 650 calories according to Fitbit, over 200 more calories than I typically burn during an elliptical workout.

I spent most of my day going over ideas and working them out. I set up the equipment midday--then came back home to work some more. I planned my food very well. In fact, it was likely the most normal meal schedule I've had in a very long time. I prepared all three meals at home today.

I declined the invitation to arrive at the venue early for dinner. I could have easily navigated the food but really, I don't like to eat before performing anyway--so my plan was to simply sip water, do my set and be done. I did bring home some cold shrimp for my #lastfoodofday.

It was important for me to have a structured plan today. It was also important for me to have support interactions--and I did, with several of my support friends. Given the stress of preparing for a private gig, where normal stand-up material usually doesn't work well (they want to hear you make their company and their fellow employees the target of your material), the structure and intentional actions were golden and very necessary.  

Overall it was a great experience. The company specific material went over real well. The little bit of regular material I used, didn't do too well except for a couple of things. It was an outdoor performance, so I'll consider it a success. Outdoor stand-up is a tough thing to do. Stand-up works best in a club with low ceilings and a lot of people crowded into a small space. It's all about energy level--and outdoors is a tough place to get that energy rolling.

I'm hitting the pillow and ready to sleep until I'm fully rested.

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