Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26th, 2015 More Than Once

July 26th, 2015 More Than Once

I slept in today and it felt very good. I planned on joining family at a restaurant about twenty-five miles away at 1pm. I really didn't want to wait until 1pm to eat something, so I split my breakfast in two parts--having a little something before getting ready to leave and a little more later, during the brunch visit.

Noah was already eating when I arrived. He was chowing down on broccoli, of all things! He loves broccoli and salad--two things I wouldn't touch growing up. As you'll see in the Tweets below, he also loves strawberry cake! Yep, he's my grandson!

It was just a really good day. Well rounded, really. I spent time with family. I spent some time in direct communication and support with others along this road. I made time to prepare excellent food and I made it to the YMCA for a great workout. I must tell you, I've skipped the body weight strength training I planned to do tonight (mentioned in Tweet below). I've been cleaning my apartment instead. It might not be the same, but I'm going to tell myself it is, tonight.

I sincerely appreciate the wonderful outpouring of support from last night's blog post. I sometimes struggle to properly articulate what I'm trying to express. Your response reassures that I expressed myself well.

It's very important for me to share not only the 'here and now,' but the way it was not too long ago. Because if you're just now "tuning in," you might get a completely different impression. It's important to know and understand there is hope. It can get incredibly dark in the depths of relapse and regain--I seriously, more than once, thought it was all over for me. I all but resigned myself to just not caring anymore. But I couldn't do it. I just couldn't give up. If you're in a similar place to where I was, I hope you'll embrace yourself, extend yourself some compassion and forgiveness and realize, all is not lost. It's not over. There is hope. You can do it. Take a deep breath and smile because you're good, right where you are...and you, never giving up, really can create change and positive momentum.

I'm dropping in bed a little earlier than normal for a Sunday night. I'm hoping this will give me a nice boost for Monday and the new week ahead.

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