Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7th, 2015 I Could Do Something

July 7th, 2015 I Could Do Something

I keep telling myself, there's legitimate circumstances and then there's excuses--and the temporary schedule I've created is a legitimate circumstance. What am I referencing? I made today another rest day from exercise. And I'm doing my best to not beat myself silly over it. 

The "problem" is, my awareness level is such, it'll take a legitimate circumstance and find a solution. I could do some body weight exercises in my apartment. Not every workout needs to be at the Y or the trail. I could do something...anything. See?

Then again, I've got to be up in less than four hours. There will be a nap midday tomorrow. There's no way around it. The question I must ask myself: Did I navigate today's schedule the best I could? I believe I did. And in that, I should automatically extract some self-compassion and forgiveness.

 photo New20Headshots_zpsmhqqn9hp.jpg
The play I'm in needed a new headshot for the program. I haven't had new headshots since my stand-up comedy days. It created the perfect opportunity for a side by side "then and now" photo.

 photo Noahs20Birthday20Party_zpsofrriban.jpg
Mom and I attended Noah's 2nd birthday party and dinner at Irene's house, this evening. Irene's fiance prepared an amazing meal (see dinner tweets below). It was the best chicken dish, ever. Unbelievable, how good it was! This photo collage shows Noah ripping through his gifts. He was really into it!

I left mom at the party while I made my way to play rehearsal, then returned to the party after rehearsal, picked her up and headed back home.

It's ridiculously late. Goodnight--and seriously, I appreciate your continued support.

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  1. That chicken looks yummy! The sandwich, not so much! Lol!

    1. LOL, I know, right? The chicken was fantastic! The sandwich, at a distance--under stage lighting, looks real... doesn't close up in a pic! :)

  2. Chicken Marsala is bae 😍 No gym worries man. You had a hella busy day!! Love the side by side- that intense gaze! Happy hump day 👌👌👌

  3. Look at the difference in your side by side ... Just awesome

    That chicken looks divine
    So glad Noah had a wonderful day
    Happy birthday Noah

    1. Thank you, TR! It was divine! Noah was on top of the world!

  4. You worry a lot about getting your exercise in ... just heard a Trainer on TV talk about how people say they "don't have time" for exercise. What she pointed out was "exercise doesn't have to be at one time and is cumulative. Sneak a 1 min. jumping jack in - or 1 min. of toe touches or 2 min. of arm movements holding water bottles etc. It adds up at the end of the day. Just a thought.
    Lucky little Noah to have you as his grandpa and to be there celebrating his birthday! Your mom's a lucky girl too, having you very there for her!!!! :)

    1. Excellent advice, Loretta, thank you!! To have those two in my life is an enormous blessing. To have them both in the same room at the same time, even better!!

  5. Just throwing this out there: My parents always do their sit-ups right next to their bed before retiring for the night; every night. It fits into the schedule as it only takes a few minutes and it's right there at home.
    I admit that my discipline in this activity is imperfect, but my parents do just a little exercise every day and they aren't overweight. My mother does cross toe touches every morning.
    I think that keeping your diet under control is the MOST important thing, and you are aces at that now. :D
    Megan in Texas

    1. Megan, so right!!! I love your parents routine--and this is precisely what I'm talking about...I could do this, easily! Thank you!


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